EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) As I have said before, I was among those who would prefer that Trump stay outside the next presidential race of 2024 and focus instead on promoting real patriots in all congressional races.  But after the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid, I changed my mind – and I agree with all the arguments presented below by David Solway.  I would add one more final point: This country needs to have closure with a sense of justice having been made, and not only in the 2020 vote. And President Trump needs to have closure and justice as the election was unfairly taken away from him – just the fraudulent “Russia-gate” scandal and the “Hunter Biden corruption scandals” – that were hidden from the public – would be enough to characterize the 2020 election as stolen. No need to look for voter fraud. The country needs to have closure also on the pandemic and covid vaccine, and all the other issues that have turned America upside down…

Only Trump’s re-election will bring closure and justice and return America to its natural state…


Why It Has to Be Trump

By David SolwayPJmedia.com

It is striking to consider the number of conservatives and Republican stalwarts who insist that Trump should not run in 2024 and should cede the field to Ron DeSantis. I have come across this argument time and again, and it never ceases to baffle me. Even one of my astute and celebrated editors at another outlet cannot disguise his animus against Trump, which I find as astonishing as it is myopic. The essential points of this argument go something like this:

  • Trump is too crude in his habitual verbal comportment, lacking in the polish and restraint we associate with the presidency at its ideal best.
  • Trump continues to dwell on a rigged 2020 election, a grievance that casts him in the light of a sore loser and renders him something of an obsessive.
  • Trump is too old. After Biden, another geriatric president would be a liability. DeSantis is in his early forties and represents a vital alternative to the specter of feebleness and senility exhibited by Biden.
  • Trump is too controversial and would generate considerable opposition.

All these points, I believe, can be easily rebutted.

  • It is true that Trump is neither elegant, conciliatory, nor urbane, but he should be judged on his record, not his lack of refinement and gentility. And his presidency was the most successful and beneficial since that of Ronald Reagan. That’s what counts.
  • Trump’s preoccupation with a stolen election is perfectly legitimate. It is the greatest shame and disgrace in American political history and, after the Supreme Court’s pusillanimous bailout, absolutely needs to be addressed.
  • Trump is hale, healthy, smart, and vigorous. Witness the energy and stamina on display in his frequent and protracted rallies. There is no need to worry. DeSantis, for his part, must concentrate on Florida as the new bellwether state. His refusal to declare his intentions on remaining a four-year governor may cost him in his debates with his rival Charlie Crist. 2028 is DeSantis’ year.
  • Trump is obviously controversial, but this aspect of his character and self-presentation does not detract from his potential candidacy. He is obviously the Democrats’ greatest peril, from their perspective, one that must be neutralized in any presidential contest. The Russiagate scandal, the banning on Facebook and Twitter, two attempted impeachments, the J-6 katzenjammer, the relentless media attacks on his reputation, the illegal and unprovoked raid on his private residence, and a recent subpoena all point to the fact that the Democrats regard him as the greatest threat to their hopes and plans. An onslaught of this magnitude clearly indicates that the Democrats see him as a major impediment to retaining the White House. Trump is undoubtedly the man they fear most. This alone is sufficient evidence to justify his 2024 primary nomination.

According to Conrad Black, Trump is “the recent political past, the preeminent present, and the likely future.” He is right.


  1. TRUMP LIED!!! Why hasn’t any Republican been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was any type of election fraud?! Because there is no credible evidence! You have been brainwashed to believe a lie and it amazes me that someone as smart as you would accept a lie so willingly without any serious evidence. Trump is a con artist!

    Why you think it is okay for a President to “accidentally” take classified government documents home after becoming a regular citizen is just beyond any type of rational reason! Trump deserves to be thrown into prison, not the oval office!

    • I posted your comment as an example of the insanity and the hatred that is against everything we believe in America. Hillary is allowed to challenge the election of 2016 on the basis of the now proven fakery of the Steel dossier but nobody else has this right…
      My friends – this is the kind of hatred and suppression of freedom of speech we will defeat this November and in 2024…

  2. RINO’s are the spoilers here–analogous to the progressive left radical fringe in the dem’ party…
    In both parties, fringe spoilers threaten… In the case of the dems– let them keep strutting their stuff- the more they do this, the better for us– the side of SANITY..
    Shades of 1930’s Berlin– we are living in dark times…

  3. Donald Trump has to retrieve what was stolen from him & America can be proud again after what horror the evil deranged Joe Biden did to America —
    he blew it up to smithereens!

  4. Can’t believe some of the “tribal” Greeks thinking–(or lack of it) — when they over-righteously state they won’t vote for Oz cause of his turkish heritage… What phonies! So-they’ll vote ethnically? Talk about doubling-down on racism? What hypocrites! Crossed them off my list– so great to just communicate with the sane on this planet! These people are nuts!

    • Larissa, you are exactly right… The small minority of the Greek-American community that revolves around the various lobby factions in DC and elsewhere are exposed by their support for Fetterman against Oz. I had reservations about Oz and I wrote them – because of his close ties to the Turkish Army and Erdogan. But in the end, when it comes to voting, we all have to make a choice. And our vote has to be the best choice for America. If anyone chooses Fetterman, we seriously have to question his motives and also his sanity…


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