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EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Father John Peck, host of Ecclesioclasm podcast, recently asked Jim Jatras, George Michalopoulos of, and yours truly to participate in a 2-hour podcast regarding the troubles of GOA.  Below, I let George Michalopulos introduce it and provide a link to the video of the first part of this enjoyable and informative exchange…


Ecclesioclasm Interview: What’s Wrong with the GOA? –Part I

Recently, Fr John Peck, the host of the Ecclesioclasm podcast, asked a rhetorical question; specifically, what was wrong with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America?

Rather than rehash the latest scandal du jour, it seemed that a roundtable of prominent Greek-Americans would be better inclined to offer their insights into the problems which plague the GOA (and the Ecumenical Patriarchate) at present.

Two such men were James G Jatras and Nick Stamatakis, both of whose works you know.  Surprisingly, Yours Truly was asked to participate as well.  (Needless to say, I was extremely honored to be considered in their company.)

At any rate, when you get three Greeks together, there’s no way that you can get all that needs to be said in an hour.  And so, Fr John, who hosted this interview, divided it up into two parts.  No doubt, at the rate that things are going, there will probably be more such podcasts in the future!

In any event, we hope you enjoy “What’s Wrong with the GOA?, Part I.”


  1. Wowza! Just started watching a minute of video and have to say what a Great Idea you guys – 4 great talking heads of Orthodoxy!!
    Thanks for doing it.

  2. What’s wrong with the GOA?

    The hierarchs do not follow the theology they teach. That’s why they are being called out by the faithful. They are heretics.

  3. We ponder what lies on the horizon? Transhumanism. Part human, part robotic. There is already a robot (AI), Sophia, who has been given citizenship by the United Nations. They are protected. They have rights. They will outrun, outthink, and outperform humans. They cannot, however, have a soul. Let us not be deceived, we are playing God and there are severe and tragic consequences for doing so. I may not see the horrors unleashed on the earth in my lifetime – but in one or two generations from now – I have no doubt we will be working to create hybrid human/animals. Do not think for one moment that these things are “unimaginable.” The unimaginable is already happening.

  4. What’s wrong with the GOA?

    The leaders love 💵💰more than they
    love ☦️…..

    Furthermore, they have pledged their allegiance to someone else 👿👹….

    Can someone please call headquarters and remind them they can’t take 💰 with them, and they won’t live forever despite the transhumance macabre💀!

    Kudos to Father Peck for having the discussion. I hope part 2, will have some solutions to our problems. Running to the surrounding monasteries might be our only option. Thank God in the heavens for sending us Father EPRAIM so many years ago, 17 monasteries to choose from.

    Prepare for warfare my traditionalists, the fight is only getting started….

  5. Father John Peck’s four man Podcast
    is clarifying –
    should be sent to every Greek Orthodox layperson or priest still in the dark!

  6. What is wrong with the GOA are not administrative problems but rather spiritual problems. As stated in the book of Revelation when writing to the church of Ephesus (Rev. 2-7), the GOA has lost its first love- Jesus. Lip service is given to Jesus but in reality He is relegated to meaningless after thought. The GOA functions as a Greek business club not the Body of Christ. The GOA , starting with the leaders, but including each of us, must repent and return to Jesus. Then and only then can the church be healed. Administrative issues are the result of not focusing on Jesus.


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