EDITOR’S NOTE: If you needed a better sign that the Democrats are in deep trouble, here it is… The latest Saturday Night Live episode roasts Joe Biden, and the Dems like you have never heard…  When the comedy finally becomes comedy again, we are on the right road… Enjoy!



  1. SNL roasted Trump and the GOP, but why did you never report that? Your selective reporting at best is worse than Kalmoukos’ yellow journalism.

    • Your selective thinking indicates what is wrong with this country and explains why even “suburban moms”, Hispanics and blacks have turned conservative… We are all dealing with left-wing suppression of free speech (in essence, we are living in the authoritarianism of “big tech”) and you are worried about a small website like Helleniscope promoting the news? Do I need to remind you that news is not “dog bites man” but “man bites dog”? I guess I have to teach some of you the basics…
      I am sorry I have no more time for this low-level thinking… But I have a test for you: Go to the TNH archives, go back 45 years and find ONE word that Kalmoukos wrote against Karloutsos and his myriad financial and other scandals… Not one article, not one paragraph – JUST ONE WORD… And enlighten all of us…
      If this is your level of thinking, please don’t visit Helleniscope anymore…

  2. Hey Linda you’re the one who’s rude on
    Monomakhos, so persnickety they delete your posts sometimes.
    Missy, you need therapy for
    Trump Derangement Syndrome


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