EDITOR’S NOTE: As we wait for the banking system to show for one more time (on average once every 12-15 years) its ugly and corrupt face, we remember a famous speech by a conservative British member of the European Parliament, Godfrey Bloom. In two minutes, Mr.Bloom demolishes the myths of the banking system… (English with Greek subtitles). Mr. Bloom is a distinguished economist – he knows what he is talking about… But you cannot take his word to the Bank – because there is a strong likelihood that your bank will, once again, be bankrupt soon… And the Fed will come to the rescue…



  1. “ One of the great mysteries of the world of finance, of national economies, of inflations, recessions, stock markets, and wars, is the capacity of every economist and every media source to ignore the elephant in the room, the fact that the owners of these privately-owned national central banks, including the US FED, deliberately cause the inflations and recessions, the massive stock bubbles and market crashes and, most often, the wars. It’s not a secret, though the evidence is overwhelming and most often not even in dispute. An easy example we’ll examine in a minute is the savage recession of 1983 which was 100% engineered by the FED, though the instructions to do so emanated from Europe, and for which FED Chairman Volcker even publicly announced his intention to trash the economy, create a recession to the point where “blood would run in the streets”, and to destroy labor. Yet the industries of finance and economics, and the entire US Congress, treated that recession, which was factually a vicious planned attack on the nation’s economy and on the middle class, as they treated every other recession – as an unfortunate disaster of unknown origin.”
    Larry Romanof


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