EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): The article below by Uzay Bulut is an excellent analysis of the current situation in Greek-Turkish relations, 100 years after the 1922 Catastrophe of Smyrna (today’s Izmir), the richest city of the Mediterranean at the time. The disaster, as Uzay Bulut so succinctly describes, was accompanied by the first major Genocide of the 20th Century, committed by the Ottomans against Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians.  Before these events – and particularly the Armenian Genocide – there was no such term “Genocide” to describe this type of intentional massacre and give it full legal implications.  

Yet the Turks, arrogant and barbarian as ever, have reached the last stage of genocide, denial… In recent days and in almost every statement, Erdogan and the rest of the Turkish leaders appear as if they had the right to exterminate all other ethnicities. And so Erdogan threatens on every occasion that the Turks will repeat today their “manly triumphs”, their exploits of a century ago…

And so the question in all of our minds is: Will they?

Having grown up in a neighborhood of Pireaus built exclusively by refugees of Asia Minor after 1922, I must admit that I am not impartial at all.  I grew up among them in the 1960s and 1970s, and I know firsthand that they belonged to a superior civilization cultivated in Asia Minor mostly by Greeks for over 3,000 continuous years.  Smyrna, in 1922, had an Opera House and an American College, among so many other signs of an advanced culture that rightfully gave her the name the “Jewel of the Orient.”  When these wonderful people arrived in Pireaus, they had to build schools and theaters, even before they had decent housing! These are the people Erdogan, and his cronies are proud to have “exterminated” (with the help of German advisors, of course!)… And they are threatening to repeat their …achievement today.

Despite my emotional disposition on the issue, let me answer the question. 

Turkey never attempted any invasion of a foreign country without the support of at least one major power.  A prime example is Cyprus in 1974, where every single step they made (to almost the last meter of the land they occupied) was approved by their masters in Washington DC.  And it appears they had at least received an understanding from the Soviet leadership… Most of us have heard this sad story, and there is no need to repeat it here.  The recent events in Syria prove that this Turkish “practice” will continue. The Russians (but also the US) ordered Erdogan to stop, and he did. He did not dare attack the Kurds on Syrian grounds. Right now, Erdogan is trying to make peace with Syrian President Assad… A peace that will free him to move west towards Greece, maybe?

So, yes, it is likely that the Russians will back him up if he is to invade Greece… They do not need to do much. They can just help with the S-400 (and possibly the S-500) missiles which could neutralize Greece’s superior Air Force…
The situation is truly dangerous… It depends largely on whether the DC “deep state” has written off Turkey…  If they have swallowed that Turkey has entered the road of no return towards a Eurasian Alliance, they will allow the Greek Navy and Air Force to do their job.  The Greek Navy, about two years ago, thwarted a mini-invasion neutralizing the Turkish Navy without using weapons!! It was the famous “pushover” (“επακούμβηση”) of a Turkish frigate by the superb maneuvers of a Greek frigate’s captain. The Turkish inferiority in nautical skills cannot be exaggerated…
But we still see many signs that the DC “Deep State” is not ready to give up Turkey. Judging from how they act in Ukraine and Europe (they are certainly in a panic mode, and their decisions are not well thought-out, if not irrational) we can conclude that they may decide that they need Turkey in order to use her against Russia.  And they may decide that they will help Turkey satisfy a part of her huge appetite for territory and resources at the expense of Greece…
Let me remind you that in 1974 Greece had just received the best fighters of that time, the F-4 Phantoms, and the Greek Navy and submarines were also superb, many steps above the always inferior Turkish Navy, exactly as the situation is today.
Unfortunately, in any Greek-Turkish conflict, military skills and equipment always take a secondary role, while geopolitical calculations are very decisive…



“We have only one sentence for Greece: Do not forget Izmir [the city of Smyrna]. Your occupying the [Aegean] islands will not stop us; we will do what is necessary when the time comes. You know what we say: ‘Unexpectedly one night we shall come to [conquer] you.” — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sondakika.com, September 4, 2022.


  1. So now he’s acknowledging the events that “never happened” to threaten of events that he’ll later say “never happened…”

    There’s no geopolitical game playing here. Simply shake down for $$$$$$. Getting as much of it from everybody. Self-serving corruption at its finest.

  2. Erdogan will be enboldenedif Russia annexes and keeps Eastern Ukraine under the pretext of denazifying and demilitarizing .Erdogan also claims that the Aegean islands have been illegally militarized by Greece and threaten Turkey so he plans to invade and annex them. Therefore it is important for Greece to increase military duty of men and women to 24 months as it is in Israel, Close the borders ,deport the illegal immigrants back to the countries with international support and open the armament industry for the production of drones and the successful confrontation of expansionist aTurkey


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