By Alex Aliferis  


Everyone must watch the documentary, “The Dimming” which exposes global climate engineering programs.  

The documentary exposes how global climate engineering programs manipulate our weather with various names such as ‘geoengineering,’ ‘solar radiation management.’ Geoengineering Watch founder Dane Wigington over time exposed the covert global geoengineering programs around the world. There are patents dating back to the 1890’s of cloud seeding program.  

The U.S. Military officially began geoengineering programs in 1947 over our skies. The US military used weather warfare during the Vietnam War with rain to flush out the Vietcong.  

The documentary shows Alaska’s HAARP ionizer heater heats up the atmosphere to divert moisture for other parts of the USA while California goes dry.  

Drought is the damaging effect of geoengineering programs that prevents normal rain patterns. For example, traditional weather is that rain comes in from California via Pacific Ocean. It rains and snows across the USA which hits the East Coast. Is that happening now? We have Winter Storm names which is a sign of geoengineered weather.  

 California is the breadbasket for the USA and world. Almonds/Walnuts come from California in addition to greens, onions, fruits, and nuts.  

These programs are causing extreme droughts in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia. I saw geoengineering in Greece. As I was flying over the skies of Germany to Greece, I saw geoengineering in action. Planes fly over our skies spraying metal particles to manipulate the weather, in plain sight each day or night.  

They release tons of deadly particle metals into our air like aluminum, barium, strontium, and now graphene.  

These metals are killing us slowly because we breathe in these fine metals each minute. It is causing deadly intense forest fires worldwide.  

The documentary has whistleblowers and scientists who confirm that geoengineering programs.  

The Deep State killed the original producer of the documentary to prevent the release of the Dimming to the masses worldwide. They failed.  

Mass awareness and acknowledgement will stop these global covert programs.  

I urge you to view this important documentary and spread the link to politicians, farmers, citizens, and military.  

They increased these programs in the past 15 years. Before, it was occasional. Now, the Globalist elites are using it to stop Global Warming. However, these programs are killing fish, trees, plants, animals, and humans.  

The US Congress has records on geoengineering and the funding for it.  

The need to stop these damaging geoengineering programs is now! The Globalist elites hide these programs in plain sight. We are living in the Matrix. The mass global awakening on all levels is happening now.  

Watch and spread the documentary around across the world for a mass awakening to stop these geoengineering programs worldwide.  

You can view the documentary here:

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

For More Information:  

Geoengineering Watch Website  

Government Implements Illegal Gag Order on National Weather Service/NOAA Employees  

1966, NASA/Federal Government Document ‘A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification’  

Full List of Patents (1891-Now) United States Patent and Trademark Office


May 1978, Massive U.S. Senate Document on US Government Activities on Geoengineering ‘Weather’ Modification



  1. Excellent. Sharing. I watch this poison spread in our sky all day long.

    Please do nasal washes with a neti pot. Wash your clothing frequently. Wash your house inside and out frequently. Wash your food. Try…doing nothing is a killer.


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