EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  If anyone wonders whether Hellenism is alive among the youngest generation of Greek-Americans, the Stony Brook Greek Club, in collaboration with the Center for Hellenic Studies -(link here), gave the proper answer loud and clear: Yes, it is very much alive!! 

The 4-hr celebration for OXI DAY was an amazing event, and many congratulations go to the Director Stella Tsirka (Ph.D.) and all the participants… Among the participating students Nicholas Stamatakis, my second-born son, a star-student and member of the Honors College of Stony Brook, read poetry by Sikelianos and sang a beautiful song (second and third video below)… 

Then the kids danced like true Greeks… Question of the day at the event: Who taught them to dance?  Answer: They did it themselves… But I know the real answer, as I was part of this Greek Club some 37 years ago: A few Greek-Americans, mainly young girls, who learned to dance at their parish schools and family and other events, took the initiative to organize the dances!…

Congratulations to all!! You make us so proud!!   







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