By Nick Stamatakis

In a long-awaited development in Jerry Dimitriou’s indictment for felony (embezzlement and tax evasion, as the St.Nicholas shrine director) by the Southern District of New York, we were able today to retrieve the new (public) information in this case. The news is really big: Jerry Dimitriou, the long-time financial director of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (and also in charge of Saint Nicholas building) during the tenure of Archbishop Dimitrios, changed his “not guilty” plea, received a waiver of indictment, and we suspect he has started cooperating with the authorities, providing information that will be able to uncover other more serious crimes!

Says the Court in the document titled “Waiver of Indictment“: “The above-named defendant, who is accused of violating Title 26 United States Code 7201, being advised of the nature of the charge and of his rights, hereby waives, in open court, prosecution by indictment and consents that the proceeding may be by information instead of by indictment” (Here is the Court document UNITED STATES VS. DIMITRIOU – WAIVER OF INDICTMENT – AND BELOW IN A PHOTO)

Before we proceed any further, I have to declare here that we depend mostly on public information and are not connected to anyone involved in this case.

As we have noted in the past, Jerry Dimitriou had only two ways to go in cooperating with the authorities: 1) He can offer proof of the liability of former AB Demetrios (which he had done in a famous letter JERRY DIMITRIOU’S LETTER TO AB DEMETRIOS), and 2) He can offer proof of the involvement of Karloutsos (possibly also Archon Mike Karloutsos, AKA “Fredo” – who is now involved in the infamous “Greek marijuana case” for a $10 million fraud).

Our legal sources explained that, although AB Demetrios may be liable, his age in the mid-90s now, along with his lack of direct involvement in financial management, render him rather unlikely as a target for such heavy crimes.  Yes, he may have known about some serious illegalities, but there was no “motive” on his part, no “motive for personal enrichment.” Karloutsos, on the other side, was known to be involved in all kinds of fundraising, getting a “commission” for himself – and his son Mike might also be part of the scheme. There was also a strong indication of the Saint Nicholas funds having been used as payment to Patriarch Bartholomew for Ukraine’s autocephaly – in a now-famous article by Jim Jatras).

More information can be gleaned from the docket of the case in Federal Court (above), where all the steps in “changing the plea” can be seen.  Most important is the last item, where the Court is speaking about J. Dimitriou’s “referral to Probation for Presentence Investigation and Report”.  The fact that Jerry Dimitriou is only receiving probation (instead of a minimal jail sentence or house arrest or anything similar) speaks volumes.  Also very important to note that Jerry Dimitriou had three lawyers (!!!), and this is an indication of the gravity of the case…

It appears that the Federal DAs, in the process of changing the plea, adjusted J.Dimitriou’s indictment to one count of tax evasion for the year of 2016.  (Here is the reduced 1-count offense UNITED STATES VS. DIMITRIOU – SUPERSEDING INFORMATION).  This is truly a remarkable development: it indicates that J.Dimitriou really “delivered” or that he is expected to deliver when he starts “singing” in the weeks and months ahead.

Also, we cannot fail to note the connections between the Bidens and the Karloutsoses.  The two “crime families” are closely connected, as a simple search in Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” indicates.  How much of these connections (especially in Ukraine, Greece, and elsewhere) will be brought up is another matter.  Only time will tell… But much of it has become public already. Allow me to refresh your memory:

A similarly interesting fact is that the same federal unit (Southern District of New York) is handling the new accusations against Senator Menendez – and as we all know, Biden and Karloutsos (as well as Amb. Tsunis) are very closely related to Bob Menendez.

Should we expect an indictment soon? As we realized by talking to lawyers, this will take a few months – next March or April is a likely timeframe.  Finally, we have to note here that what we very clearly noted when Karloutsos was awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom: that the award may be used as a step towards a presidential pardon eventually – for both Karloutsoses – father and son – if the cases close and the sentencing is done before the end of the Biden presidency.

November 23, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.







  1. Yikes! Is this what a commentator meant other day,
    that in Jerry Demetrou Trial a clergyman will be arrested by March?

    Hey no worries, Rasputin Karloutsos has Biden’s protection & oh that
    medal of freedom.
    Right ??

  2. The charges against him from the Archdiocese were dropped by the Federal Government. He had to plea to a lesser charge related to unreported income.

    He must be talking about ALL the envelopes and extra tips the Archbishop, Bishops and Clergy receive and don’t declare as income at the Archdiocese!

    May the Dimitriou family celebrate his victory this Thanksgiving.

  3. It is all there in the financial reports. Expenses transferred from St Nicholas to Archdiocese so St Nicholas could get a clean bill of health and the churches ended up paying for Karloutsos money . About $500,000 and Dimitriou was the diversion.

  4. Isn’t it obvious, how unseemly
    that Rev. Karloutsos mingles
    too tight with corrupt politicians
    and this in itself is bound to self destruct on him?
    Perhaps if Rasputin Alex goes to jail
    it’ll be closest he will get to living like a hermit in monastery cell?

  5. Jerry Dimitriou started as the computer guy at the archdiocese, because a member of his Greenlawn parish had installed equipment but the archdiocese, ignoring his nongreek partners, demanded it all be a donation. When Chris Demetriades Pelham Esplanade investments collapsed because these folks are duluded into believing real estate values are only ascendant, Jerry Dimitriou replaced Chris Demetriades, despite being out of his skill level.

  6. I pray to Almighty God that Archbishop Demetrios is not implicated in anyway. He is a tireless and faithful servant of Christ, even as he may have put his trust in the wrong people. May our gracious Lord have mercy upon him.


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