EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Pat. Bartholomew has recently revealed in an interview in Turkish media that conversations with the Vatican are underway for the celebration of a common Easter in 2025.  The “excuse was found in the 1700th anniversary of the Nicaea Synod, which is still binding both Churches.  They did not say of course that this “little” step is part of the globalist agenda towards a pan-religion… They did not mention the “Abrahamic House” in Abu Dhabi or any of the other steps they are taking in accepting gay marriage and destroying the institution of the family, blessed by the Bible in thousands of years of history and tradition!… And they did not ask what Jesus Christ thinks of their heresies… They will find His answer very soon – no doubt at all!!…



Patriarch of Constantinople: Conversations Are Underway for Catholics and Orthodox to Celebrate Easter on the Same Date

An agreement on the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection would be one of the most important moments of the 2025 Jubilee.

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Joachin Meisner Hertz

(ZENIT News / Constantinople (Istanbul), 15.11.2022).- In an interview with a Turkish media , the Patriarch of Constantinople stated that conversations are underway between representatives of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to come to an agreement on the common celebration of the most important date for Christians, namely, Easter.

The conversations are being held in the framework of the coming celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, which took place in 325 AD, whose dispositions continue to be binding for both Christians denominations. Patriarch Bartholomew disclosed that specialists in the scientific realm will be consulted to identify the most accurate date for the Easter celebration, given that it’s not about religious considerations but about something that has to do with astronomy, a scientific area of human knowledge. “Our objective is that in this context of the anniversary, we can find a solution in regard to Easter. The Pope has the  best intentions and I think the moment has arrived, both for the Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic, to fix a common date to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection . I hope that on this occasion we will be able to come to an agreement,” said the Patriarch of Constantinople.

The 1700th  anniversary of the Council of Nicaea will also coincide with the 2025 Ordinary Jubilee of the Catholic Church, an ecclesial event of global reach, which is usually celebrated every 25 years. In this framework, an agreement on the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection would be one of the most important moments of that Jubilee.


  1. I happened to be a counselor at Ionian Village in the summer of 2000 and took a visit to Rome, Italy, during the year of the Jubilee. Pope John Paul the II gave his “mea culpa” for the sins of the Catholic Church, including but not limited to: the Inquisition, child abuse, indulgences, and so forth. The only problem with asking for forgiveness is the repetition of the sin (as in continuing to abuse and cover up the horrific sexual and physical abuse of children with the Catholic Church and their schools).
    Are we now going to disregard waiting for the culmination of Passover before we celebrate Orthodox Easter? Is this part of the concession of the discussion between the Pope and the Patriarch?
    Guaranteed, like the subversive conversion and practice of going into traditionally Orthodox countries and the creation of “Byzantine Catholics” who have some of the familiarity of Orthodoxy while paying dues to the Roman Catholic Church, any rapprochement between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church will be an attempt and effort to Catholicize Orthodox Christians. By the way, the mea culpa also included apologizing for “Byzantine Catholics.” See how far that apology went… God help us. Once again, God help us.

  2. The Scripture says nothing whatsoever about “shepherds of local churches.” It is still as true today as when David wrote it:
    “The Lord in my Shepherd.”
    You have no other Shepherd and the closer you are to the One and Only Shepherd, the safer you will be from
    the wolves in Christendom.

    (Wicked Shepherds)

  3. Ox, Panagia mou…. My mother is rolling in her grave! The time is fast approaching. Lord have mercy! Please God, intervene and stop this train wreck….🙏🏻

  4. This news was NOT revealed in a recent interview…the discussion has been circulating for many months, and as a simple example there was a telling youtube recording of a Mt. Athos monk ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StLcl_kPHXg ) that also added additional “juicy” perspective, by suggesting the ultimate prize here is a “reward” of all the Uniates globally being “handed over” by Rome to Constaninople’s jurisdiction in exchange for “Union” with Rome…lots of money in those coffers, ladies and gentlemen…It’s another reason why Constantinople wanted to proceed with incorporating the Ukrainian schismatics-(uniates) as a “phase 1″…

    2025 is certainly a “crime of opportunity” for dramatic Uniate activity, under the pretext of the anniversary of the Council of Nicea…the only problem is, the Filioque was never part of that Council, so what exactly will they be “celebrating in common”? Is Rome planning a formal renunciation of the Filioque on Pascha of 2025?

    Nevertheless, to level-set a bit here, the problem can theoretically be solved quickly. Moscow already stopped Communion with Constantinople. If the other Autocephalous Churches start doing the same (especially Jerusalem, whose calculation of the Paschalion Calendar is what we all use to calculate the date for Pascha), then this neo-Constantinopolitan heretical legacy will be formally condemned (The Canons stipulate you need at least 2 of the Ancient churches to declare a heresy in order for it to be “formalized”)….. and by the way, Cyprus qualifies as one of the “Ancient churches, so you can imagine why the globalists have circled like hyenas and vultures around the voting procedures in Cyprus right now…

    Once a formal Schism / Heresy is declared, the impacted clergy can move to other jurisdictions WITHOUT the paperwork involved for a “canonical release”…and if only 3 Constantinopolitan bishops decide to cut ties with Bartholomew at that juncture, the Canons also stipulate that those 3 remaining bishops are sufficient to maintain Canonical Succession of that particular Autocephalous church….the cancer will be isolated at that point, and we would just regroup under those 3 bishops, safely side-stepping the Uniate gangrene…

    The billion dollar question is “what will it take for other Autocephalous Churches to finally stand up and condemn what is going on???”….

    • Markos – excellent points… I have said many times that we all should stay strong and have faith. There is an “Eye of Justice” watching all this from above… The globalists will lose this fight. It’s not going to be easy for the rest of us in the meantime.


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