By Nick Stamatakis

The two photos of our story today are almost 75 years apart and define the high and low points in the history of our church and community: From Athenagoras and Truman to Biden and Karloutsos…

In the first one you see President Truman bowing with respect and getting the blessing of Archbishop Athenagoras who at that time (1948) he was elected Patriarch, at the insistence of Truman, and legend has it that he traveled to Constantinople to be enthroned on Truman’s aircraft, the “Sacred Cow” (there was no “Air Force One” yet).  You can read the background of this story by linking here…

The years go by and respect for our Church and community grows thanks to the charismatic personality of AB Iakovos, handpicked by Athenagoras… Here is some of the evidence… First with Matrin Luther King….

And then with almost every single president from JFK to Clinton (I couldn’t find a photo with President Ford…)

All these photos and many others show the tremendous respect of US Presidents to our Church and Community… And to a certain extent, this trend continued under AB Demetrios’ for his almost 20-yr long term… But at that time, the “Patriarchal Exarch” Karloutsos, after having backstabbed his benefactor AB Iakovos (helped by the worst Patriarch of modern history, Bartholomew), had taken over and worked behind the scenes to close deals that benefited first and foremost himself.  Unethical and a brownnoser, corrupt and self-serving, Karloutsos started on the slippery slope of flattering any authority in his disgusting slavish way, making all of us ashamed to be Greek and Orthodox…

Until this Spring, he bowed in front of the most corrupt President in American history and demolished every ounce of pride we had left…  He took, undeservedly, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, although his extended crime family, in a few months, may need to request the presidential pardon…  What a disgrace and what a shame for our Church and community!!

September 14, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. Οι δύο όψεις του νομίσματος , υπερηφάνεια και
    αηδία …..
    The two faces of the coin, pride and disgust .

  2. Karlotsos is doing whatever he can not to get indicted. Thank God, we don’t see what goes behind closed doors…or maybe that would be better…one and done.

  3. Oh George, thank God we don’t see what
    Rasputin Karloutsos does behind closed doors –
    we’ve all heard the disgusting rumors & frankly, what home boy Alex does in secret makes Andrew Cuomo look like choir boy!!

  4. Compare the diff:
    Athenegoras kissing Truman on forehead
    while President shakes his hand —
    slobbering Karloutsos is bending low to
    worship his demonic idol Joe Biden

  5. Karloutsos the ass kisser who sold out his Faith – the Faith he was hired to protect but instead sullied beyond recognition. Jesus will one day say to people like this:
    “I Never Knew Ye”

  6. Lex Lutsos is the self same Caiaphas and the snake of Eden, beholden to the self same Lazio evil empire. Before he gained weight recently, he looked like a slithering snake.

  7. Alex shamed himself and his family with such sycophant behavior, acting like he is a slave for the Pasha. No integrity, no pride, no priestly demeanor, no self-esteem. A a third-rate actor in a failed NYC show that closed long ago.


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