PHOTO: People display the images of Russian President Vladimir Putin and controversial Serb World War II leader General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic during an anti-EuroPride protest in Belgrade [Darko Vojinovic/AP Photo]

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): The Serbian Government, under heavy pressure from its people, was forced to cancel the “Europride” parade in Belgrade. Thousands of Orthodox people came out in the streets to demonstrate against the degeneracy of western societies.  As I have noted several times, this is a global fight: The Eurasian Block and the so-called “global south” (Africa, Latin America), in the early stages of its formation, are vocally against homosexuality, transgenderism, and the other kinds of social malaise pushed on all of us by the sickos who head the globalists.  It is up to us to raise our voice and come out in droves!! No more “Silent Majority”!! It’s time to speak up!!

Especially us of the Orthodox faith.  The signs are plentiful: The Globalists want to destroy Orthodoxy more than any other religion, as it continues to be the stronghold of faith and Christian tradition. Where to start? Almost 30 years ago, in the famous “Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel Huntington (now required reading in all diplomacy and international affairs schools – and the “Bible” of the State Dept.) it was evident that Orthodoxy would be the target and Ukraine the pivotal country for a global fight.  Now we see it in front of our eyes!…



Thousands of Serbia’s Orthodox Christians rally against EuroPride

The march comes in Belgrade despite the Serbian authorities’ decision to cancel next month’s pan-European LGBTQ event.

Thousands of Orthodox Christians have marched in Belgrade to warn against holding EuroPride despite the Serbian authorities’ decision to cancel next month’s pan-European gathering of the LGBTQ community.

Carrying icons, crosses and religious flags, Sunday’s protesters marched through the city centre while praying and chanting before gathering outside the cathedral of Saint Sava.

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President Aleksandar Vucic on Saturday announced that he had decided, in consultation with the government, that the pride parade would be “postponed or cancelled”.

Vucic said it was not possible to “handle everything” at a time when Serbia was “pressured with all kinds of problems”, underlining recent tensions with former province Kosovo and concerns over energy and food.

But EuroPride organisers promised to press on with the parade.

“Pride will go ahead as planned on September 17,” Belgrade Pride coordinator Marko Mihailovic said.

Police secure serbian LGBT Info centre during the 'Litiya for salvation of Serbia' in Belgrade
Police secure Serbian LGBTQ information centre during the ‘Litiya for salvation of Serbia’ in Belgrade [Oliver Bunic/AFP]

Addressing the crowd on Sunday, Serbian Orthodox Bishop Nikanor hailed the authorities’ decision to reverse “the desecration of our country, our Church and our family”.

For him, it was an “abnormality” which should be treated as in the Russia of President Vladimir Putin – whom he referred to as “the tsar of the planet”, according to video footage on the Glas Javnosti news site.

In 2013, Russia introduced a law banning LGBTQ “propaganda” aimed at minors, punishable with fines and imprisonment.

Bishop Nikanor said the faithful were ready to take to the streets again to “put themselves before those who intend to destroy the values of Serbia”.

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The first two Belgrade Pride marches, in 2001 and 2010, were marred by violence. The parade has been organised regularly since 2014 but with a large law enforcement presence.

Protestors march during a protest against the international LGBTQ event EuroPride in Belgrade
Protesters march during a rally against the international LGBTQ event EuroPride in Belgrade [Andrej Cukic/EPA]


  1. We are still lucky that there Nations with people
    that oppose satanic – anti Christian actions that are against Christian and humanitarian values .
    My grand Mother use to say as long as there are
    a few true Christians Satan will ever see the light,
    he will be always in the darkness and God will
    always save the faithful to him.
    Congrats to the faithful Serbian people our
    Christian brothers in Christ.

  2. Here here to that Jane! May God continue to watch over and protect Serbia. Finally, a country united in standing bravely against globo pride universalism. We uphold your courage. Amen!

    Americans must awaken to the loss of our civil and religious liberties! Satan is knocking at our doorstep and guess what, he despises EVERYONE! Including all who worship and adore him. Pray for a mustard seed of faith to take root and grow in the name of Jesus.

  3. Thank God for Serbia & Russia!
    All we see among most Greeks is cowardice & caving in to political correctness.

    I recall reading in Wall Street Journal a piece they did on famous Greek Monk Paisios,
    he predicted Greek financial crisis;
    said “bc Greece & Cyprus have turned their backs on Jesus Gospel for the secular, they will suffer financial crisis”.


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