According to Lavra Abbot, Met. Pavel


While the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture formally says on the one hand that the monks of the Kiev Caves Lavra must leave their monastery because the Church has violated the terms of the lease for usage of the monastery, on the other hand, state officials openly declare that the real reason for evicting the monks lies elsewhere.

Alexander Tkachenko, the Minister of Culture, has said on air that the monks can stay if they just join the so-called “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” which is recognized as schismatic by the majority of the Orthodox world.

And Ludmila Filippovich, a member of the State Service for Ethnic Policy’s commission tasked with dealing with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, recently said that if they don’t want to join the OCU, then the monks can join Constantinople, which also maintains an Exarchate in Ukraine.

And instead of speaking up on behalf of the persecuted monks, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has made the same offer to the Ukrainian Church, according to Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, the abbot of the Kiev Caves Lavra.

The UOC need only bow down and submit itself to Constantinople.

Met. Pavel said in a recent video address:

Thank God, we have no misunderstanding with the Catholic Church, with the Muslim world. We have only the political ambitions of Patriarch Bartholomew, who has already said that he will make an Exarchate if only Vladyka Onuphry would bow to him: “Bow to me and you’ll have no problems.”

And responding to the repeated calls to join the schismatics, Met. Pavel said: “I want to again testify, having spoken with many of the bishops of our Church, that we’re all against the OCU political party that the state created. We will not join them.”


  1. Always the problem is Bartholomew the
    puppet of the Pope and the Mafia of New World
    Did you see his face ? It is an older photo
    probably when he face his face at the
    mirror he feels ashamed for him self .

  2. Puppet buffoons, such as the bishop of Istanbul, eventually get sucked into the vortex that they’ve helped create. Once the devil is done with you, that’s it pal.

  3. This is so distressing… poor monks will risk violent attack by radicals if they stay put.
    Not surprised,
    Zelensky is a Godless Jew

  4. What a mess! The Bart, well-oiled machine is despicable to even say something like this. How creepy…. NYC Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall died in prison in 1875, after wreaking havoc upon NYC with special business interests. I wonder if the same fate awaits Bart, or does he think there will be air conditioning where he’s going? 🤔
    The term, ‘Do not be afraid’ appears in the Bible 365 times…. I think Bart needs to develop some fear bc it is obvious he’s taking it lightly, or genuinely not following the word of God!

  5. Courtesy of the “pope of the East”, the Uniate movement seems to be achieving a previously unimaginable “conquest” similar to what the 4th Crusade “accomplished” in 1204…
    Let’s start recording who dares to “celebrate” this travesty while at the same time calling themselves Orthodox.

    In the aftermath of that event, the continuation of the conquest and forced conversions / takeovers by the Latins in the Cyclades were “stopped” by the famous icon of the Theotokos on the island of Tinos…

    It remains to be seen how God will intervene in this case, but at some point, what we are witnessing is a direct result of a “wolf in sheepskin” takeover of Constantinople, Greece, Cyprus, and elsewhere…


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