By Nick Stamatakis

We have been flooded with phone calls and messages regarding the continued heretical practices of AB Elpidophoros… This time he organized an “Ecumenical Prayer” at Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero, where all Christian denominations were invited – supposedly to pray…

We are all for Christian unity at a time when the world’s demons are pushing for a nuclear catastrophe over Ukraine as if there are any American interests to protect in Ukraine… At this critical juncture, the Archbishop spoke about “the expansion of racism”… Please, AB Elpidoktonos, you could be a little more subtle in order to be effective in projecting your foolish political message about racism… By talking about racism so openly and unabashedly, you display for all to see your horrendous political bias and your heresy… The same political bias about racism was repeated by the Reverend Samuel Davis of Jersey City… Shameless!… In a country that has achieved the best upward mobility system in the world these politically motivated fools, the religious leaders who are supposed to unite the faithful, talk about “racism” and divide their flocks…

They will all burn in Hell…

Before acting on “Christian Unity”, shouldn’t you, Elpidoktonos, a fake and faithless Christian, work on Orthodox unity?  But first, you acted like a tool for the globalist cabal, and you caused Schism in Orthodoxy, and now you pretend that you are supporting “unity”…

And since you talk about Christian Unity, when was the last Ecumenical Synod that allowed you and the heretic Patriarch of Istanbul, to plan for a unified Easter with the Catholics in 2025?

Yes, you will answer us that “it was just a “prayer” nothing more than that – “no liturgy”… We are not fooled, you incorrigible, corrupt Phanariot… Today is a “prayer”, tomorrow a minor “service” and before we know it a fake “union” with what the Fathers of the Church called heretics…

We have received messages from Mount Athos to Sinai and from Jerusalem to Athens about your heresy… We respond to all those that we are truly lucky this faithless Archbishop has not invited a Rabbi and an Imam into Saint Nicholas “Bereavement Center”… Not yet…

January 27, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.

Photo above: Reverend Samuel Davis of Jersey City preaching division and racism…





  1. Elpidoforos should just dress up like Antifa —
    complete with rainbow logo on his hat… dude sounds like he wishes he was hippie radical from 1960’s &
    Elps just doesn’t want all this religious stuff —
    it cramps his freaky deeply style

  2. These useless religious leaders keep failing to unite us – they instead divide us
    by this endless banging the drum
    of political correctness liberal drivel.
    Wish we Greek Orthodox had a solid Archbishop
    in America like Nicholaos of Greece;
    he sounds extraordinary.

  3. What would be the difference if he did invite a rabbi or an imam? He has already invited and prayed with heretics. What do the Church canons say about this?

  4. No disrespect intended towards St. Nicholas Church and Shrine – but what were they thinking architecturally? It looks like a bunker for wartime. Or a high security prison. Are there no windows on the outside? How would one even know this is an Orthodox Church? I suppose that was the purpose – that it is not easily identifiable as an Orthodox Church. Or God’s house for that matter.

  5. I think AMERICANS need the final vote within all this nonsense. What is this? Some exclusive Athens kaffenion filled with “manges” and “karagiodethes”.

    This so-called Shrine is on AMERICAN land, on a sacred AMERICAN burial ground where 3000 souls were vaporized. Land that is leased to the GAO, a group of inept grifters from Greece and Turkey, who have stupidly turned this whole mess into some triumphal Greek festival-like status symbol for the Manhattan in-crowd. What’s next? Bouzoukia and ouzo shots?

    9-11 was an AMERICAN tragedy where people of all faiths and creeds died. I am really, really fed up with everything and everyone involved in this deal. There is nothing that represents our commitment to AMERICA in any of this nonsense.

    Arguing over not inviting this guy or that guy just shows New York and the world that we are just petty, low rent ghettoized losers not worthy or the world’s attention.

    What is this place supposed to be or represent, beside eating money and blaring out its “Greekiness”, so we can all feel affirmed to be Greek. What utter crap!

    Certainly, no one can assert with a straight face that this is an inspirational, vibrant House of God which sits as an example to the world, can they?

    Because it’s not, it’s a laughingstock that will end up like the Barnum and Bailey circus, with popcorn for all.

    • It could simply be a humble little Church, representing the humility and selflessness of Saint Nicholas, a saint recognized by all – Americans or not – for just these qualities as Santa Claus… I recently reminded everyone that Father Romas, the last priest of old Saint Nicholas, had established a Wednesday “vespers” service that attracted many Christians finishing their daily work from the twin towers across the street just because of its beauty in simplicity and its originality. Nodody ever bothered that the service was an Orthodox service and it was done in Greek, but they enjoyed it and faithfully prayed… In the same way they appreciated a night at the Opera – sung exclusivrely in Italian – at the Lincoln Center… There is more to say about Father Romas and how disappointed he was from the misery and scandals of building the new “temple” to vanity… He died in disgust a few years ago…

      • Romas, if I am not mistaken, was a general contractor and later a priest with a lay profession. He used to chant at St Nicholas , they had no regular priest. So, Iakovos finally, out of frustration, simply ordained him to have a priest there on Sundays, as I recall. He remained a general contractor weekdays.

        After 9-11, people from all over were mailing him checks. I recall vividly that he told me at a dinner, “ oh, I talked to Fr. Karloutsos and the archdiocese will hold the money for us.”

        We all know how that ended, right?

        And didn’t Romas have a church office worker that took some of the money? I seem to remember some scandal in those days. It’s been nearing 23 years since then.

        • It’s not fair to throw mud to father Romas years after he died… he had something many clergymen do not have: it’s called the “outside good testimony”…

    • I beg to differ, 9-11 – was a global tragedy that happened on American soil. Focusing on “AMERICAN” is no different than focusing on any other identification that seeks to alienate and distort our true identity as Orthodox Christians which is child of God. No different than focusing on “Greekness.” When we understand and fully comprehend that we are all a child of God – then we are connected not only geographically but spiritually. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female; for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s then ye are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise” (Galatians 3:28-29). Commitment to “America.” What does that even mean? It means a million different things to a million different people. Commit to serving God and His children. To begin – this resurrected church should have looked like a church. Instead, it looks like a war time bunker. It should also be a refuge and spiritually welcoming space for all, from all backgrounds and all religions. That is the true ecumenical spirit – not the Archbishop’s political agenda that undermines the faith. There is no shame in opening the doors of an Orthodox Church to everyone to come for a prayer or even a service. Jesus welcomed everyone and went to calvary for everyone – sinner, saint, the wealthy or struggling, the well and the sick, everyone is called to the table. This is the blessing – that all are welcome – but it does not mean that we change the foundation of Orthodoxy in the process.

    • This post resonates with me as Im also in lower Manhattan and although I dont consider myself cynical, I am realistic and believe in the truth. I agree with this post, on all points except I think the most important part is the fact that non Orthodox clerics were invited. The Holy Scripture tells us we wont know when the end time is but we will have signs.

  6. Just like a night at an opera is sung in Italian, nothing wrong with Orthodox Church done in Greek –
    what’s undermining and sinister is AB Elpidoforos is out to dismantle the Faith!
    It’s so obvious his lack of respect.
    He really must step down;
    If AB Spyridon ended up deposed,
    and he never caused so much trouble,
    why not Elps?


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