By Alex Aliferis  


The Prespa Agreement went into effect on Feb 12, 2019 between Greece and Skopia, which settled the name issue of Skopia for now.  

What do I mean for now? Things change. NATO is losing its war against Russia. That is another story.  

Four years later, nothing changed in the Greek political scene.  

This agreement led to Skopia joining NATO on March 27, 2020. NATO paid off the George Soros puppets in Athens.  

The Prespa Agreement was a NATO-influenced agreement. NATO uses Kosovo as a base. Camp Bondsteel personnel live in the Skopia side. There is also a NATO air base near Skopje for 24/7 NATO flights.  

The government under Alexis Tsipras in 2018-2019 betrayed the Greek people on the name issue of ‘Skopia’. The George Soros puppet, Alexis Tsipras, works for his Globalist masters who put the puppet in power. Kyriacos Mitsotakis of New Democracy is another George Soros puppet. He’s done nothing to revoke the agreement. He won’t do anything nor will New Democracy.  

Kostas Karamanlis was targeted in a George Soros/Globalist style to be overthrown. First, he rejected Skopia into NATO. He refused to betray the Greek people on behalf of NATO. He had an oil pipeline deal with Russia’s Putin. In addition, he bought millions of dollars in Russian arms, which angered the Washington DC Globalists and NATO.  

The Turkish Lobby and Turkish government funded the Skopian lobby effort in Washington D.C. Groups like the United Macedonian Diaspora received over $150,000 in Turkish money. The Skopian lobby shared office space with the Turkish Coalition of America. This group and others inside Skopia continue Communist propaganda of the 1940s to revise the Greek history of Greek Macedonia.  

However, the key to Skopia is Bulgaria. A majority of Skopian Slavs hold Bulgarian passports. Why? The Slavs of Skopia are Bulgarians who were brainwashed since 1944 Tito’s Yugoslavia to be ‘Macedonians’ in order to annex Greek territory. The Greek Communists(KKE), ELAM-ELAS carried this propaganda in the 1940’s. Bulgaria supports the Greeks on this issue.  

In 2020, the Bulgarian government asked the EU to stop the fake ‘Macedonian’ identity and accept the common history with Bulgaria. Of course, the George Soros puppets in Athens sold out the Greek people on this issue.

You and I know the real Macedonians are Greeks not Slavs. The Spartans, Macedonians, and Athenians of the Ancient Greek Kingdoms were ethnic Greeks.  

The key for Greece is to call them ‘Bulgarians’. Skopia should be annexed territory for Bulgaria. The nation of ‘Skopia’ is a fake Communist-created identity like Moldova. Moldova is Romanian. Stalin invaded and took over the Romanian province of ‘Bessarabia’ in 1938.  

Moreover, Russia is mad at Skopia for giving tanks and planes to Ukraine.  

It  is obvious to me that the failure of the Greek government is a result of incompetence.  If Greece had the right people, we could win on all diplomatic and political fronts with strategy and wisdom.  

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. In your very good article, you forgot to mention what AHEPA, the biggest greek-american organization did against the Prespa agreement: Absolutely nothing! Not a single word against it! They put the interests of US and NATO over the interest of Greece…


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