EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): I am thankful for Helleniscope’s wide readership of so many intelligent Greek-Americans! We are so well connected, mentally and spiritually! Today I had in mind to write a piece about Damar Hamlin and the Sudden Return Of Faith in America… Margaret Karakas, thinking the same things very much, did it first!  Thank you, Margaret!! 

By Margaret Karakas

Reading on Facebook this morning, I couldn’t help but instantaneously react to a meme a Greek friend posted with Forest Gump’s photo.  Whoever created the line about the NFL now suddenly, being “okay with kneeling” was spot on in every way!  As humorous as the meme is, it sadly reflects the flawed secular culture in which the fallen world inhabits, thinks, acts, reacts and has succumbed.

I hope and pray that people take time to reflect deeply in thought and prayer on the circumstances which recently took place.  Many comments have been made about the NFL since Colin Kaepernick first “took the knee” instead of standing for the National Anthem.  But this time, those who bravely kneeled, took a seen occurrence in the physical world to a spiritual manifestation for supernatural healing in the unseen realm.  If you are not literally blown away and in awe by this miracle, you are living in the dark.

As Christians know, there is a distinct difference between “taking a knee” due to “solidarity” rather than “taking a knee” out of reverence and submission to our heavenly Father.  Does the mass populous know and understand the difference?  Now, the world is its witness to bear.

Lord Jesus, thank you for revealing your holy power!  humanity has just witnessed your blessings and miracles! Amen for the name above all names who supernaturally heals!  we give you all the praise and glory!

Thousands world-wide either heard of the story or watched it on TV while Damar Hamlin fell to the ground lifeless as he was carried off the field.

It was unprecedented for an NFL game to be canceled… Speculation abounds as to the cause of his collapse…but none of this is of any surprise to god.

While on life support in critical condition, the world saw supernatural healing and the turnaround of an athlete who would have otherwise died or suffered great physical and internal damage, if Christians did not faithfully and instinctively intercede for Damar’s life while kneeling in prayer.

Each and everyone of us will forever stand as witnesses to damar’s undeniable testimony of god’s power.  the big question is what will you do going forward?  what will damar do with his life gifted back in return?

As Aaron Lewis beautifully sings “in the end, everybody talks to God”, few actually follow him while living to spread the good news of the gospel.  we are called to “go out into all the nations”.  will you pick up the cross and walk alongside our father whose stripes have healed and given us life eternal?

Your choice.  Your decision.  Are you done with blaming and hating god for your circumstances?  the government?  the educational system?  the church?  the media?  your employer?  the medical profession?  the economy?  your family?  and the arts and entertainment industry?  if so, then do something about it today.  It’s a new year.  A fresh beginning and the perfect opportunity to start anew with god’s help, instruction and perspective on life and our divine purpose.  There may never be a better time for spiritual and physical renewal than today!  The time is now.  Ask for forgiveness of sin, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our lord, king and savior, and submit yourself to God’s will.  I guarantee that once you commit to faithfully walking with god and living in his will, not falling upon your own sinful nature, you will never again want or desire to turn back!

Wishing the Helleniscope staff, faithful readers and beyond many blessings, peace, prosperity, and good health in 2023!

Margaret Karakas – margaretkarakas@gmail.com


  1. Thank you for this inspired article – may hearts be opened, and souls be brought to Jesus. It could not have been said any better than this: “But this time, those who bravely kneeled, took a seen occurrence in the physical world to a spiritual manifestation for supernatural healing in the unseen realm.”

  2. Thank you for reminding us what is important. Kneeling in prayer where kneeling in prayer was prohibited. No one stops God.

    In the course of history, the United States is a blip on the screen. It will be at best an asterisk in a book (if there are even books) a thousand years from now. And in eternity, we won’t even care. For the state is not eternal. It is a symptom of our fallen world. (Re. Larry Beane)

    Same goes for the NFL!

  3. “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the God the Father” (Philippians 2:11).

  4. “While on life support in critical condition, the world saw supernatural healing..”
    Supernatural maybe. One thing that I’ve learned over the last three years, is that nothing is what it appears. Not for you, not for me, not for anybody. Glory to God if that football player was on life support and now is able to tweet and text his hearts’ content.


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