By Alex Aliferis  


The Globalist elites ruling Athens aren’t telling you the whole truth about the King of Greece.

Why the fuss about the last King of Greece, Constantine II. He died at 82. He was the last king of Greece before a vote abolished the king.

There was a policy that the King of Greece baptized kids in large families around Greece whether rich or poor. My grandfather, Alexandros, was baptized by the King of Greece circa 1917-1919.

The Communist leftists should be the last ones speaking about who is a Greek or not. These are the same ones who have not protected our borders allowing illegals into Greece. They slaughtered over 100,000 patriot Greeks in the 1940s so they can install a Communist regime.

It has been proven that the House of Glücksburg has direct Byzantine Greek bloodlines like the Byzantine Emperor of Kommenos, Palaiologos, Laskaris, Monomachos, Angelos, King Konstaninos II is a natural heir from the Greek Byzantine Emperor family lines(

Crown Prince Konstantinos I commanded the Army of Thessaly to retake Greek Macedonia in 1912. He led the Greek Army into the city of Thessaloniki before the Bulgarian Army arrived. (

The Greeks before 1912, were fighting a war between Greek and Bulgarian armed bands inside Greek Macedonia’s ancestral land. It took the Greek Army to defeat the Bulgarians in the final Balkan War to stop Bulgarian claims on Greek land.

During the late 1940s, the King of Greece and the Queen of Greece helped Greek orphans with schools, shelter, and food. The Greek Communists killed their parents, but Queen Frederika funded orphanages. Communist propaganda mouthed lies and filth to the Queen of Greece. The Greek Communists forced Greek kids to be child soldiers against their will. Many Greek kids were killed thanks to Greek Communist brutality.

Did you know Queen Federika held a fundraiser in New York City to fund Greek war-torn orphans? It was reported in the April 1950 New York Times:(

The Communist leftists in the past fifty years have ruined Greece. The standard of living in Greece is terrible now, than it was in the 1950s or 1960s. Greek companies fled high-taxed Greece for low-taxed Bulgaria. Greek professionals flee Greece to work in the USA, various European nations, Australia, Canada, etc.  Graffiti, crime, and failed roads/sidewalks plagues Athens. It’s not a beautiful city to stay long term. The Communist leftists want to destroy the Greek language by changing it. I wish I can speak, read, and write Kathevarousa. They are trying to destroy Greek Orthodox Christianity, the Greek family, and the Greek nation  via the Globalist ‘Great Reset’ agenda. I’ll write about the ‘Great Reset’ agenda and how we can resist it.

The Greek left hates talking about Ancient or Modern Greek history. Anything patriotic, they hate. They are citizens of the world.

These are the same people who play Reggae music in a Plaka Greek restaurant while they don’t play Greek music. Hint, tourists come to Greece to listen to Greek music(folk) not Reggae or English pop music.

King Konstantinos II won a Gold medal for Greece. What did any lazy, fat, chain-smoker Greek Communist leftist Parliament Member achieve? They steal money via corruption while the average Greek suffers to make ends meet in 2023.

These Communist leftist slobs would come to Washington D.C. to play the Greek patriot at the Greek American Democrat Establishment Elite organization’s dinner events.

I wonder if anyone one of them would fight in the Greek Army, when there is a future war with Turkey? Crown Prince Konstantinos I led the Greek Army into Thessaloniki in 1912. He took Ioannina as well for Greece.

Communist Alexis Tsipras, a George Soros puppet, did nothing for Greece. PASOK was with George Soros as well. ND is no different because Kyriacos Mitsotakis is a George Soros puppet.

Rest in Peace, King Konstantinos II. I thank the contributions of Byzantine King heirs with Greek bloodlines for Greece.


Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. …”they are trying to destroy Greek Orthodoxy”…
    Ya think?
    Godless globalists even include an Archbishop Elpidophoros –
    what total disgrace!

    & Mitsotakis didn’t show respects at King Constantine funeral.
    But I hear Prince of Darkness
    Alex Karloutsos was there –
    & why does he care about the King?
    Must be hustling something.
    Thanks Mr. Aliferis
    writing edifying truths

  2. Greece has fallen far off the track from its origins. The youth today are poisoned by State propaganda and puppet rulers. I can understand why a country of people would prefer reminiscing of the past glory days of yesteryear than facing the stifling, suffocating existence that exists in modern times. What will be next, changing the name of Constitution Square to something akin to the globalist agenda? Memory Eternal King Constantine II!

  3. What an AWESOME article!!! THANK YOU, Mr. Aliferis!! These are the things I have been trying to articulate for years to morons who continually try to shove their “what did the Greek king do for us?” and “all they did was steal money from the common people” bullshit. The Greek government took the palace at Tatoi from them (even though it was NOT paid for by Greek tax money, but by money that was already in the Royal Family), they stripped him of his citizenship, and demanded that he put a surname on his passport in order to give him one. What idiots! “Glucksburg” is NOT a surname, but rather the name of a Royal House. These are the people who are completely CLUELESS about how royal families work, and especially the Royal Family of the Hellenes. King Constantine II has five children. All of them can speak, read, and write Greek, are Greek Orthodox Christians, and LOVE Greece. Have any of you ever seen interviews with Queen Anna Maria? When mention is made of the country of Greece or the Greek people, she tears up!! And no, these are NOT fake tears, but tears of a young girl who married into the country, who espoused the country, and who LOVES the country. She speaks better Greek than most of the readers of Helleniscope! Anyway, may our Lord give rest to his soul. I’m sure he will pray for Greece and her people, the way we will be praying for him.

  4. I have a question. Since you say the royal family of Greece has Byzantine bloodline, why they don’t do an official DNA test to prove it? DNA tests don’t lie…

    And a second question. Why all the members of the royal family marry foreigners? Greeks are not good for them? Because you say they have Greek blood…

    • I assume it’s just traditional for all royals everywhere to marry other royals and that means foreign royals…
      maybe King Constantine couldn’t find a Greek Royal to marry?

      • Not all royals marry royals. Megan Markle for example is not royal. And in the royal family of Greece things are much worse. None of the wifes of Pavlos, Nikolaos, Philippos and none of the husbands of Alexia and Theodora are royals! So, since they are not marrying royals, why they are not marrying Greeks?

        Only one member of the royal family of Greece married a Greek woman, and that was King Alexandros, who married Aspasia Manou.

        I don’t understand how they expect to be accepted again by the Greek people as royals and they don’t have even one Greek gene!

        • DM, your question is ridiculous. The bloodlines of the Glucksburg dynasty are well-established. You can go to my blog and read them for yourself (several posters have published them as comments. I may do as well).

          As a general rule, dynastic marriages continued throughout all of the Medieval Period extending to the early twentieth century.

          As to why none of the children of His late Majesty did not marry other Greeks, that’s a tedious one as well: why do so many diaspora Greeks not marry other Greeks? Or go back to Greece to find a spouse?

  5. Yes- if all five chose to marry non-royals, what have been wrong with at least one of Constantine’s children showing solidarity with Greece and their love of Greek oikogenias- in choosing a worthy. well-educated partner from a solid Greek Family? The optics did not play out well with a large majority of Greek citizens.

    • It is obvious that Konstantinos didn’t have any control over his family… Only lately he convinced his children to visit Greece and the islands. And according to a Nikolaos interview, always his mom was speaking English to them…

  6. As a 2nd Generation American Greek growing up in the turbulent 70’s, I believed most of the leftist propaganda that was out there. Unfortunately, it was all slanted against the Royal Family. As I grew older and wiser and dropped out of the when it became apparent just how shady and corrupt, they were, I began to see the other side of the story. The leftist press did so much damage, and now all these brand-new stories are coming out. I need to have a major question answered. Was this King working behind the scenes? If so, who was his intermediary with the likes of someone as evil as Castro? Who were his friends in high places? Would he be considered a republican now? What did he think of our Donald Trump? \


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