EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis). For those of you unfamiliar with the Cyprus Question I will mention only one fact: Since the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Greek and Cypriot side were able to avert all kinds of adversary moves (mainly by the British) in the international diplomacy field, thanks to the Russian veto in the United Nations  – please do not doubt me on this one.  With the appointment of Murat Magometovich Zyazikov (in our main photo), an ex-KGB officer and a Muslim, a close ally of Putin, as an ambassador  we should be prepared for the Russian recognition of the illegal Northern Cypriot state.  

To all of us, who who live in our comfort of protection between two big Oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, let’s for a moment consider what the Middle East means: the Russian naval and air base in Latakia, Syria, is only 50-60 miles away from Cyprus… Are you convinced now?

I am tired of repeating here that Greece and Cyprus, because of their strategic position on the map, cannot afford to turn any major power into an enemy.  Yet this is what they have done recently, and unfortunately, they will pay the price of their foolish policy…


New ambassador seen reflecting Russian opinion of Cyprus turning to the West

russian president vladimir putin attends a plenary session of the eastern economic forum in vladivostok

Russian president Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed a new ambassador to Cyprus according to a presidential decree, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Tuesday.

“By official decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Murat Magometovich Zyazikov is appointed as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Cyprus,” the presidential decree reads.

The dismissal of the previous ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy was also made public via another presidential decree.

According to the Kremlin’s website, Zyazikov, aged 65, had worked for state security services KGB and FSB before being elected as president of the Republic of Ingushetia in 2002. In 2008 he assumed the role of the advisor to the President of the Russian Federation.

He is reportedly considered a close ally to Putin because of his province’s proximity to Chechnya.

Zyazikov also identifies as a Sunni Muslim.

Daily Politis citing unnamed diplomatic sources said that the appointment does not necessarily run counter to the interests of the Republic of Cyprus, however, Zyazikov’s religious identity is of special importance as a Muslim Russian ambassador will carry a different and enhanced status within the Turkish Cypriot administration.

Talking to Cyprus Mail, lecturer at the University of Cyprus’ department of Turkish and Middle Eastern studies Dr Zenonas Tziarras said the appointment “leaves extortionate hints about an enhanced Turkish-Russian understanding on the issues of Cyprus” and that it “is a message sent by Russia to Cyprus as well as to Cyprus’ partners in reaction to Cyprus’ pro-western turn.”

An unnamed diplomatic source commenting on the matter told Cyprus Mail that “he is the choice of the Russian Federation, an ambassador accredited to the Republic of Cyprus and the Republic will cooperate with him much like it has cooperated with his predecessors.”


  1. Cyprus is a member of the EU but must also maintain good relations with all parties, including the United States, Russia and China.

    A grave danger: Cyprus cannot afford to turn into a satellite of either the Americans, the Russians or anyone else, in my view. Very difficult situation to be in.

  2. Maybe Greece and Cyprus will learn something and stop stabbing loyal Orthodox countries (like Russia, Serbia…) in the back for a country that has always stabbed them in the back.

  3. Cyprus and Greece would have been infinitely better with Russia…when has Russia ever betrayed them or any other ally. On the other hand, the U.S. has broken every treaty, sold every ally down the river…

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