By Nick Stamatakis

Desperation time at the Archdiocese!… Everywhere the failed Archbishop appears the churches are empty, as the people have gotten the message and have turned their backs to him… So his “advisers” are using any organization they can to help repair his “image”.  You see it is all for the image – nothing is genuine and sincere…

A few days ago, the Pangregorian Philanthropic Foundation of NJ “honored” the Archbishop, and I am told that the scene was disgusting beyond description: All the guests at the luxurious gala were called to stand up and cry “Axios” for the most Anaxios Archbishop the Church of America ever had…  Well, some of those present stayed silent with their hands down – those deserve our congratulations…

Immediately after, the hopeless Archbishop, who in just three years of (lack of) ministry has managed to empty most GOA churches from the faithful, tried to present a more human and “Christian” face to the public.  He followed the head priest and parishioners of the Holy Trinity community of New Rochelle, NY, and the chancellor of the Direct Archdiocesan District of New York, Protopresbyter Elias Villis, and visited New York City neighborhoods and engaged with the “homeless” and the “needy”.

Why the quotation marks, you may ask.  I happen to be among the very few journalists who have reported the truth about the homeless: most, if not all, “homeless” people are either mentally ill or suffer from drug addiction – or both.  People in the most severe categories must be identified and removed from society when there is no family to take care of them and administer the necessary medicine regularly. In New York, such was the case until 1996, when the corrupt politicians of NY State decided to close down major psychiatric hospitals on the pretense that they were unnecessary and that there were medical drugs that could help them live a normal life.  One of these centers is a few miles away from my base on Long Island, and I have personal knowledge of the situation.  I am referring to Kings Park Psychiatric Center, which is now closed.  When it closed in 1996, it had enough building space to house three times the current homeless population of NYC.  Please link here and look at the now abandoned facilities overlooking Long Island Sound in a truly majestic area… If you know nothing about its past, you may think it used to be a hotel or vacation spot… And yet the corrupt politicians abandoned it and let the “homeless” roam the NYC streets and subways.  Are they thinking of re-opening it after re-constructing the now uninhabitable buildings? No chance… “Developers” are gathering like crows around Albany to grab this beautiful piece of land for pennies on the dollar… And “non-profits” are profiting “bigly” from the scheme of “supporting the homeless”… Drug addicts and mentally ill people belong to places like this; in earlier times, they used to be called “sanatoriums”…

In other words, the “homeless” problem could be easily solved in NYC and elsewhere in the country.  When we spend about $91 billion on corrupt Ukraine, it is obvious to all that we could have reopened the majestic and spacious Kings Park facility to house most of the homeless of NYC and built similar ones around the country with a fraction of this money.

It is the Left, the corrupt politicians, and some NGOs who profit heavily, ideologically and politically, from keeping the “homeless issue” open.  They want to impress on all of us that America is a “bad” country that doesn’t care about “needy” people.  The truth is that America and Americans are the most generous people on Earth and they would have solved the homeless problem even without government help if the government and the puppets of the left like Elpidpohoros, stayed out of the way… But they do not.  They want the problem open. It helps their sinister purposes…

It was obvious in the Archbishop’s photo-opp: If he wanted to be genuinely “philanthropic” he would dip into his own deep pockets and would donate his own money – the money that he makes in the lavish salary he receives from GOA… How about the rumored hundreds of thousands (or a million $$) that he made out of the gay baptism? Why doesn’t he donate this money to the “homeless”?

Instead, he is so “caring” and “concerned” that he can pick up the phone and call the Astoria Saint Demetrios school and ask for a 50% discount for his niece’s tuition!! Yes, there is plenty of more space to milk the parishes, he thinks…

Why doesn’t he ask Karloutsos or Bartholomew to give some of the millions that they raise to live a life of luxury to the homeless?  All of the Patriarchate’s priest’s salaries in Istanbul and everywhere in Europe are paid by the Greek government – why do they need so much more money?  At least 5-6 million a year annually from Greece… Over 2 million a year from America… God knows how much from Australia, Canada, England, Europe, the EU, the Archons, the Bartholomew Foundation and God knows how many other sources…

Please allow me to stop here… I cannot take this shamelessness any longer…

November 20, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. What if the $110,000,000 spent on the St Nicholas Chapel at Ground Zero, was spent on an outreach mission at Ground Zero to assist the homeless Americans on the streets of NYC?

    Would that have not been a greater demosnstration of Christian outreach and comittment?

    Which of these two options would have glorified Jesus Christ more? Which of the two would have followed His teachings more faithfully?

    Or even third option, a $110,000,000 wing at St. Jude’s hospital?

    Perhaps we should reread today’s Gospel lesson again.

  2. I wonder who’s “advising “ the feckless embarrassment Elpidoktonos?
    And speaking of the “mentally disturbed”,
    looks like Elpi is mingling with his own —
    he too is not well in the head!

    Sorry Elps, photo op of you playing
    Mother Theresa with the downtrodden isn’t impressing us.
    You’ve never apologized for long laundry list of offenses against the Church Proper.

  3. Helleniscope stated one very important question:

    “Why doesn’t he ask Karloutsos or Bartholomew to give some of the millions that they raise to live a life of luxury to the homeless?”

    My thought: Do not give one penny to the GOA ‘for the homeless.’ Give locally within your city or community first and foremost.

    Be sure to check out what non profit you give to. Pay them a visit. Check out their 990 tax forms online before you donate.

    Meet with your local non profit advocates. Attend some of their events. Get a list of names they are helping. Volunteer! That’s giving!

    Make a New Year resolution not to be a GOA stooge giver. The GOA elite got enough of your dollars.

  4. It’s so much easier to go out on the street to distribute some kind of sandwich w side of flying petsetes than invite them in to break bread…there are infinite ways to spend other ppl’s money-for the great good or for not that good, so why spend your own. Especially when there’s a senator or 100 to bail you out.

    An aside: has anyone else noticed that LP’s schnoz in profile strongly resembles bill Clinton‘s?

    • Ella Marie: yea Elpi’s schnoz is symbolic of
      Bill Clinton except Elps is far bigger sleaze. Trust me — everybody’s onto his lifestyle totally unbecoming a religious Hierarch .

  5. The archbishop should care less about his image and more about the future of GOA and rescind the vaccine mandate for seminarians at Holy Cross. Does the archbishop not realize how dire the GOA priest shortage is?

  6. Many who find themselves homeless – for many reasons, including job loss, catastrophic illness, home foreclosures, the mortgage crisis, not to mention our military veterans who constitute many of the homeless, find themselves vulnerable to physical, emotional, and mental health issues. We should always be merciful to those in need – Matthew 25:35. God did not give us piecemeal. He gave us His Son who paid the greatest price for our salvation. We should not be giving those in need crumbs – we should be setting a banquet before them. We need to trade in our sandwiches for shelters and soup kitchens that are just begging to be built. God help us. “When did I see you, Lord?” Every. Single. Day.

  7. To top it all off, why is he dressed as a Jewish college professor!!?? He’s supposed to be a BISHOP and a MONK! Why is he not dressed as one??? One is not a part-time monk! If one is a monk (which our bishops are supposed to be), a monk is a monk 24/7, 365 days a year!
    Elpidoktonos is such a charlatan!
    Read about St. John the Wonderworker of San Francisco, HE was a bishop! People often scolded him and mocked him because he was seen at times barefoot! It was because he had given his shoes to a homeless person!

  8. As a mental health professional worked in UK this all sounds familiar. So sad and big bucks for developers as Friern hospital in in north London UK. While the ex – patients roam the streets.
    I live in Bulgaria but as happens currently on UK visit . Attended Russian church in Southampton yesterday. Very very impressed and spiritual experience. .
    The Greek church there has not had a regular priest for two yrs nor an election of president for who knows 10-15!!!? And parish ex- pat’s aside is as dead as a dodo as they say.

  9. Yes Elpi’s SUPPOSED to be
    monastic in dress & in private life!!
    But no way …
    flake Bartholomew sent us
    a lemon.
    Elpidoforos Must Be Deposed

  10. Nice article Nick, you should have kept going!

    This so called “Archbishop “ is nothing more than photo ops. He knows his days are numbered and is trying to get the popularity vote. Feeding the homes and using them is as if you didn’t feed them at all. Elpi is like the cow Who gave milk and then kicked the bucket over. It’s a shamefull act of deceit. You want to help stop using innocent people. Give your millions to help feed and clothe them, stop being a user!

    What he needs to do is resign, and go back to his country or Bartholomew needs to send him to a far secluded place where no one can see him. But why loose all the money, the bigger their pockets the more destruction they do.

    Keep the parishes empty people, stop giving your money!!

    The GOA needs a real leader and fast!

  11. If Elpdophoros was trusted,
    we’d see this as benevolent
    but amount of damage he’s done
    its too little, too late.
    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

  12. Helleniscope should look into the new revelations that the charges against Jerry Dimitriou are being dropped, and that there is a possibility of a clergyman getting arrested in March.

  13. I take this at face value and commend LP for reaching out to the poor. Many of us do good deeds with bad motives.I wish he would have started his ministry in this way rather than courting the rich. It may be to little to late. His clothing does not offend me in any way. Criticism of his clothing seems pharisaical to me. Please remember that Jesus did not wear distinctive clothing nor did the apostles.

  14. Ωραία η τραγιάσκα…..
    Τα παλιά τα χρόνια τα καπέλα ήταν πολύ
    διαδεδομένα και στα δύο φύλλα. Η
    τραγιάσκα ήταν η μεγάλη επιλογή των
    ανδρών. Το όνομά της το πήρε από τους
    Ρουμάνους τουρίστες που όταν έφθαναν
    στην Ελλάδα από τον ενθουσιασμό τους
    ζητωκραύγαζαν και πέταγαν τα καπέλα τους
    φωνάζοντας “traiasta, traiasta, traiasta” δηλαδή , ζήτω, ζήτω, ζήτω.
    Η τραγιάσκα ήταν πολύ δημοφιλής , την
    φορούσαν σχεδόν όλοι , γι’αυτό και επεκράτησε η γνωστή φράση:” παίρνω το
    καπελάκι μου και φεύγω” . Λέτε;…..

  15. JK,
    please remember,
    in biblical times the church proper wasn’t yet solidified, and a leader of any Christian faith has to be “holy” … what’s it mean to be holy?
    It means to be set apart;
    it’s to be different – separated from the crowd – distinct.

    But once again, we see AB Elpidoforos (aka Turk Govt Agent ) refusing
    to stand for our Faith;
    he’s not being holy, he’s not reminding the people to seek Jesus;
    by willfully not dressing as an Archbishop – after all, it’s not PC in his global/homo agenda.
    Unlike late AB Iakovos who always wore his holy uniform.

  16. Zoey, the “uniform” is not holy nor does it make anyone holy. Yes, holy means to be set apart . However, it means to set ones heart, ones life, apart for the service of God it does not refer to how a person dresses.

  17. Jk –
    you’ve not been informed on this issue;
    reason the wearing of black robes is imperative is for the holy life of a cleric or monastic and it’s deep —
    (whether they themself become illumined or pure is individual case);
    even upon being Tonsured, they take vows to always wear the robes.
    Go read Saint Paisios the Athonite what he says about Monks, Nuns and Hierarchs – they must ALWAYS wear their rassa;
    even the Military wear distinct clothing for a reason and don’t forget royalty of Kings
    and Queens …
    would they appear in public in blue jeans and sneakers?
    Specific clothing makes distinct statement both on person wearing it and their audience.

    *Church canons of 7th Ecumenical Counsel:
    “He who is ordained to priesthood or monasticism, who has put on attire of the black rassa or cassock, he or she cannot remove it;
    none should dress inappropriately,
    none in the city or when traveling,
    and always wearing the cross.”

    AB Elpidoforos defies lots of canons – he refuses to stand for the Faith!

    • White is great too – OK by me…
      but no – never heard about that.
      White is color of robes we believers are dressed in the afterlife – in Heaven!
      Why not?

      but Hierarchs during services wear white, gold, blue, green, violet – it’s all good.
      Spoke to a married priest I know well, and says he’s allowed to be seen outdoors in civilian clothes provided he’s away from his parishioners and don’t see him — but monastics and Hierarchs must ALWAYS be seen in black robes.

  18. Zoey, you state, the wearing of black robes is imperative. Have you changed your mind? Many hierarchies in the Russian tradition wear white and I am not talking about liturgical vestments. Loook at a photo of the Russian patriarch. God desires a transformation of the heart, a circumcision of the heart not black or even white clothing.

    • Yes of course it’s one’s inner life that counts but we’re talking on the dress code of Hierarchs.
      Patriarch Kirill wears white – I don’t know why it’s not black but even
      Hindu and Buddhist monastics dress in uniform colors .


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