EDITOR’S NOTE: You can think whatever you wish about President Trump but you cannot say that he was not timely in his early suggestion – six or seven years ago!!! – that we should make peace with Russia and then deal with China, if we want to avoid a global disaster… As President Xi plans to visit Moscow by early May, the US does not have many avenues of dealing with the done deal – the China -Russia Axis… And the nuclear disaster is just a few steps away…



  1. Trump was clairvoyant over 10 years ago when he warned us of how dangerous China is!
    Seriously, everything Trump predicted came true.
    The man deserves to get his throne back in White House after that despicable stolen election…
    But –
    IF Trump’s lost too many Republicans’ support,
    better he step down and give up reigns to Ron DeSantis.

  2. “ Into this vortex of insanity the average American begins to lift their heads and see the amount of trouble they’re in. They can’t vote their way out of it, that safety valve has been smashed by both parties who want no accountability. They can’t protest their way out, because no one recognizes them as a threat when the vote is totally corrupt and any malfeasance is covered up by crooked Secretaries of State owned by the same globalist cabal. They can’t opt out of taxes on the excuse that there has been a coup and the government is overthrown, though they should. The administrative state has built in regulations against anything the people might do to correct their situation. “Suffer, you pigs,” is the response.”

    TL Davis substack


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