By Nick Stamatakis

The citizens of the United States of Uganda woke up today after “Election” Day trying to convince themselves that their election was well done, fair, and “democratic.”  To convince themselves that this is so, they had to believe the following:

  1. Almost no Democrat governor or senator lost their bid in these midterm elections for the first time in memory.
  2. That Joe Biden performed in these mid-terms much better than former democrat presidents Obama or Clinton.
  3. That this administration led by senile Joe Biden, who is unable to form a complete sentence – by any measure the worst-performing in American history – defied political gravity and lost almost no ground in the midterms.
  4. That the people of this country are so stupid as to elect a mentally sick person (John Fetterman) who, until a few years ago, was getting a stipend by “dad and mom” to the US Senate.
  5. New Yorkers are so suicidal that they don’t care about the safety of their subways, and they like the fact that their stores can be robbed at will by thieves that will remain unpunished.
  6. In Arizona, with 20% of voting machines in Maricopa county out of order for most of the election day, a “judge” refused to extend polling hours… At the same time as this state will keep counting mail-in ballots for days!!

I could go on and on for a very long time…  But I will only state that all these unbelievable things were happening while:

  • Inflation is officially at 8.2% and, in reality, much higher.
  • Gas and oil prices are 30-40% higher than last year, and energy shortages are expected around the corner.
  • Food and grocery prices are higher by at least 25%.
  • Crime rates are skyrocketing in the big cities and elsewhere around the country.
  • The Southern Border is wide open, and over 5 million illegals have entered the country in the last two years.
  • In Ukraine, the Biden regime has created a “black hole”, the sanctions against Russia backfired, and Europe is facing a huge energy problem in front of a cold winter, while the US is begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil…
  • The US is the only country in the “combined West” that holds polling for elections for weeks before and days after election day.  Just a week ago, in Brazil’s elections, the results were known by midnight… The same has happened in Italy and Sweden last two months…
  • In a CNN poll the day before the election, 70% said that the country is on the wrong track!…

After yesterday’s mid-term elections, the African Nation of Uganda issued an angry statement against the US State Department and the EU Council of Ministers. They both had called for investigations on the January 2021 Uganda elections (link here for info about the 2021 Uganda elections)…

One of the citizens of the United States of Uganda, Gonzalo Lira, who has escaped to the …”democratic” Ukraine, where no opposition parties or press are allowed and where speaking Russian (native to 30% of the Ukrainians) is prohibited, has seen democracy first hand and has a similar view to ours…

November 9, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. As Gonzalo says, the Democrats have defied electoral gravity again. He claims that they stole this election the way that they stole the one in 2020. That remains to be seen.

    Could the reason for the Democrats’ ability to hold on last night be that our young voters have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the progressives in education, religion, entertainment, the mass media, business, the courts, and politics to such an extent that the corruption has finally reached a saturation point from which there is no return?

  2. Someone on Telegram posted: You voted?

    “In truth there is only one freedom—the holy freedom of Christ, whereby He freed us from sin, from evil, from the devil. It binds us to God. All other freedoms are illusory, false, that is to say, they are all, in fact, slavery.”
    ☦️Saint Justin Popovic of Celije

    “If you are a Christian, no earthly city is yours. Even if we control the world, we are still immigrants and foreigners, because our citizenship is in Heaven.”
    ☦️Saint John Chrysostomos

    “But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.”
    ☦️Hebrews 11:16

    “Politicians want us to forget about eternity and the salvation of our soul. They want us to be always preoccupied with endless political squabbles. But in any case, the ed thereof is a disgrace, as in politics they cry ‘Hosanna!’ to you one day and the next day it is ‘Crucify him!’ Political systems come and go, whereas God’s truth is changeless and eternal. They want the Church to change, but the Church never changes because God’s truth is changeless.”
    ☦️Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev

    “We live in an anarchic world, the entire political class is an enemy of Christ and a servant of evil, that is why even living our simple life without abdicating our Christian principles is a daily confession and martyrdom.”
    ☦️Elder Justin Pavru of Romania

  3. Team Jesus, thank you for sharing. Life is indeed “a daily confession and martyrdom,” The Greatest freedom is freedom in Christ. I respect your choice to remain anonymous – but it is always a blessing to testify with full transparency.

  4. Amen, Ladies….you’re very welcome. I actually enjoy my anonymity, as I come from a theatrical background at heart. God already knows where I stand; unjabbed, unemployed bc of it, and teaching His word, every chance I get.

    I’m just waiting for Demacopoulos to say one stupid thing in church one Sunday, and ohh mama, he’s toast! Stay tuned…..😊

    • Oh please – Team Jesus –
      DO make Demacopoulos burnt toast!
      & good for you not taking jab;
      hang in there, you’ll find better employment & don’t forget:
      you’re always employed by God spreading His Word

      • Amen, Sir G….when the time is right, I will be known as a Fool for Christ! Thank you for your kind words. I actually was hired by the Yeshivas, as they never asked me my jab status nor asked me to mask up! Whereas our very own AB Elpi, publicly threw Christian Orthodox city workers under the bus the same week our religious exemptions were due in Sept 2021. Go figure! As far as Dems, It’s a promise, a shade of burnt toast! I’ve already felt his stupid, woke wrath, personally.

  5. Demacopoulos and the “Fordhamites” alike should change their tune or formally be excommunicated for heresy, plain and simple, and the spiritual cancer goes away instantaneously and decisively. They can be formally excommunicated even by other jurisdictions as well (it doesn’t have to be exclusively GOARCH), and that’ll work too, for starters. One recent simple example of his “views” and “political coddling” is cited here (but other examples are abundant on the internet as well):

    Masking as “Orthodox” just because you inherited a Greek surname (or obtained a PhD), while spewing heresy from your mouth is unacceptable. Coddling to the Archbishop and Patriarch and flaunting self-proclaimed deceiving titles such as “Expert on Orthodox Christianity” while publishing “academic” articles that “support” hierarchical dogmatic blunders is also disgusting and reprehensible (Chryssavgis also entered this “coddling” arena dynamically in recent months)…
    If an atheist, Buddhist, or Moslem couple showed up saying “we want our child to be baptized Orthodox, but we will raise the child in an environment where it will learn to live by our own dogma and rules”, would the Church be “unwarranted, malevolent” to refuse such an illogical proposal?
    In a different era, Chryssavgis would have been defrocked the same day, but in a corrupt era like the one we live in, the secular Greek saying is alive and well “one crow does not poke the other crow’s eye out”…they know each other sufficiently to maintain a “balance of power”…those 30 pieces of silver continue to circulate in our era as well… Ecclesiastical History has taught us very well what happens when “iotas” are altered…this is just one of those moments in history, I suppose…

  6. The following is reposted from Mario Murillo yesterday. Mario is one of many Christian Nationalists such as Larry Wallnau, Manuel Pena and many others who are traveling our country and nations worldwide fighting the good fight encouraging God fearing, freedom loving Christians to not just pray as intercessors, but to get up out of their chairs and sofa’s, their homes and comfort zones, and begin using our God given talents, strengths, intelligence to make a real difference in this world. In other words, to reclaim our country, one needs to get involved in local government, school boards, PTA’s, at the grass root level in our city, county and state where real change occurs.

    We can no longer claim victory by remaining passive sitting at home watching election coverages on TV and not lift a finger other than to vote. Protecting our freedom means actively engaging in efforts to preserve our “One Nation Under God” status. Do not swallow the media darlings in believing that the Fetterman’s of the nation are a majority when in fact, people like him and his family are a minority faction bolstered by a corrupt media propagating a narrative which has been exposed.

    The Residents of Florida resoundingly re-elected Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio and others and showed the entire nation what one state can do with alignment under God’s will with humility. The eye opening lesson for all other Red/Republican states to learn must be perfected within th next two years in order to take America back to it’s origins as founded and upheld in our Constitution.

    As part of a Christian prayer group which meets weekly, we continue to pray against Satan to thwart any and all plans for evil. With faith in God, we will prevail however, it will take everyone of you dear Readers to make a difference between now and the next election. We must mobilize and take up the armor of God!

    by Mario Murillo | Nov 9, 2022 | Midterm Election, The Red Wave | 79 comments

    Many are stunned and confused by the results of last night’s election. But, take heart child of God. We won some important victories and we learned some valuable lessons.

    You will notice that I never predicted a red wave. I sought God realizing how profound the corruption is in our nation. I knew how deep the roots of iniquity lie in our system of Government.

    The machinery that wins elections in say Pennsylvania are far more intricate and powerful than we imagined. That is why Democrat candidates avoided debates and even campaigning. And they certainly felt no need to field quality candidates.

    I knew that, and because I knew that I was gratified to see how many victories we won.
    A cheap victory now would have blinded us to the depth of the problem.

    We needed to have our eyes opened. We needed to see how big the monster is so we truly reform America.

    At the end of the election last night I breathed a sigh of relief. Because I believe we won more that we should have expected. The ground we gained in New York is a real victory.

    Winning the House of Representatives is big.

    This victory will stop the apocalyptic spending of Democrats. This is a key to saving our nation. It is not all that we wanted or needed but it is a victory for which we should be deeply grateful.

    We fielded some bright and wonderful candidates.

    Many of them ran for public office for the first time. If they run again, I believe they will win. They came very close, and I believe that their defeat will give them the eye of the tiger to win next time.

    Ron DeSantis’ towering victory is an important sign.

    He proved that you will win big as a conservative if you don’t back down and you execute a plan that solves problems. Every other Republican Governor that followed that formula won last night.

    There were some big mistakes. Let’s learn from them.

    Other conservatives do not do us a favor by constantly spouting slogans and simply pointing out problems. It is a valuable lesson to learn. We must stop doing that.

    “Prophets” who guaranteed a Red Wave did us a disservice. Instead of predictions about how an election will turn out they should have provoked the church to vote and to work hard.

    The lukewarm church is also a greater issue than most realize. Millions simply did not vote. Let’s target that and change it!

    You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight.

    The truth is that many had their hopes raised to an unrealistic level. The important thing is what you do about it! Instead of getting bitter, get busy. Fight off the disappointment and embrace the opportunity.

    You have a choice. Do not let discouragement control you. Shake this off and get back in the battle. We can build on the victories we won tonight. We have work to do. And none of that work will be in vain.

    Mario Murillo

  7. Amen, Margaret! Well stated, Mario! 👏🏻👏🏻 He’s so right! The time is now! Get out and get involved according to your talents, wake people up to the way, the truth and the life of Orthodoxy. Have NO Fear! ☦️

    My vision is to build as many Christian Orthodox schools throughout this great nation. Perhaps, next to each monastery our beloved Father Ephraim brought us so many years ago. Free from the satanist archdiocese and hire priests and teachers willing to leave the beast system and follow their truth, whilst spreading the true one and only, church and body of Christ!

    If anyone has any information, please contact me.
    Not all millionaires are woke. HELP!


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