From the Helleniscope Team, we wish all our friends – and even more those who disagree with us – a Merry Christmas!!… May the newborn Christ bless you and your families and all humanity!… We certainly need these blessings this year more than any other year!…


  1. For unto to us a Child is born! Glory to God in the highest! Rejoice!
    Wishing all at Helleniscope and those who read and believe faithfully the truth which sets us free, a very blessed Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for the constant TRUTH, Helleniscope! May God keep you and your families safe to continue on as Soldiers of Christ! ☦️

    Katavasiae of Christmas
    Christ is born: raise your praise to Him!
Christ came down from heaven: come, welcome Him! 
Christ is on earth: be filled with joy! 
Sing to the Lord and praise Him, Heaven and earth,
 and with joy and gladness
 praise Him, Nations of the earth, for He is glorified!

    Καλά, ευλογημένa Χριστούγεννα! 🎄
    Καλή Χρόνια, 2023…🥂🍾🎉

  3. To all, a Blessed Holy Nativity –
    Christ is born!
    It must really rattle Godless Left to see CHRISTMAS is biggest, boldest holiday on planet & no other religion has given the world a more beautiful time out for joyousness —
    the joy in giving & sharing for the love of the King of Kings.

    • Amen Sir G. 👼

      Having as shelter a stable of irrational beasts, the Virgin mother gave birth there, and swaddled the Infant and laid Him in the manger (Luke 2:1-7). From this, the tradition has come down to us that when Christ was born He lay between two animals, an ox and an ass, that the words of the Prophets might be fulfilled: “Between two living creatures shalt Thou be known” (Abbacum 3:2), and “The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his master’s crib” (Esaias 1: 3).


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