EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  Many in our audience have brought this article (BELOW) to our attention, asking for commentary.  The fact is, there is neither clarity/clarification nor repentance from the Phanar or Elpidophoros.  The Phanar should have immediately followed Mt. Athos and stated that “according to Orthodox Faith and tradition, there is no marriage except between a man and a woman.”  The Vatican did it.  Why not the Phanar? Why are Bartholomew and the degenerates around him not doing the same as Pope Francis? Why are they hiding behind their finger? Because they are faithless… ANAXIOI… Being vocal behind closed doors just proves they have NO FAITH.  If they were truly faithful, they would pronounce it publicly.

In the end, TNH reported that Pat. Bartholomew demanded that Elpidophoros send a formal response to the Church of Greece.  But the days and weeks go by without any response at all…

Elpidophoros knows his days in America are numbered.  He is betting on political calculations to help him succeed Bartholomew, but God does not seem to have good plans for him.  Once the Ukrainian situation disintegrates into the disaster it was designed to be, there will be no place for him in America or elsewhere… In the meantime, the faithful consciously avoid him, and anytime his presence is scheduled at any parish, there are very few in attendance… So he forces all neighboring parish priests with their families with compliant council members to attend – and even then, the Churches he visits are empty…





Media: Archbishop Elpidophoros chastised by the head of Phanar

Patriarch Bartholomew has criticized the head of the Phanar Archdiocese in the United States over a scandal involving the baptism of the children of a homosexual couple.

At a meeting of the Synod of Phanar, Patriarch Bartholomew severely reprimanded the head of the American Archdiocese of the Church of Constantinople, Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis), because of the scandal with the baptism of the children of a homosexual couple, performed by the hierarch in July this year in Greece, according to the Greek National Herald edition. The meeting took place on August 29-30, 2022, but the incident became known to the media on September 9.

As the UOJ wrote, this baptism was reacted to at a meeting of the Synod of the Greek Church, where the bishops decided to send a letter to the Phanar demanding an assessment of the event. According to the National Herald, Patriarch Bartholomew handed this letter over to Archbishop Elpidophoros with a demand to “immediately” explain his actions and independently resolve the conflict with the Church of Greece.

According to the source, Archbishop Elpidophoros was addressed a number of rather harsh remarks. Patriarch Bartholomew was particularly dissatisfied with the fact that “the environment of Elpidophoros artificially spread the information that the hierarch does nothing without the knowledge and approval of the patriarch.” In addition, at the direction of Archbishop Elpidophoros, several critical notes were published in the media controlled by him against the Greek Church and its hierarchs. Moreover, Archbishop Elpidophoros instructed Archdeacon John Chrysavgis, Counselor of the American Archdiocese, to lay a theological groundwork for the baptism of children of homosexuals and prepare relevant materials for the press.

These actions of Archbishop Elpidophoros, according to the National Herald, aroused discontent among both the clergy and laity of the American diaspora, and among the hierarchs and leaders of the Phanar. “As a result, the hierarch did not even dare to visit Bartholomew’s residence on September 1 to sign the Code of the New Church Year, although at that time he was on vacation nearby, in Antalya,” the National Herald noted.

As the UOJ wrote, Athos Kinot stated that an LGBT couple cannot be considered a family and adopt children.


  1. Look at Elpi’s puppet masters – deviant degenerates
    swimming in dark abyss
    using Religion to fool the masses.
    Wake Up People! Do not give Elps your presence at church when he arrives
    & do not give money!

  2. Any other clergy with some kind of shame Was
    going to resign and keep himself out of the sight
    of the faithful and pray for his soul. Obviously he
    cares for himself , for his body and he is abandoning his soul .

  3. A complicit Bartholomew only now chastises Elpidoktonos as he tries to “save face” publicly doing damage control for what has already occurred, been unleashed and can never be retracted or undone. These two unholy men are COWARDS HIDING BEHIND THE FACADES OF THEIR LONG BLACK DEPRESSING ROBES OF HORROR rather than exemplifying the honor and dignity with which their positions were bestowed. Both hierarchs have brought absolute disgrace to the Greek Orthodox Church worldwide. Their boastful pride and shame is sinful enough. It is time for repentance!

    Where was Bart’s admonishment to Elpidoktonos in June when the public display of flagrancy took place in Greece? NO WHERE. How much longer does the church unnecessarily have to suffer? Where is the outrage and action by the faithful demanding an immediate termination of position in office? NO WHERE AGAIN.

    Fortunately in America, we still have the freedom to come and go and worship where ever we choose! Soon many more GO Church doors will shutter leaving a long sad decrepit trail of the mentally ill archdiocese, broken values and morals for the world to witness the destruction and implosion from within.

  4. Margaret– Has any research been done regarding Metropolis’ of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese having performed baptisms of gay couples? In other words, had he performed this somewhere on the left-coast, would it have been deemed a first? Was permission not granted on that coast or on the equally leftist east-coast Metropolis’? Anyone know why Greece was chosen? Don’t know if someone is just feeding the rumor-mill but I was told that close to a decade ago, a gay couple did in fact baptize their surrogate-born baby in an east-coast’ Metropolis… Was it deliberate– a deliberate affront to Greece?

  5. It has been done many times and at Saint …… in ….. by Father …… He baptized two children of ……….. who were born by surrogate mothers. I wonder how that registration paperwork was submitted and approved???

      • Why remain anonymous? These evil doers DON’T deserve anonymity!!! Expose them and let all the laity worldwide stand up to these snakes – STOP attending any Church that commemorate or are in communion with Bartholomew!!! The Church is Jesus Christ – NOT the buildings and synagogues of satan!! Our Holy Fathers warn us of these days and to turn our homes into churches! God Have Mercy… WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! You get dragged into the sin of heresy when you attend these churches!


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