By Nick Stamatakis

When will he stop the stupid mistakes? One would hope that after three years on the job, he would have learned some basic things… But no, no way… He is unable to handle his duties, religious, political, or otherwise… Wait, we still have time for him to go visit Sultan Erdogan and kiss his hand… The Sultan is still in town…

Yesterday, after touring for one more time Ground Zero and Saint Nicholas with Mitsotakis (and lying through his teeth about the finances of the Church), he met with the Cuban Foreign minister Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez Parrilla at Archdiocese headquarters in Manhattan, drawing heavy fire from Senator Robert Menendez who happens to be of Cuban descent and is the Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee and a good friend of Greece!!..

If one reads the Greek-American and Greek press, he would think that they all have come to our side, as Helleniscope has been feeling very lonely the last three years exposing all the Archbishop’s mistakes, one after the other, while the rest of the press has been mostly silent. Only last September were they forced to notice the “bow to Erdogan” in the inauguration of the Turkish House in NYC…

Take a look at the photos below: Karloutsos was there, but he does not seem to be a “happy camper” at all!… Why? Because he has spent half his life between NY and DC, and he knows better!! Then why did he not intervene to postpone the event?  Or maybe he decided to set another trap for the hapless Elpidoktonos?

The story has some historical background in the known visit by Patriarch Bartholomew to Havana many years ago for the inauguration of a Church of Saint Nicholas built with money donated by a Greek shipowner – while a special permit for the Church was given by Fidel Castro… Of course, this cannot be a good reason for opening up to the communist regime and endangering the friendship of senator Menendez…

God help us all with the ineptitude of Elpidoktonos!…

September 23, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. Karloutsos installed his snitches Father Nektarios and Father Panagioti next to the AB. With those two traitors the AB is guaranteed to continue to fail!!! Ήθελεστα και επαθεστα λέγανε η παλιοί!!!

  2. Now, you’re picking at straws. I would expect hi to meet with all foreign leaders, especially those I. Which we have a church. His title is that of a spiritual leader (albeit it’s obvious, Elpi isn’t one)…but still one can communicate without condoning or condemning someone’s actions.

    As for Melendez, I understand he’s disappointed let alone angry. Oh well…it’s not like America has been a friend of Greece since JFK, we’ll over 50 years ago.

    Who do you think controls the IMF, the EU and NATO. I’ll give you one guess. Either they destroyed Greece economically or empowered the Greek leaders to destroy Greece economically.

    Cyprus was one thing, although ongoing but Orthodox prophecy is that Turkey will invade Greece and while it is prophesied to turn out well for Greece in the end…neither the U.S.A. or the EU or NATO will come to its aid. Do you expect otherwise.

    I detest Elpi. Make no mistake.. I detest anyone who attacks our church, let alone Elpi but not for this…

    Let’s not diminish Elpi’s evil by including this.

  3. The Greek church in Havana was formerly a Catholic parish church facility seized by Fidel Castro. The church of the Greeks has such greed and ambition that it took advantage of Catholic persecution to establish its beachhead in a Commie drug cartel, drug transiting regime.

    The engineer of that “church” was the Metropolitan of Mexico and Central America, Athenagoras, a very elusive character who operates in the dark and has dealings everywhere, including the Panama Canal.

    Alex’s role is peripheral to Metropolitan “Athena” Athenagoras’s. Remember that.

    And remember that there is very little or no scrutiny of the Greek Church in Central America and the Caribbean and anything goes. Anything……so, it’s a perfect “business partner” for the Turkish Greek Slave Church.

    The Cubans run the best intelligence service in the hemisphere and they know exactly how to manipulate the Greedy Greeks and their phony leaders in black robes with gold chains.

  4. Don’t forget people – PETITION is out
    to depose Elpidoforos – Sign it!
    Never has an Archbishop had a Petition to remove him but this Suckabus Elps

  5. is that an actual dollar sign hanging from karloutsos’ neck or photoshop? Brilliant, but let’s not get carried away. We want the news to be accurate, and even if he is all about the money, you want your news to be trustworthy.

    • Rina, that one was too easy for you and everyone else to figure out… The fact that it is so believable that the man would wear a dollar sign tells a lot about the perceptions we all have about him – justifiably so.


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