EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): At Helleniscope, we know enough history to understand that what the Ukrainians have achieved in recent advancements is the definition of a Pyrrhic Victory – follow the link to learn more.  In the last few weeks and months, they have lost so many soldiers that their army is hardly functional anymore – sustained mostly due to the presence of foreign mercenaries and a ton of money from Uncle Sam.  All the hospitals within 100 miles of the frontline are filled with wounded, a horrible human toll!… Their Kherson counteroffensive failed, while they had a substantial success last week around Izium.

In this recent advance, about five full Ukrainian brigades (or at least 15,000 soldiers) faced about 2,000 irregular Russian troops, who, after a couple of days of tough fighting, were forced to retreat.  The worst part of their Pyrrhic victory is that they forced Putin and the Russian leadership to change their “soft” tactics, to start playing hardball, and stop worrying about the population or anything else.

So starting yesterday, the Russians shut down electricity to most of Ukraine, and they completely turned off the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (constantly attacked by Ukrainians – risking a nuclear disaster. How much electricity the Ukrainians will be allowed to have now depends on the Russians: precision missile strikes can keep hitting their infrastructure. If the US attacked any country, this would happen within the first 24 hours. We saw it in Iraq and elsewhere.

The demand to play hardball seems to come from the grass-roots of the Russian society and especially from the Donbas, where residents are tired of continuous fighting and are afraid of the risk of Ukrainian advances and revenge.  If Putin faces any dissent, this comes from Russians asking him to finish it.  Putin, of course, knows that the delay of the war gave Russia a net profit of $200 Billion so far this year (!!) from the increased sales of oil and gas at high prices; in addition, it severely damaged the West’s economies and helped solidify the Eurasian Alliance.  But now, he will surely change course.

Russia already plays hardball on the economic front, and Europe is about to freeze this winter. This, however, does not bother the globalists or the American establishment (their goal is actually to impoverish Europe).  Listen to this absurdity: The U.N. Secretary-General Mr. Gutierres said that “it is madness to return to fossil fuels because of the Ukraine war!!”… Where do these people live? In Germany, Poland, Greece, and elsewhere, they have already re-opened their coal plants, rightfully so… But it will not be enough, and people will suffer – while heavy industries and smaller businesses have already started to shut down…




  1. It’s easy for my speak of a war far away from my front door. I am most grateful for never having to run for my life, watch my neighbor and family explode in the air, witness people with their heads blown off or their guts hanging out because of a few wealthy men decided behind closed doors that war will provide them with untold riches and power. The Western elites are the cause of this war! We all see it. We all know it. Let us pray. ☦️

  2. In order to be able to understand what is going on
    world wide and especially in the western civilization in our days , you have to study the
    Khazaria and the Khazars , the polyglot and
    Polyethnic empire .


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