By Nick Stamatakis

I thought we would be done with the “PR Campaign In Chios” of “Elpidoktonos & Co.” yesterday, with Captain Stelios Tatsis’ report, but this morning I was flooded with more stories from the unfortunate 3-day trip of the Archbishop to the island.  You will have the chance to read about them and enjoy the photos below.  But let me describe briefly:

A) In his speech after receiving his honorary doctorate from the University of the Aegean (an irony in itself as Elpidophoros is the least educated Archbishop the Church of America ever had), he called on the Moscow Patriarchate to “abandon fantasies” and adopt the “synodical tradition” of Orthodoxy.  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow must be holding his belly laughing after listening to these words from the mouth of someone who, just three years ago, wrote a famous essay titled “Primus Sine Paribus” (First Without Equals) to proclaim the higher status of the Patriarch and make it equal to the “primacy” of the Pope – defying the most sacred Orthodox tradition… What a joke!

2) Then, he participated in numerous events all over the island – as we said, this was a “PR campaign, “… But to have a good PR campaign, you need at least some common sense.  You cannot be dragged by ex-pats living in New York to every little corner of Chios, desperate as you are for some positive publicity… Because if you do, you risk being portrayed as the small-time personality you truly are! And dragged he was to every village and monument of Chios and every semi-significant occasion… He looked like one of the priests that visit the cemeteries every Saturday to recount the blessings around the graves and make some extra cash for themselves… Above all, when he had to bless the bus: Why would the Archbishop of America degrade himself by performing such a service? The photos below talk for themselves… Just because some Chian associations of New York donated the bus to their compatriots in Chios? P-lease…  Is AB Elpidoktonos so callous? Yes, my friends, he is… Where is he going to perform a blessing next? I do not want to use my imagination!…

3) One of the nights AB Elpidoktonos stayed in Chios, a famous Greek singer, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, was performing live. She was a friend of the Archbishop (presumably from her performance in Constantinople years ago) so Elpidophoros could not miss the chance to see her perform… Nothing wrong with enjoying folk and pop music, especially of this type (written by a famous American Armenian Ara Dinkjian and having the ancient guitar-like instrument the oud, at the center of it all – please watch the video at the end of this post – it’s a perfect “tsifteteli” / belly dance).  Again, lack of a sense of measure is the issue:  If relaxation is needed, take some time off, get out of sight of the cameras and enjoy!..  But when you expose yourself enjoying a belly dance in front of the cameras, things change.  It seems that after what happened in early July at the Clergy-Laity closing dinner party, belly dances, and everything, all the rules of etiquette are thrown out the window… And also, you have to consider the message you are sending back to America… Is this the right message?

Elpidophoros was seen clapping with passion at a song called “The bodies and the knives”!! (Video of the song below) We are lucky that the Archbishop did not get up on a table to dance “Tsifteteli”… Many years ago, I happened to be at a local Parish dinner, and the priest did exactly that: He got up on the table to dance the tsifteteli…



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Phanar hierarch: Moscow should align itself with Ecumenical Patriarchate

Archbishop Elpidophoros at the ceremony of his appointment as an honorary doctor of the Department of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean. Photo: orthodoxtimes

Archbishop Elpidophoros called on the Russian Orthodox Church to “abandon fantasies” and align itself with the Phanar and other Local Churches.

Archbishop Elpidophoros of America called on the Russian Orthodox Church to follow the example of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which has a “strategy to deal with the crises and various problems that concern society and Orthodoxy.” The Phanar hierarch stated this during the ceremony of his appointment as an honorary doctor of the Department of Business Administration of the Aegean University, reports orthodoxtimes.

Archbishop Elpidophoros is convinced that the reason for such a “great success” of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is its primate, who “still today leads the ark of this Orthodoxy to calm ports, overcoming crises and storms in modern history, managing world Orthodoxy with wisdom.”

The head of the American Archdiocese of the Phanar said that Patriarch Bartholomew tried to resolve the issue with the Church of Ukraine “in cooperation with the Moscow Patriarchate,” but the Russian Orthodox Church, according to him, interrupted all efforts to resolve it.

The hierarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople noted that since the ROC did not attend the Cretan Council, the Phanar took the initiative to resolve the Ukrainian issue, a solution followed by the Churches of Greece, Cyprus and the Patriarchate of Alexandria. He also added that the Sisters of the Orthodox Churches “did not follow Moscow’s absurdity and commemorate the Patriarch of Moscow, while the Moscow Patriarchate is isolated.”

The ROC should “abandon fantasies” and “respect and align itself” with the Phanar and the other Local Churches, “because synodality plays a pivotal role in crisis management,” he stressed.

“Synodality is the identity of the Church and all ecclesiastical life is structured synodically,” upheld the Phanar hierarch.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that Archbishop Elpidophoros baptized the children of an LGBT couple in one of the temples of the Greek Church.





Τα «κορμιά και τα μαχαίρια» του Ελπιδoφόρου

Η άγνωστη φιλία του Αρχιεπισκόπου Αμερικής Ελπιδοφόρου με τη δημοφιλή τραγουδίστρια Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη ήρθε στο φως, όταν το βράδυ της περασμένης Δευτέρας εκείνος έκανε θριαμβευτική εμφάνιση στη συναυλία της.

Ξαφνικά, κι ενώ η καταξιωμένη ερμηνεύτρια βρισκόταν απαστράπτουσα στη σκηνή που στήθηκε στο χωριό Νένητα της Χίου, τα φλας των φωτογράφων άρχισαν να πέφτουν βροχή με την είσοδο του ιεράρχη στον χώρο, με το κοινό να μένει άφωνο! Ομως ο Ελπιδοφόρος, που ως φαίνεται δεν έχει τέτοια «στεγανά» (να θυμίσουμε ότι πριν από μερικές εβδομάδες η τέλεση του μυστηρίου της βάφτισης στην Παναγία Φανερωμένη, στη Βουλιαγμένη, των δύο τέκνων γκέι ζευγαριού της ομογένειας είχε ξεσηκώσει θύελλα αντιδράσεων), κάθισε σε απλές πλαστικές καρέκλες και απόλαυσε τη συναυλία. Στο πλάι ήταν η μητέρα του, που τον συνοδεύει σε αυτό το ταξίδι στη Χίο, αλλά και ο περιφερειάρχης Βορείου Αιγαίου Κώστας Μουτζούρης με τη σύζυγό του Δήμητρα.

Ο ιεράρχης χαιρέτησε με νεύμα την αγαπημένη φίλη του Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη κι ύστερα δεν πήρε το βλέμμα του από τη σκηνή, χειροκροτώντας με ενθουσιασμό όταν εκείνη ερμήνευε τα «Κορμιά και τα μαχαίρια», αλλά και το «Θέλω κοντά σου να μείνω», συμμετέχοντας με τους υπόλοιπους θεατές, που δεν γνώριζαν ότι ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος Αμερικής και η τραγουδίστρια είναι φίλοι από ετών και η γνωριμία τους να κρατά από την εποχή που εκείνος ήταν το δεξί χέρι του Οικουμενικού Πατριάρχη Βαρθολομαίου. «Είχα τραγουδήσει στο Πατριαρχείο, στην Κυριακή της Ορθοδοξίας, και γνωριστήκαμε τότε. Είμαστε φίλοι πολλά χρόνια» λέει στη στήλη η Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη για τον φανατικό θαυμαστή της, τον Ελπιδοφόρο, με τον οποίο είχε τη χαρά να συναντηθεί και την προηγούμενη της συναυλίας στο Ιδρυμα «Μαρία Τσάκος», όπου εκείνος ξεναγήθηκε στην έκθεση κοστουμιών του Γιάννη Μετζικώφ!

Δημοφιλείς ειδήσεις  Γενέθλια για το Νίκο Μουτσινά: Πόσο χρονών έγινε ο παρουσιαστής;

Να σημειώσουμε ότι ο Ελπιδοφόρος βρέθηκε στη Χίο για την αναγόρευσή του ως επίτιμου διδάκτορα της Σχολής Επιστημών της Διοίκησης του Πανεπιστημίου Αιγαίου και στο περιθώριο της αναγόρευσής του το έριξε και λίγο έξω!



  1. I have no respect for Elpi. I am very sad to see his attendance at the “music show” and photos of him blessing a bus. He demeans the Church and all it stands for.

  2. FYI – The bus is a special needs bus for disabled kids to get around both in Chios and Greece for their events. Money was being raised by the disabled kids since 2016 by selling souvlakia at events and calendars door to door. The Chian Federation in NY and others greatly helped with the cost.
    It just happened that the bus arrived on Sunday and presented Tuesday to the kids, families and community while the archbishop was on the island. Thank you

    • Whatever the case it’s not the place for the AB to bless anything and everything- there are many priests that could have done it… but blessing material objects can go to extremes: A few months ago a priest in Greece was blessing the newly arrived fighter jets… Again – it’s a matter of a sense of measure that is missing… But when the priority is publicity, any sense of measure is lost..

      And to close the issue in the best way I will say this: if the Archbishop wanted to put his unfortunate blessing at the gay baptism in Glyfada to rest, he could have apologised. The story would have ended by him saying that it was a mistake and that he regrets it. If he can’t say that then he has a problem that no amount of nice photos will ever solve… Because the faithful of America will NEVER forget.

      Finally the So-called “presidents” of the Chian Associations who – lost in their own vanity – tripped over themselves to help Elpidoktonos need to remember that the Turks are a few miles away from their island and the Archbishop they honored has an open line with the Turkish Foreign Ministry. I understand they don’t care about gay weddings and baptisms; But they don’t care about their homeland either? Where do they think the threats of Erdogan will take place?

      Why didn’t the “presidents” take the Archbishop to bless the Greek soldiers who keep their island safe against the possible invaders, the Turks? I am waiting for their answer…

      • Nick the answer to your question is an easy one. Elpi’s master, Black Bart, as a good and loyal subject of the Sultan, has already blessed Turkish troops and tanks. I have heard, but cannot prove, some of these tanks were ones involved in the invasion and occupation of Cyprus. In any event, the photos are undisputed that he blessed Turkish tanks. Wouldn’t it be inconsistent for Elpi to now bless Greek troops that the same blessed Turkish tanks will one day attack? Lord have mercy!!

  3. Hey Elpi…… the wheels on the bus go round and round. Just like your sad career! 😂

    Arvanitaki rocks…..👏🏻👏🏻 Great band!

  4. Elpi’s sad career is crashing & burning…
    in New York we hope he doesn’t come back – especially not this coming Sunday’s 9/11
    St. Nicholas Shrine opening –
    I still can’t believe his hubris in not apologizing …

  5. Why does Archbishop of America degrade himself in doing such stupid acts?
    Because Elps is not fit to be AB –
    it’s a cry for help,
    let’s help him by packing his bags
    and send him off along with his commune.

  6. The problems relating to the archbishop are many-fold but attending an Eleftheria Arvanitaki concert and blessing busses are not among them. Instead, it’s his numerous overtures to the lgbt movement that are in opposition with our Orthodox Christian faith that is a problem. Additionally his mixed messages on abortion, his heretical pronouncements concerning the “myriad paths” to salvation contradicting Holy Scripture, are no less problematic. Your blog, Mr. Stamatakis, is a powerful tool in shedding light on the workings of our Church and those who run it. Silly petty attacks, while somewhat entertaining, only diminish your voice.
    For me, your blog has opened my eyes to the stunning lack of transparency on the workings of our Church. In my opinion the vast majority of the faithful are not even one iota aware of what’s been happening. Call me appalled. I’m also very disappointed that we don’t or can’t demand that Archbishop Elpidophoros defend his statements and actions. He has made not one defense in his own words. He hasn’t because there is no defense of his shameful positions. If it’s so important to him that we as a Church condone sodomy then let him tell us in a speech from his own mouth. He will not I can guarantee because he knows it is morally wrong. Everybody should demand we hear from him directly and if he cannot defend himself then it is an admission that he is not worthy to lead the archdiocese and he must resign. Heaven help us if he becomes the next Patriarch.

    • Mr. Kirios,
      no other Archbishop forced his people
      to start a PETITION to Depose him like Elps.
      No other Archbishop was publicly
      Condemned by Synod of Bishops…

      yes, at some point I see true Orthodox gathering outside 79th Street holding signs:
      We the People
      Demand Elpi Resign!

  7. Archp. Elpidophoros states: “The ROC should “abandon fantasies” and “respect and align itself” with the Phanar and the other Local Churches, “because synodality plays a pivotal role in crisis management,” he stressed.”

    Wow! Talk about being in fantasy land! So, the ROC should align itself with the minority? Elpidophoros should start reading the news more.

    I’m just wondering when the GOA faithful will press the ejection seat button, and send that clown flying?!

  8. Narcissist like Elpidophoros always live in fantasy & Patr. Bart has coddled him too long. The dude doesn’t see reality around him &
    this disaster is a momma’s boy.

    • As bad as Elpidoktonos is, this piece and the one you posted from the Russian church propaganda site spzh, is irrelevant.

      He should have been deposed after the poof baptism, or at the very least apologised, neither has happened which is a disgrace.

      As for the Russians, they think they control and run the Orthodox Church, which is ludicrous, they will be, are and should be taken down a few pegs and must be humbled.

  9. I have a question please. Is the cleric assisting him in the pictures, the pizza delivery guy with no education (college or seminary) and who is “alleged” to be (wink wink) Elpi’s homosexual lover?

    • It’s him in two of the photos… But I am not going to engage in gossip here… Let them repent… Also as long as they do not do what Emmanuela and Maximos did in Paris (they invited Bulgarian escorts to the Building of the Metropolis!!!) their sins are at a different level…


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