By Anonymous Member of Our “Resistance Team” edited and completed by Helleniscope

As the iconography at the St. Nicholas National Shrine continues to progress, it appears that Elpidophoros has put his Turkish “hand” on the development of the iconographic program originally developed by the monks of Mount Athos.  We heard numerous references during the last few weeks of Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero as a “Bereavement Center.”  We can now see that our “Greek Orthodox church – turned National Shrine” can also be perceived as a Mosque! Specifically, the “Blue Mosque” of Istanbul.  Shame!  (See photos below: the first one is from St. Nicholas Iconography, and the rest are from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul).

Yes, in Helleniscope, we know enough history, and we understand that the Blue Mosque, which was built over a thousand years after Hagia Sophia and 6-7 decades after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, was influenced by Hagia Sophia’s Design.  How could it not have been?  Hagia Sophia, just half a mile away and visibly imposing on the landscape, is one of the most treasured architectural monuments of humanity… But in our case, in Saint Nicholas of Ground Zero, it seems that some specific choices and, even more, the lack of complete hagiographical coverage of the walls, as is the rule in orthodox churches, make the resemblance quite striking.

The photos speak volumes: Elpidophoros, Karloutsos, and “Dr. Evil,” Michael Psaros, with his blue suit, and mini-me priest Fr. Andreas Vithoulkas, first expanded the concept of our Church into a Shrine obviously for “business” purposes, thinking, the faithless fools that they are, that they will attract more visitors if they wipe out the Orthodox identity of Saint Nicholas. Then they turned the “Shrine” into a secular-looking “bereavement space” where others could come and worship their pagan gods and anti-Orthodox and anti-Christian values.  God help us all as we succumb to the “New World Order” of Elpidophoros, Karloutsos, and Psaros!

Why don’t they ask the monks/hagiographers from Mount Athos to recount the many stories from Asia Minor and elsewhere, where people from other faiths recognize the miracle-bearing qualities of our Churches and our Saints and they accept them as they are?  We do not need to turn our Churches into temples and synagogues and mosques to attract visitors: We could attract millions with our Faith. This is what Saint Nicholas himself, an “Ecumenical” Saint, universally adored and celebrated, would tell us – and he is telling us – to those who have enough faith to listen!!  

But when we project towards all potential visitors a colorless, faithless, “no identity,” woke, pan-religious edifice in this international city, the prototypical melting pot, what do we tell them? We tell them that we are afraid of our faith, that our faith is too shallow and too weak, and so we need to blend it in… To make it look like other people’s religious spaces… Then we wonder why Saint Nicholas has issued his “Curse”?

The first part of his “Curse” on GOARCH has to do with the fact that this “project” is “perpetually delayed,” as Melissa Klein of NY Post put it on September 10.  The following morning Michael Psaros appeared on Fox News and announced, in all his empty pompousness, that it would be ready to open on November 1st! (Here is the 1-minute video – because our Archons are very forgetful)…

Please take a look at these photos below, from the recent visit of Greek PM Mitsotakis, and tell me if it is even possible for this “project” to finish in less than a year… It’s unbelievable: They spent $100 million, and the “project” is still half-finished!! Should I remind you that the Port Authority offered them the (usually very costly) foundations, including all the expensive mechanical installations, all for free?

As you can see, the hagiography (on less than half the wall space) is not even half-finished! Then, as you can also see in the lower right corner of the photo above, they took down the scaffolding once again!  Do you realize how many hundreds of thousands of dollars just this up and down of the scaffolding will cost? My friends, this is NYC, and things like that are very expensive!! They had done it at least once, incurring a cost of about $500,000, according to some estimates.  This is the second time.  For what? So Mitsotakis’s wife, Mareva, a close friend of Elpidoktonos, has a better view? Or (most likely) Elpidoktonos plans to beg Mitsotakis for another donation after the millions bankrupt Greece gave the Theological School a couple of years ago?

Elpidoktonos and his faithless entourage act completely outside the Faith every step of the way, and then we wonder whether Saint Nicholas has cursed this “project”?

The second and bigger “Curse of Saint Nicholas” has to do with the abandonment of the faith by all those who were supposed to keep it; by those who accepted “woke” cultural identities and multiple genders, and all other degeneracies, ignoring the basic tenets of Christianity completely: When we enter the Church we do not exclude anyone but we also we do not “negotiate” basic tenets of our faith to satisfy secular, political, purposes… Practically speaking, this abandonment of Christian faith in NYC has rendered the most wonderful City in the world uninhabitable… And so there will be no “millions of visitors” to Saint Nicholas… There will not even be thousands of visitors – not even the Greek loyalists will visit until the Faith returns.  But have no doubt, the faith will return after the difficult times ahead of us!..

Finally, for one more time, let us contemplate the strongest indication of abandonment of Faith in Saint Nicholas: it is without a doubt Bartholomew’s arrogance and vanity to put his sinful face at the same level as Saint Nicholas…

The faithful have a warning to ALL of the FAITHLESS leaders, Bartholomew, Karloutsos, Elpidoktonos, Psaros, and the rest of the Archons: If your goal is business, get out of the Church of Christ and go a few feet away to Wall Street!! Leave the Church alone, or else Saint Nicholas will strike all of you and your families with his powerful fist, the same fist that rightfully slapped Arius!

September 27, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. Kyrie Eleison – Saint Nicholas is wailing!
    The hubris to paint Bartholomew next to
    Icon of St. Nicholas is too much…
    let’s see what the circus has by November?!

  2. Never enter this GOA “facility.” This “facility” facilitates evil. Turn your backs ASAP! Make your hearts a sacred church as we are now entering WW3. Many bad things are happening as we speak. Stay away from NYC! She kills full term babies via abortion. NYC cuts the genitalia off of children and makes them LGBQT! Mark my words, the St. Nicholas shrine or church or whatever you want to call IT will be used for evil events!

  3. They have to re-cast it as a Bereavement Center in order to get the NYNJ Port Authority to pay for the maintenance. They are superb grifters and know how to pull this off with enough political donations, most from the Archons to NY and NJ politicians. Never underestimate the underlying corruption.

  4. Not only is Bartholomew next to Saint Nicholas, he is depicted as LARGER the the Saint. The great Saint is a little wee guy apparently seeking guidance from the Great & Holy Bartholomew. This artistic perspective illustrates the modern hierarchs’ delusion that they have evolved to be more full of love than were those scrappy old saints. The hagiographer should go hang himself as did Judas.


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