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EDITOR’S NOTE:  In a stunning admission of defeat, corrupt AB Makarios of Australia, totally frustrated by the tsunami of negative comments against him by the faithful because of his abhorrent treatment of Papa Lefteris (Tatsis), the former priest for about 50 years of Panagia Kamariani, the oldest and most beloved Greek Orthodox priest of Australia (and the brother of our associate Captain Stelios Tatsis), asked his lawyers to send a letter to the “Greek Herald”  and demand that the newspaper remove all comments against Makarios from its FB page!!!  Australian recent court decisions apparently allow this kind of flagrant violation of freedom of speech!…

Well, we invite all Greek-Australians to post their comments on Helleniscope!! For now, America is still a free country, and their comments are allowed!  We remind them that we were the ones who uncovered the scandals of Emmanuel of France and his assistant Maximos (with the invitation of Bulgarian gay escorts in the building of the Metropolis of Paris!!!). To this day, the sinful and corrupt Patriarchate – which promoted instead of punishing the degenerate hierarchy – does not dare to move against Helleniscope and me personally!! Why? Because they cannot defend themselves against the truth!! The truth is held by the Police of Paris, France, and so far, despite our open invitations, Pat. Bartholomew did not demand the truth – but keeps hiding it!!!

Similar is the situation in Australia, where a sinful and corrupt AB Makarios is about to destroy the Church of Australia and the Greek community there with his divisive decisions…


Australia’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop requests comments be turned off on The Greek Herald FB page

The effect of the High Court of Australia’s landmark decision in Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd v Voller [2021] HCA 27 continues to impact media publications, notwithstanding the recent changes in Defamation law. By a majority of 5 to 2, the Court held the media liable as publishers of third-party comments. Recent amendments sought to address that decision.

However, on October 12, The Greek Herald received a letter of complaint by a Sydney legal firm acting for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and Archbishop Makarios reprimanding the publication for alleged defamatory third-party comments made on its public Facebook page.

The letter states that “while The Greek Herald itself may not have uploaded anything which is defamatory of Archbishop Makarios,” the majority of comments on the publication’s Facebook page “represent defamatory attacks against Archbishop Makarios.”

Most of the comments were made under posts referring to the suspension from the Archdiocese of Melbourne priest Father Eleftherios Tatsis, the official visit of the Archbishop to Kastellorizo, and the recent defamation proceedings initiated by the Archbishop towards Melbourne blogger Alkis Morelas.

Referencing the recent High Court decision in Voller, the letter stated that “…as a matter of defamation law you are liable as a publisher of the defamatory comments posted by other people on The Greek Herald Facebook page, because by running the Facebook page, you are facilitating the publication of those defamatory comments.”

The letter also suggested that alleged defamatory comments should immediately be removed and requested that The Greek Herald “closes the comments on future articles to ensure that the same does not happen again.”

“If this action is taken, the Archbishop will consider the matter at an end,” it read.

The Greek Herald does not condone any defamatory comments on its Facebook page whoever they may identify, and has subsequently removed the comments the publication deemed to be allegedly defamatory.

Since receipt of the aforementioned letter, The Greek Herald has also stopped receiving communications in the form of press releases from the Archdiocese’s media team, which occurred almost daily.

This letter has come after the Archdiocese has initiated legal pursuits with various other publications in Australia and overseas. Most recently, the website “Exapsalmos” issued a public apology over the publication of a series of articles, while earlier this year the Archbishop launched defamation proceedings in Sydney’s Federal Court over four articles by blogger Alkis Morelas. Last year, the ABC also issued a correction on an article about the conduct of the Greek Orthodox church in Australia in connection with its aged care facilities.


  1. How can limp wristed AB Makarios get away with censoring the laity’s free speech??

    Well where there’s smoke there’s fire!
    Makarios deviant life is already exposed

  2. He’s definitely a “role model”, showing everyone how to “turn the other cheek”, for sure… What was that quote about “Woe to you Pharisees, Hypocrites..”?

    In a very simple response to this immature egotistical legal letter, why doesn’t the Greek Herald or by extension the Greeks of Australia hire a Private Investigation firm to determine where the funds for that famous Sydney luxury apartment came from? Last time I checked, you don’t become a celibate clergyman in order to live in luxury….

    The PI option could be a great model going forward too, if these cowardly “crybabies” want to “play” with the legal system like this…I’m sure a lot of people would be willing to donate to a non-profit whose purpose is to uncover Ecclesiastical corruption… Never throw stones in a glass house, as the saying goes…And since we are talking about the Australian Archbishop, perhaps someone can explain to him what happens when he throws a “legal” boomerang… 🙂

  3. There is a difference between derogatory and defamatory.
    If a derogatory remark is true, then it is not defamation.

    • Thank you! Too bad the derogatory TRUTH ruffles feathers of pansy archbishop Makarios;
      he’s one unworthy crybaby &
      God bless Papa Eleftherios speaking out


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