By Alex Aliferis  


The psychopaths running Washington D.C. have opened pandora’s box against Russia.  The Globalist Elites are hell-bent on enforcing their Great Reset agenda and WWIII.

This time, the USA is in no condition to fight against the Russian military. Why do I say this?  If anyone reads, the US military has a tough time recruiting healthy military-age men for the US Armed Forces. A portion of young men is obese and not healthy. Another portion has drug/alcohol addictions. The other portion has bad criminal records. What about all the current US military members who died or became injured to forced Covid-19 vaccinations? The US has sent tons of military equipment only to be destroyed by Russian forces.

This is why I tell Greek Americans that Bidenopoulos will not assist Greeks in fighting a Turkish invasion. The US military has been crippled right now.  

The vast majority of Americans do not want WWIII with Russia. They are appalled at how much money has been sent to Ukraine. We understand how this money is a Democrat money laundering scheme.

A war against Russia with nuclear exchanges will end life on planet Earth as we know it.  At this point, everyone must call the Greek Orthodox Church and the so-called ‘Greek American Lobby’ to cease their support of Ukraine. Do not donate to any fund by anyone that supports war with Russia and the criminal NAZI government in Kiev.

It is a disgrace that organizations like AHEPA, and the Greek Orthodox Church of America hold and promote fundraising events/campaigns for Ukraine.

The silence by AHI in not condemning WWIII against Russia means supporting Ukraine. As a matter of fact, AHI authored an op-ed in Greece’s Kathimerini about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just like Cyprus. . I’m sorry, but it does not parallel. This op-ed condemned Russia and supported Biden’s actions to support Ukraine.

Mike Manatos and the OXI Foundation gave the OXI courage award to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for the Olena Zelenska Foundation children’s book project in 2022.

Endy Zemenides  recently tweeted, “One year in #RussiaIsLosing – but strategists must have the plan to keep the West united, to soften the Western public’s sacrifices.”  

Greece sending weapons to Ukraine is a de facto declaration of war on Russia. The vast majority of Greeks in Greece do not want war with Russia. Russia is a friend of Hellenism.

The psychopaths in Washington, D.C. hate Russia and Vladimir Putin for his rejection of Globalism. Russia repeatedly told NATO not to expand to its borders. In 2014, the US State Department instigated a revolt/coup in 2014 in support of Ukrainian Nazis who were killing ethnic Russians. I urge you to watch Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire” (

The Washington DC establishment hated Russia in the early 2000s. I remember how Deep State-linked think tanks criticized Greece’s Kosta Karamanlis for his Russian oil deal with Putin regarding a pipeline from Burgas to Alexandroupolis. Washington DC establishment condemned Greek purchases of Russian military equipment.

Once Karamanlis was internally overthrown by George Soros’s paid agents and the Washington D.C. establishment, that pipeline deal was killed.

It is time to stop the support of WWIII against Russia right now!

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. I condemn all war, Mr.Aliferis. Non violent communication is the only road to peace.

    Let us remember the words of Mahatma Ghandi:
    “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

    I want America to be part of the world; not own the world. The cunning snakes using old Biden as their front man will be cast into the Lake of Fire eternally. Amen.

  2. I used to wear a button that said: “Freedom Is Worth Fighting For” —sometimes we have to go to war.
    I understood patriotic message of the great General, George S. Patton who read holy bible every night.


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