EDITOR’S NOTE: I am copying from George Michalopulos of Monomakhos…

Last week, we posted Part I of an Ecclesioclasm podcast/interview which Fr John Peck hosted.  Needless to say, it generated a fair amount of commentary, not all of it positive. 

Despite the fact that there was a negative tenor to the assessments given by Nick Stamatakis, Jim Jatras and myself, hope is not lost.  Gathering from what I heard, there were silver linings to be had. “Crisis” after all, is a Greek word, meaning “judgment” and from thence, discernment and clarity.

And so, here below, is Part II of Fr John’s interview with The Three Griegos:



  1. We not have time left to fix the GOA. This morning we are here but we do not know when Christ will come knocking. The GOA would have been fixed by now if good priests bandied together to stop the carnage.

    • I imagine it’s hard to band together when there’s no unity among the priests. They’re kept in the dark about a lot.

  2. When the woke left loses all credibility– it will lose bigly and shake up the alphabetsoupiarides in all parts of our society and church.

  3. Have to laugh (or cry) at the irony that the “suburban moms”- who allegedly gave biden the votes- the dems were able to use in his favor in 2020–are now doing an about-face, as the horrors of non-parental trans lgbtqxyz -drag queen book reading in their local schools and libraries- no-school choice- mandatory vax HORRORS will await them if they follow their 2020 decision– a decision made because these moms allegedly didn’t care for the pres.’ tone and demeanor!

    • First, Orthodox all over the world will see that the faithful in Cyprus have a say in the election of their Archbishop. This will make an impact especially in America.
      Second, There will be a fight, as usual, between the candidate supported by the Kykkos Monastery, which is wealthier than the whole Church of Cyprus, and other candidates whoever these may be.

    • I second what “Helleniscope” is stating, but to add some detail…This particular Archbishop “added” seats to the Synod, expanding the “number of votes” (packed the court?), under the pretext of “restoring the Synod to the state it was when the Franks dissolved it in the 13th century, after the “known benevolent aftermath” of the 4th Crusade..


      However, a “convenient” side-effect of this expansion of the Synod means that more than likely, a few “pro-Chrysostomite” votes have been added to the Synod now, and remember he was the one that unilaterally started commemorating the Ukrainian Epiphanios, without consulting the Synod…so what else does “pro-Chrysostomite” mean in this context?

      So to be honest, we can’t answer Larissa’s question until we see the list of candidates that the people will be asked to select from…if for some reason the “Synod” dishonestly figures out a way to present the Cypriot people with a choice between “John” and “Johnny” (τι Γιαννης, τι Γιαννακης), then the fact that the laity votes between two corrupt choices will only be a symbolic act, much like we see in the bi-partisan political systems throughout the world…


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