EDITOR’S NOTE: Alex Christoforou is an excellent geopolitical analyst but in this 30′ video he surpasses himself.  He analyzes the downing of the drone in the Black Sea, the numbers of the casualties  in the war, the recent mainstream media stories that finally have come to the realization that Russia “can taste victory” and in the end, in his “clown world” he is very funny… He describes the story of Mrs. Zelensky on a TV show saying that a lady in Ukraine shot down a drone with a jar of tomatoes!!…  



  1. I have been following Alex Christoforou for quite some time now, probably since the time when he first started posting commentaries on YouTube. He is very smart and is spot-on, I would say, 85% to 90% of the time, if not more. He really understands exactly what is going on and is someone that I follow regularly for news and no-nonsense analyses of global happenings. Glad you discovered him, Nick! He deserves to be recognized and to have more followers.


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