By Nick Stamatakis

The Archbishop does not like when people call him “the Turk,” but he acts like a Turk, like an Ottoman Sultan, at every opportunity he has.  Yesterday he celebrated his name day.  It was a spectacle to see!… For days before, he had prepared all kinds of announcements.  First, it was the official announcement of the Archdiocese – in itself the opposite of humility… Look below and see this disgusting exhibition of a Sultan’s self-aggrandization and arrogance… Do you remember any of our previous Archbishops, Metropolitans or Bishops proceeding to such a display of arrogance? I don’t…

Then there were the many pretentious and expensive ads in TNH and “Greek News”… Pages upon pages costing thousands of $$$ to show what? That the people care for this faithless Sultan of an Archbishop? Did it ever occur to him – and his useless advisors like Chancellor Nektarios Papazafiropoulos and his brother Panagiotis – to avoid using such stupid ideas and instead give the money wasted for “paid ads” to the needy?  No, my friends, it did not… Because these are not true Christians.  They are in their positions to bow before “the Turk” and “glorify his name”…

And finally, there were the empty pews!!  I was told they had to bring in the children from the school, so the pews look better!.. There were still empty – have no doubt… And they made many priests, mainly from NJ appear and “co-celebrate”, among the Bishops and Metropolitans!!.. Did anyone tell the Sultan that in private, they all cursed his name and the day he arrived in New York? No, such thoughts do not cross the Sultan’s mind…  But in the end. there were three times more priests than faithful attending!!

The reality is that every time the faithful hear that he will be at a certain Church service, they make a point to be absent from this Church!!... It started two years ago, and we saw it in St.Sophia of Los Angeles, and we now see it on every occasion at all Churches in New York… The faithful are showing their disgust with the faithless Archbishop daily… This is how they demonstrate against him!! In a very Christian way!! And this is why his useless assistants are trying to support his ego by faking participation!!

Take a look at the photos and the video below to see for yourselves.  And link to the petition by Maria Prassakos “AB Elpidophoros Defies Holy Tradition” to state clearly your support.  But please keep abstaining from his sinful presence and let him see with his own eyes that the faithful Greek-Americans are disgusted by his “leadership” and demand his removal or resignation!!

November 3, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.





  1. His sickness is that he is very fond for himself.
    “Τους μεν κενούς ασκούς η πνοή διίστησι , τους δ’ανοήτους το οίημα”= “ Τα άδεια σακιά τα
    φουσκώνει ο αέρας και τους ανόητους η έπαρση”

    “ θνητός γεγονώς άνθρωπε , μη φρόνει μέγα”=
    “ Αφού γεννήθηκες θνητός άνθρωπε , μην έχεις
    μεγάλη ιδέα για τον εαυτό σου “.

  2. Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. Once again, Helleniscope shines light on the darkness hovering over the GOA.

    I perused the video. The priests were stuffed on the altar like sardines. I tried to see the petition. The link did not show it.

  3. Did anyone see on Twitter and FB the hilarious Halloween poster of Pansy AB
    Elpidoforos as Judas?

    Yes Elpi is quintessential JUDAS of Greek Church.
    Please sign Petition
    to depose this embarrassment

  4. They even brought in students from the St. Demetrios high school, to help fill up the empty pews and that still didn’t work to fill up the church. As you stated, if you subtract the students from both schools and the 60 clergy in attendance, there were barely 40 or less people in attendance which shows how much people despise this man. I would bet out of the 60 clergy there, not even 3 of them would come there on their own will if they didn’t have to. All the priests that came, came out of fear of not being in attendance and that they would be marked absent and put on his very long sh*t list that he has. He is an insecure control freak. If he cannot keep someone in check, then that person will be put on his sh*t list. He promotes people not based on merit, but only if you’re his buddy-someone like him in character, and someone that he thinks he can control. The clerics and non-clerics that he has promoted are NOT there because of merit, or talent, or intelligence. They are there because they are idiot loyalists with few if any values, zero integrity and who will do anything to get promoted. Under other circumstances, these same people would fail at keeping a job working the cash register at 7-11.

    • Among the 40 or so people attending many belong to the “forced” category: teachers, parish council members, parish and headquarters employees… in the end they are not even 20 faithful attending if so…

  5. Does anyone truly believe Elpidoktonos will be Patriarch after so much public humiliation?
    Synod of Bishops officially condemned him & Black Bart reprimanded
    Elps won’t be going anywhere unless we the people voice our disgust & kick him out

    • If “Elpi” happens to be an “agent” subservient to international organizations / politicians that have nothing to do with Orthodoxy, then the “Patriarchal decision” will marginally be based on what the people think. That’s a de facto situation. There was plenty of bad press prior to his enthronement as Archbishop, especially the heretical statement “primus sine paribus”, and nobody cared (even though according to the Canons he could have been condemned for heresy and likely even defrocked if he refused to retract and repent).

      As for the “Synod of Bishops”….
      Let’s face it, although the Canons of the Church, as well as ancient tradition REQUIRE the participation of the laity in the election of bishops, the hierarchy has long been violating those Canons and traditions, with few exceptions, such as that of Cyprus, where the Archbishop is always elected in a public election process…

      Prevention of rotten individuals from entering the clergy or the episcopacy is the key, but succeeding in such prevention is no longer a simple matter, because the majority of the apple may have already rotted out, and rot attracts more rot, spreading like a plague…

      Solution? Read the letter to Titus…”Abandon a heretical man after the 1st and 2nd counseling”…
      Leave the rotten ones with empty buildings to preach in, and empty coffers to look at…find the few good Orthodox bishops that remain, and stick with them…When the rotten ones fail to meet their quota as “tax collectors”, that’s when they will be removed…that’s all the “Syndicate” cares about…

    • He is the only acceptable candidate, which has to be vetted by the White House and Turkey. Did you think the Holy Planet of Emerica will tolerate islamosoviets like Serefim of Pireus and Hielithios Vlachus of Nupaucus?

      • All cynicism is well deserved… But at some point, we have to come to terms with this schizophrenia of having the Patriarch of Constantinople approved from DC and Ankara… Would the Jewish Americans or the Armenian Americans EVER accept this pathetic situation? Or would the Catholics ever accept the Pope having a stamp of approval by, let’s say, Moscow?

  6. He is willingly playing along with the left, always responding with the usual liberal talking points. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and does what he wants; very defiant and arrogant. Well now the tables are turning. The faithful don’t care what He thinks. The more he is exposed, the less crowds he will draw. Domino effect in the works.

  7. Someone who plays the wholesale defender of the corrupt GOA leadership uses foul language to tell us that we “misrepresented” the facts. We posted the whole 4 hour video of the service!! Videos don’t lie!! For the most part of the service nobody was attending in the pews!! Then we see at least 60 priests packed like sardines!! Does anyone remember anything like that in the 20 years Dimitrios was Archbishop? Or the five decades Iakovos was? Do the “leaders” in GOA realize how much was the actual cost of this totally unnecessary display of vanity? The cost of lost hours of so many priests, the cost of their transportation, the cost of the “suggested” paid ads in the papers? And all other cost? Tens if not hundreds of thousands of $$$… A real Christian Archbishop would refuse to have it… he would celebrate his name day with the – certainly numerous – priests who staff the headquarters… It was an absolutely disgusting spectacle!! A proof of lack of humility and faith of the Sultan who pretends to be Archbishop!!! And it certainly backfired: even fewer people will now attend the churches he visits…

  8. This is not a man of faith, he is the devil in cloth. His only concern is reputation, which there is none and money. This ego and self centered hope killer has destroyed our faith and love for our church that WE Greek Americans have built. He has destroyed many lives along his path and has filled our churches with Turks. He has taken out a Metropolitan, taken out priests, all for his love of power and not for the love of the church. Does his own mother not see this! Probably not, for she to is enjoying the fruits of his unfaithfulness and destruction. The Turk needs to go, we need to rebel even more, keep the churches emptier, protests especially when the devil is there!

    • Exactly! Elpidoforos aka ElpiNotForUs is
      a living nightmare — no wonder Monomakhos published hilarious Halloween poster of Elpi wearing holy robes as his
      Halloween costume and dubbing him as

  9. What’s diabolical about Elpidoktonos aka fake phony fraud archbishop is
    he’s just a
    Turk Government Agent using his power to rule over entire American Orthodox clergy!
    We Must Depose Him ASAP

  10. Get ready.
    He didn’t like the results of his survey for a new charter , where everyone wanted an autonomous church for America, so he threw it out.
    Now he announced he is having a new committee appointed out of the Patriachate to get his desired effect , give us no import, and all the money goes east.


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