By Nick Stamatakis

I was reading yesterday Philip Short’s acclaimed new biography of Vladimir Putin, arguably the best-researched biography of the Russian leader.  The author was explaining young “Volodya’s” (diminutive of Vladimir) rise to power and, specifically, his studies at the St. Petersberg (then Leningrad) Law School, a requirement for his being hired by KGB.  And then his first years at KGB, where Vladimir Putin specialized in dealing with anti-government covert or overt operations.  This is one of the most important parts – if someone wants to understand the makeup of the Russian leader of today (of course, our “geniuses” at the State Department and the CIA would have none of that, they prefer baseless stories instead, tales made up by their friends in the media – in any case, most are half-educated and they hate good books and good research…)

We should also note that the three least well-defined and “secretive” years of Putin at the KGB were at the beginning (around 1980 or before) when he was actually in charge of dealing with the youthful artistic and non-conformist community of “Leningrad” who, including Putin himself, was too eager to listen to western music and media… Then Putin developed his own “softer” approach in dealing with “uprisings” of any sort – and his approach was NOT to suppress these “revolts” using the police and the army but to create “counter-movements.” For example, faced with a youthful protest against communist oppression, he would organize a patriotic counter-protest…

If the “geniuses” in American intelligence – and also in Soros-funded NGOs – were aware of these facts, they would use their resources much better… They would not waste their money and energy on “pussy-riots” and other weird, if not outright stupid, “events”  – against someone like Putin, who was a “specialist” in dealing with these… Above all, they would understand that Russian patriotism emerged from the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis, paid with the blood of 20 million men and 6 million women out of a total population of about 150 million (including Putin’s brother who died in the Leningrad famine – a famine so severe that cannibalism was practice extensively!!).  If they did not have any respect for such a sacrifice and such a harsh Russian experience, they would at least understand the need for Russia to return to Orthodoxy after 70 years of Atheist Communism… But, as I said many times, our elites and intelligence are so lacking in real education and they focus only on propaganda…

Finally, there is a lesson for all of us Americans. If you read Article 70 of the Soviet Penal Code (below) in the light of recent developments (January 6 arrests and imprisonment and the censorship state of our social and mass news media) by the authoritarian Leftists who rose to power in the DC “Swamp”, then you will frightfully realize that we are very close to being treated like Soviet citizenry… Who would believe that today’s Americans will have such a fate?…

Article 70 was part of Putin’s studies at the Leningrad Law School, and even more, this article 70 was at the center of his practice at KGB in his early formative years. Good luck achieving “regime change” against someone who “wrote the book” on “counter-insurgency” in his own beloved country…

November 28, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



Part 1

“Agitation or propaganda (main section) carried on for the purpose of subverting or weakening the Soviet regime or of committing particular especially dangerous crimes against the state, or the [verbal] spreading for the same purpose of slanderous fabrications which defame the Soviet political and social system, or the circulation or preparation or keeping, for the same purpose, of literature of such content,

“- shall be punished by deprivation of freedom for a term from six months up to seven years (with or without additional exile for a term of 2 to 5 years), or by exile for a term of 2 to 5 years.”

Part 2

“The same actions committed by a person previously convicted for an especially serious State crime, or during wartime,

“- shall be punished by deprivation of freedom for a term of three to ten years.”



(e.g. Chronicle 13.3)

“Organisational activity directed towards the committing of especially dangerous State crimes, and equally membership of an anti-Soviet organisation”


Classified with espionage, treason and contraband as “especially serious State crimes” and investigated by the KGB. Those convicted under these articles served their sentence in special camps, first in Dubrovlag (Mordovia), later the Perm camps as well.


  1. In short the people behind the curtains that
    were establish Soviet Union , the same
    people are trying to repeat the same thing
    in America and the No one ammunition is
    control of money and Media.


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