EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In a very timely expression of his wisdom, Archbishop Anastasios of Albania, the highest educated, wise, and respected leader of World Orthodoxy alive, a true Holy Man, takes the opportunity to rebuke unofficial opinions on the Archdiocese’s positions on the internet and calls once again for a Panorthodox Synod, “the only one empowered to resolve basic problems and to ensure the unity and peace of the worldwide Orthodox Church.” The statement of the Archdiocese of Albania closes by noting the unbelievable suffering of the Orthodox in Ukraine. It underlines that a Panorthodox Synod can occur even if some Churches decide not to participate, as happened in 2016…

Wise words from a wise Orthodox leader – unfortunately falling on deaf ears, as heretic Pat. Bartholomew is getting ready to co-celebrate (likely with very few followers), Easter with the Catholics two years from now, in 2025… Pat. Bartholomew does not care to heal the Schism in Orthodoxy but only to cause more division by uniting with the Catholics.  Without asking anyone, without a Panorthodox Synod, considering himself already an “Eastern Pope”…

Overwhelmed by “hubris” as he is, Pat. Bartholomew ignores the most fundamental truth: that the Orthodox faithful do not need his (failed) “leadership” because we already have our Supreme leader, Jesus Christ, who is watching everything and will intervene at the right moment to save us from Evil…



An Announcement of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Albania

On the occasion of recent publications on the Internet, the Church of Albania clarifies that it will not be drawn into the method of counter-complaints, rebuttals, insults, inaccuracies and slanders, as attempted by incompetent laymen on Internet sites.

The Albanian Orthodox Church, therefore, declares in all directions that it is not prepared to publicize on the internet and in general in the mass media its opinions and judgments, regarding the attitude and behavior of other local Orthodox Churches and their Primates. The painful ecclesiastical problems that have arisen in recent years and recently in Africa, as a result of the clear cracks in the relations of the local Orthodox Churches and the widespread concern of the Orthodox believers, cannot be solved by the method of chain retaliation by specific Churches and by collecting consents from the rest through the mass media.

The responsible opinion of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania is expressed in the official church correspondence, in the announcements of the Archsecretariat and it will be directly submitted to the competent body, the Pan-Orthodox Synod or Synaxis, which, following the principle of synodality, is the only one empowered to resolve basic problems and to ensure the unity and peace of the worldwide Orthodox Church.

As the unprecedented calamity of Orthodoxy in Ukraine intensifies and the unspeakable suffering of the faithful Orthodox peaks, a pan-Orthodox response is required as soon as possible. A Pan-Orthodox Synod, as it is known, is convened by the Ecumenical Patriarch, convenes and acts, even if some local Churches are absent, as was the case with the Holy and Great Synod of the Orthodox Church in Crete in 2016.

Tirana March 11, 2023

From the Secretariat of the Holy Synod


Ανακοίνωση της Ορθοδόξου Αρχιεπισκοπής της Αλβανίας

Με αφορμή πρόσφατα δημοσιεύματα στο διαδίκτυο, η Εκκλησία της Αλβανίας διευκρινίζει ότι δεν πρόκειται να παρασυρθεί στη μέθοδο των αντεγκλήσεων, αναιρέσεων, προσβολών, ανακριβειών και μομφών, όπως επιχειρείται από αναρμοδίους λαϊκούς σε διαδικτυακούς τόπους.

Η κατ’ Αλβανίαν Ορθόδοξος Εκκλησία, λοιπόν, δηλώνει προς πάσαν κατεύθυνσιν ότι δεν είναι διατεθειμένη να διαλαλεί στο διαδίκτυο και γενικά στα μέσα μαζικής ενημερώσεως τις απόψεις και τις κρίσεις της, σχετικά με τη στάση και τη συμπεριφορά άλλων τοπικών Ορθοδόξων Εκκλησιών και των Προκαθημένων τους. Τα επώδυνα εκκλησιαστικά προβλήματα που έχουν ανακύψει τα τελευταία χρόνια και προσφάτως στην Αφρική, με συνέπεια τις σαφείς ρωγμές στις σχέσεις των τοπικών Ορθοδόξων Εκκλησιών και τη διάχυτη ανησυχία των 0ρθοδόξων πιστώνδεν λύνονται με τη μέθοδο των αλυσιδωτών αντιποίνων από συγκεκριμένες Εκκλησίες και με τη συλλογή συναινέσεων από τις υπόλοιπες δια των μέσων μαζικής ενημερώσεως.

Η υπεύθυνη άποψη της Ορθοδόξου Αυτοκεφάλου Εκκλησίας της Αλβανίας διατυπώνεται στην επίσημη εκκλησιαστική αλληλογραφία, στις ανακοινώσεις της Αρχιγραμματείας και ευθέως θα κατατεθεί στο αρμόδιο όργανο, την Πανορθόδοξο Σύνοδο ή Σύναξη, η οποία, συμφώνως προς την αρχή της συνοδικότητος, είναι η μόνη δυναμένη να επιλύει βασικά προβλήματα και να εξασφαλίζει την ενότητα και την ειρήνη της ανά τον κόσμον Ορθοδόξου Εκκλησίας.

Καθώς εντείνεται η πρωτοφανής συμφορά της Ορθοδοξίας στην Ουκρανία και η ανείπωτη οδύνη των Ορθοδόξων πιστών κορυφώνεται, επιβάλλεται το ταχύτερον δυνατόν πανορθοδόξος αντιμετώπισις. Πανορθόδοξος Σύνοδος, ως γνωστόν, συγκαλείται από τον Οικουμενικό Πατριάρχη, συνέρχεται και ενεργεί, έστω και αν ορισμένες τοπικές Εκκλησίες απουσιάζουν, όπως συνέβη και με την Αγία και Μεγάλη Σύνοδο της Ορθοδόξου Εκκλησίας στην Κρήτη το 2016.

Τίρανα 11 Μαρτίου 2023

Εκ της Αρχιγραμματείας της Ιεράς Συνόδου


  1. Εάν η Πανορθόδοξος Σύναξη θα είναι τύπου
    Κολυμπαρίου Κρήτης , είναι σοφότερον και
    προτιμώτερον να μην γίνει.

  2. A pan Orthodox council can only be holy and infallible without political interests intervening. The State Department will interfere in order to foment the schism that began in 2018. Archbishop Anastasios asks Patriarch Bartholomew to convene the council.
    That is a conflict right there. Patriarch Bartholomew started this crisis he cannot be the one to convene the council. It might be better for the Patriarch of Jerusalem to try convening a council as he attempted in 2020.
    Patriarch Bartholomew has made a mockery of the conciliar tradition. He has refused calls to convene a council since 2018 because he knows a council will rule against him.
    The problem in my opinion is a Greek problem. The Churches in Greece and Cyprus must fight to regain their autocephaly. The establishment of communion by the synods of Athens and Nicosia with the fake church in Ukraine was shameful. Greeks everywhere should take inspiration from the faithful of Constantinople who in 1439 revolted against the shame of Florence-Ferrara.
    The churches of Greece and Cyprus have far more faithful than the Phanar and the Goa.
    I find it maddening that Greece and Cyprus are under the influence of the Phanar and the Goa.

  3. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…it takes 2 “ancient churches” to convene a valid Pan Orthodox Council…There are 5 of them (Constantinople / Alexandria / Antioch / Jerusalem / Cyprus, who generally participated in the 7 Ecumenical Councils)….the day that Antioch and Jerusalem agree to do so, then it’s “game on”…we already know that Cyprus and Alexandria are not going to do this sort of thing unless they end up with a more publicized internal schism, much worse than it is now…then the faithful (Orthodox) bishops might be able to elect a new Patriarch, after an old-fashioned “cage fight”, a lot of “flying feathers” and some much needed “beard shaving”, and hopefully they prevail and succeed in retaining the actual buildings after that “battle” in order to restore legitimacy even more quickly…

  4. Anastasios is a blessing and was a university theological classmate of fmr Abp Demetrios. However, please not, all modern attempts to have a pan-orthodox synod have resulted in more disunion than union. I would suspect this needs to be done during times of prolonged peace. The 1990s, or 1890s would have been far more preferable. But give how slow we can be, maybe starting now, will get us to 2090? Or as Greek Jews joke, “He’s waiting for Elijah to return”, the equivalent of the secular “Those too lazy to knead dough, strain the flower for days.”

  5. Totally agree with Archbishop Anastasios.
    Unfortunately, we, under the Ecumenical Patriarchate are in limbo. And I’m saying in limbo because there hasn’t been a Synod condemning the EP’s prima fasi anti-canonical decision.
    However, that said, I myself used to believe that EP had absolute jurisdiction over any new lands.
    However, Ukraine is NOT new land, it was under the Moscow Patriarchate,
    therefore, as much as I love Constantinople,
    the Patriarch made mistake to trespass into Ukraine and any land under other Patriarchates. If only the canonical Met. Onufrey of Ukraine asked for autocephaly of church of Ukraine then Bartholomew would have right to grant autocephaly of church of Ukraine, then Bartholomew would have right to grant autocephaly.
    But that’s not what happened.
    According to the Canons our GOA is
    anti-canonical as we speak so Archbishop Anastasios is absolutely right!
    See what the schismatic Pope achieved?
    He managed to cause a split among the Orthodox instead of him coming closer to the canonical church.


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