By Nick Stamatakis

This is a very easy question to answer unless you decide how to vote solely on the lines drawn by the well-known (and corrupt) “Greek” lobbyists in Washington DC, who recently have been screaming at the top of their lungs urging the Greek-Americans to vote for Democrats – even if the Democrat is someone like Fetterman. The lobbyists do that even though they know that this community is as conservative as they come in America: We are socially conservative and we are business owners, fiscally conservative by definition.

When we vote, we make a choice – and according to our ancient forefathers, we have to make a choice… Yes, my friends, our forefathers condemned “abstaining” from deciding such important matters for their city and “staying private,” for which they used a very special verb: “ιδιωτεύειν”.  If you were wondering where the word “idiot” came from, now you know: “Idiot” was the citizen who chose to abstain and stay private.

But if, as American citizens, we have to make a choice in the Pennsylvania race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz, we should make this choice on what is best for our country.  A disabled John Fetterman, who has far bigger difficulty putting a few thoughts together than Joe Biden, is absolutely the worst choice for America. Even more, he represents the new trend of the Democrats to support candidates who cannot function normally and so they can be controlled by the powers behind the scenes.  This, my friends, is unfortunately a global trend recently, if we judge by the bunch of incompetent leaders of Europe.

Yes, I know… Dr. Oz has dual citizenship, US and Turkish, he is close to President Erdogan and has even served in the Turkish Army… This is a very heavy load to consider, especially for someone like yours truly who spent a few youthful years of his life studying aspects of the Cyprus conflict…  And saw with his own eyes the tragic results of the Turkish invasion of 1974, which were very visible 15 years later in 1989-90, and even felt deeply today.

Even further, Dr. Oz initial positions on abortion, which we conservatives consider a very important issue, created great controversy and left much to be desired. In the end, he took a rather satisfactory stance, lining up with the latest Supreme Court order: “There should not be involvement from the federal government in how states decide their abortion decisions,” Oz said. “As a physician, I’ve been in the room when there are some difficult conversations happening. I don’t want the federal government involved with that, at all.”

We also have, as conservatives, very serious issues regarding the function of ALL lobbies in our capital, especially the foreign lobbies, who “feed the beast” of corruption and undermine our government.  We Greeks should be the first to demand the prohibition of lobbying. As far as foreign policy is concerned, Greece and America have so many common interests: They are both global sea powers, they have fought together in two World Wars and elsewhere, and they share much more than a couple of million Greek-Americans… In the few areas where the interests diverge (namely the Ukraine/Russia policy), this is exactly the result of the overwhelming power of the lobbyists of the so-called military-industrial-congressional complex.  If true American interests were the guide to policy, this war and the whole conflict with Russia would never happen. And, yes, Trump was right on this and many other issues.

Finally, the best answer I have heard regarding the Fetterman-Oz vote was posed as a question: “If Fetterman was a pilot and you knew he had a stroke, would you step in a plane he would fly?”


  1. Dr. Oz despite his Turk ties is more patriotic American than many folk born in America so I’d vote OZ! It’s outrageous & sinister that anyone like Fetterman is even running

    • Our “lobbyists” could have approached him and asked him specific questions exactly as pro-life activists did. But they didn’t as far as I know. As usual they will start chasing him after the fact and complain…

  2. Our priority is to make America great again
    even if we have to vote the Turkish
    American dr Oz.
    These elections are very critical, it is the
    greatest fight for and against the human
    values and humanity in general .
    Let us win this great and historic fight and
    then we will give the second fight protecting
    the interests and the integrity of our motherland.

  3. Anyone voting for anyone might want to grab a bowl of popcorn and listen to this senior.

    Also be sure to find out before you vote for anyone “ what the plan is to clean up our $ 31.2 trillion deficit. Both sides in Congress just approved war time production of military “ tools.” Both sides of Congress approved our temporary budget for 3 months which ends in December.

  4. Αγαπητέ Κώστα, εδώ είμαστε ελεύθερο βήμα απόψεων… αλλά μονολεκτικές απόψεις δεν δίνουν την ευκαιρία στο δημοκρατικό διάλογο..

  5. Nice article, Nick. It’s about time we agree on something! Oz is CLEARLY the better choice in Pennsylvania. And no doubt, the exact same question of “competency” will arise again in the 2024 election if Crooked Joe decides to run again, and it comes down to him and Trump. (And yes, Trump WOULD be the best choice in that scenario, hands down.)

    • Many among had the same tough question to answer in 2016 and 2020. The best answer is always competency. Especially if a politician has produced results, as in the case of Trump. If we would focus on his foul mouth we would never vote for him. But when you pick a leader you always have to focus on ability…
      As far as the Gr3eek lobby is concerned, if they were good at their job they would have asked Dr.Oz very tough questions and forced him to express publicly his positions on Greece and Turkey. But they are not.
      This website is not about agreeing but about the truth – which can only be the result of solid facts and good argumentation…

    • Well, it’s bad news in many ways if a society elects someone who cannot function mentally to government… Still the main issue here is the voting system which is completely open to fraud in PA. The PA legislation had voted for a new system and the governor vetoed it… And in Philly they again changed the rules last minute…


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