EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Please support our regular contributor Alex Aliferis, who is fighting the good fight against Gavin Newsom and the corrupt “Soviet Socialist Republic of California”…  We now have plenty of scientific proof that vaccines not only did not work but they can harm human health – yet California continues to punish its citizens for refusing it.

by Alex Aliferis  


I joined a lawsuit in early 2022 as a plaintiff with a group of nineteen educators and parents of students to challenge the vaccine/covid-19/mask mandates against San Joaquin County school districts and the state of California.  

Since my last name is first among the plaintiffs, the lawsuit is Aliferis Et Als vs. Newsom. However, we all took personal risks in possibly losing our jobs over refusing the vaccine, masks, and weekly covid-19 tests. As a school district employee, I spoke out at school board meetings with other employees about our refusal to consent and comply to California’s mandates for school employees.  

The case is in Federal Court to challenge California’s mandates. The mandates have not left the schools. The Bowman & Berreth law firm in San Joaquin County filed the lawsuit on 1/20/2022.  

The link for detailed court case info and to read filed court case, etc. is here: (https://liberatesjc.com/legal-updates).  

I had to pay legal fees of $1,200 already, which has placed me under a burden. Each of the plaintiffs had to pay this amount.  

I need to raise at least $2,000 in personal legal fees.  

Any unused money will go towards the whole legal fund to fully fund this effort to defeat California’s vaccine/covid-19/mask mandates in all schools.  

The case is still active. There are other lawsuits challenging existing mandates that led to employees in various sectors being fired for refusing to take the Covid-19 shots.  

I stood up for medical freedom. My body, My Choice. I am not talking about killing babies (abortion is a baby killing operation). I am talking about not forcing people to take vaccines or shots against their will.  

Can you donate $25, $50, $100? https://www.givesendgo.com/AliferisLegalFees  

I remind you how the Covid-19 Emergency Order has not ended. Please, donate to my legal fees so I can fight illegal mandates and for medical freedom.  

Donate Here: Donate to my GiveSendgo link. I appreciate any amount.  



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