PHOTO: A disgraceful moment when last year, the two quarreling sides of the Federation of NY, unable to make adult decisions of their own, visited the leader of GOARCH, which is under TWO federal investigations for financial crimes, to ask him to mediate. This year they are about to repeat the same mistake!!! Shame on all of them!!


“Trojan Mule” D.Kalamaras disgraces himself with a shameful letter to the Archbishop asking for his intervention – in constant cooperation with “Trojan Horse” Lou Katsos”…   But there are many “Trojan Donkeys” on both sides.  The Georgopoulos side, after electing their own Parade Committee, asked to see AB Elpidophoros also… He refused…

By Nick Stamatakis

In a development that should make us very unhappy, the Kalamaras side of the Federation of NY sent a letter to the Archbishop to ask for his intervention in the childish quarrels they – both sides – intentionally continue. ALL THIS AS THE TWO SIDES ARE KILLING EACH OTHER IN COURT… This letter, a monument of childish behavior and an even bigger monument of hidden motives and agendas, written by (supposedly) a lawyer, D.Kalamaras, reality and truth are misrepresented in many ways in Kalamaras’ statements (you can see it here Hellenic Federation Scan and as a photo at the end of this post):

  • Kalamaras, like the baby he is, accuses “the other side” for various reasons. Even if we accept that he is right, does he realize how STUPID it looks to be so childish in a public letter? It’s as if going “to mommy” to complain that his brother stole his toy: “Mommy, mommy, he took my toy… Boo…hoo…” You cannot get more childish than that… These “dwarfs” who pretend to be leaders have no place in the Federation – AND NEED TO STEP ASIDE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • Then he continues stating that “the other side… ignored their gestures to find a solution…” This is a COMPLETE LIE… The truth is that Kalamaras himself DID NOT WANT to find a solution: 1) In October of 2021, he refused in the presence of many to file a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) after filing a complaint. This would have solved the problem in Court a year ago – but NO, the “trojan mule” Kalamaras refused to do so after having promised in front of many leaders. 2) In mid-July 2022, after the Audit Committee had presented the evidence to both sides and in a public meeting, the two sides were a little step apart.  They met, they agreed, KALAMARAS DRAFTED AN AGREEMENT, AND THEN HE REFUSED TO SIGN IT. I suspect he got orders from the “Trojan Horse,” Lou Katsos, to sustain the chaos so that the Archdiocese has grounds to intervene later and grab the parade. 3) In September and October, the real mule Kalamaras showed extreme obstinacy to many reasonable proposals for agreement – to the point that he drove Kostas Mastoras on several occasions to get blood pressure pills to avoid a stroke…
  • Then Kalamaras insists that the USB drive proves the other side is guilty: I have the USB drive in my hands, and I already reported that, if anything, the one side (Georgopoulos) was mostly cooperating with the late Petros Galatoulas in many illegalities and violations of the Law, while the Kalamaras side also has a big liability because they were inactive as they knew about all the malpractice.

It’s despicable behavior by someone who, just because he graduated from a Law School, should know better… Yes, Mr. Kalamaras, your responsibility is much greater than the regular guys around you because you are supposed to know the Law and act accordingly.  Because of your education, not only are you held to a higher standard, but also you were expected to provide a better quality of leadership – instead of these childish cries to “mommy”… At this point, you are doing great damage to the Federation and the community, and if you have an ounce of dignity you should remove yourself immediately from all the affairs of the Federation – period. We need leaders and not crying children.

The Georgopoulos side did not fare much better either, unfortunately. In the process of writing this report, we have learned that, after they elected their own Parade Committee, instead of insisting on a re-unification meeting with the other side, they also asked the Archbishop for a hearing… “Because it is customary for the Parade Committee to meet the Archbishop,” they said… Yes, they made the same childish mistake… Both sides had agreed beforehand that the next parade would be done in a unifying fashion.  Yet, at the most critical time, instead of acting like men and keeping their word, they behaved like spoiled children and “ran to mommy,” the Archbishop, to complain. The Archbishop refused – but we do not believe his motives are pure, i.e., “to stay out of the childish quarrel.”  As I have said, our sources have verified that the Archbishop is applying heavy pressure on Lou Katsos to take the parade away from the Federation and give it to AHEPA.  He is likely counting on the “Trojan Horse” (Katsos) and the “Trojan Mule” (Kalamaras) to do the job for him.

What is the solution now?

The power in non-profit organizations like the Federation rests with the member associations and not with “former presidents” like Kalamaras (who represents an inactive association – with three basic members, himself, his wife, and his mother!!!). So the presidents of all Hellenic Associations of New York, especially the most active ones, need to come together and take the situation into their hands.  We hope the community will find enough mature and experienced people to form a transition committee to lead the Federation to Elections by June, in addition to forming a unified “Parade Committee.”

Who could be part of such a transition committee?  I will mention a few names of respectable and experienced people such as Philip Christopher (president of PSEKA), Theodore Pavlakos (President of the Panlaconian Federation), Nikos Alyssandratos (former president of Kefalos), Kostas Evaggelatos (General Secretary of the World Federation of Kefallonians and Ithakisians).  Kostas Mastoras and Achilleas Liggeras of the Audit Committee can also be part of this and can help in many ways. This is not an exclusive list, and everyone is welcome to propose other names. I am sure that in the end, we can pick a 3-member committee to lead the Federation to elections.

PS. It’s truly amazing that a great patriot, Lou Katsos, who has contributed much to our community and has the potential to contribute much more, allows himself to be dragged into this fight by the Archbishop.  With any other Archbishop of the five or six, this Church had over the last 100 years, we would never have this problem because they all knew that there was a place for the Church and there is a place for the secular/civil associations in our community.  But not for this “Ottoman-bred” Archbishop who is hell-bent on controlling everything and everyone for his political purposes.

PS 2.  What’s wrong with AHEPA being part of the Parade? Nothing at all – of course, they can be part of it; they are all welcome. But they cannot steal the Parade’s organization from an equally old Hellenic organization, the Federation of New York.  And frankly, the Greek community does not have enough trust in AHEPA, promoting issues we care about.  How can we trust AHEPA when the last time they did anything, let’s say on Cyprus, was (probably) never… And their last visit to Athens last year was 100% coordinated by the State Department. We have enough agents of the State Dept. in our community – we do not need more.

PS 3.  And finally, let me ask both sides: How can we all place so much trust in an Archbishop who refuses – after repeated requests from HANC and others – to place a Greek and an American Flag in front of Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero?

PS 4.  The Georgopoulos side has repeatedly shown greater participation from the younger generation, and I applaud them for that. I encourage all these 30- and 40-yr olds to not lose hope in the current difficult situation and to try to keep an open mind and a unifying position every step of the way.  There is a place for everyone in the community to organize various events – and we cannot spare anyone…  Leadership in our situation means finding a place for each participant to contribute.

December 3, 2022,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.



  1. Niko:
    Your constant lies and mischaracterizations either prove your ignorance, confirm your arrogance, or both.
    Your constant name-calling should be beneath a journalist/reporter, but while you pull proposals out of your golo, that are not only obtuse, but illegal, you are simultaneously misinforming your already limited readership.
    Stick to your droning on about getting rid of the archbishop and leave the Federation’s business to the adults. We already have enough problems trying to get rid of the criminals and cover-up artists who are trying to usurp the Federation and your “bought and paid for” endorsements to throw the baby out with the bathwater are making a bad situation worse. Good thing few actually read your fictional stories.
    When you actually successfully and transparently organize the largest Greek gathering outside of Greece, while sacrificing your time, energy, goodwill and money, for the betterment and positive exposure of our wonderful Greek Community in the greater NY area, then you can criticise and take personal malicious shot at me and others who have and tirelessly continue to promote Hellenism.

    Demetrius Kalamaras

    • Dimitri when enough is enough? You spent how many years in th Federation Board? 15? Or 20? When will be a good enough time for you to step aside? You and so many others think that they are the Metropolitans of the Federation and have life-time appointments. Look who is a co-signer of this pitiful letter: Nikos Diamantides, 95 years old. You will offer the best service to the community by stepping aside… you and all of you – at least those who served at least once as President. Your time is up and everyone knows it.

  2. We’re not a faith group. We are a collection of ethnic tribes, villages, islands, and provinces always at war with everyone else and each other. We are a ghetto, primitive group going nowhere but downhill. The latest with Russia / Ukraine religious anathemas are a perfect example ( “ kill them and go to heaven”).

    The failure to evangelize America after 100 years is another mortal wound . 60 years ago there were 1M Mormons and 1M Greek Orthodox in the US. Today, there are 15 Mormons and 280,000 Greek Orthodox who a members of a parish. Do the math. We suck at religion but make good Avgolemono Chicken Lemon Soup. The End.


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