By Nick Stamatakis

In recent days and weeks, we have been witnessing efforts of rapprochement between Turkey and Greece triggered by the catastrophic earthquakes in Eastern Turkey and the immediate, necessary support Greece offered at all levels.  This is not the first time we are dealing with “earthquake diplomacy” in bilateral relations between the two neighbors; only this time, it was more than evident that the renewed efforts were heavily subsidized and supported by the State Department.

Why the rush by the American establishment? Because they are losing against Russia and China at every level, and they need to shore up the NATO alliance.  In Ukraine, despite the hundreds of billions spent since 2014, the war is all but lost, and the “geniuses” of the State Department cannot even figure a way out. They tried to incite a “color revolution” in Georgia. Still, they were rebuked, and the Georgian PM just yesterday issued a statement declaring that his country will not start a war and will not become the victim of “ukranianization”… They tried to send an “envoy” to Belarus, but before the envoy arrived President Putin had already sent nuclear-capable missiles to be stationed there.  The Iranian president will visit Saudi Arabia in a matter of days – a total disaster for the US foreign policy and Israel. The one thousand American soldiers in Syria are facing fire from all directions and are about to be kicked out.  If Turkey is lost for good – and the country has already turned East in so many ways – then the West has lost the Middle East, which will be a watershed moment in history.  It will mean the end of the “Empire”.

So, the State Dept. put all the pressure on Greece and Turkey to find a way to “reconcile,” meaning to make a deal on exploiting the oil and gas reserves of the Eastern Mediterranean.  This means that Greece will have to lose serious sovereign rights because Turkey does not have many legal rights in the area’s rich oil and gas fields. And so the usual suspect, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, scion of the treasonous Mitsotakis family, who have been selling off Greece’s rights to both the Germans and the American establishment for decades, was called to action. Naturally, Mitsotakis obliged.

  • His government accepted a wide range of raprochment at all levels by Turkish FM Cavusoglou.
  • He accepted Turkey’s support for Greece’s bid to become a (temporary) member of the UN Security Council.
  • He agreed to support Turkey as the general secretary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Here are our problems with these moves:

  • They are happening as Greece is still threatened by a “casus belli” by Turkey, specifically for exercising her sovereign rights and expanding her territorial waters to 12 miles. It’s unbelievable to think about it: Greece is the only country on Earth that does not apply this law, Turkey threatens it, and we are OK to start “negotiations”?  What kind of policy is this? Turkey should drop all threats before any negotiations start.
  • Why support a known “pirate” and violator of the Law of the Sea, Turkey, for a maritime organization? Totally unacceptable.
  • Turkey’s support to Greece for the UN’s Security Council position is not necessary; on the opposite, it undermines any benefits this position would have for Greece.
  • If the State Department wants to return Turkey to the West, let them offer other benefits, not Greece’s sovereign rights. But the State Dept. proceeded to this policy, while Turkey is tied to Russia 100% in terms of energy, and even if she received a piece of the Mediterranean energy fields, she would not abandon her deals with Russia (pipelines and nuclear power plants).

Luckily, whenever Athens is ready to give in, a statesman in Cyprus stands strong against it.  Almost twenty years ago, it was Tassos Papadopoulos, who rejected the “Annan Plan, today it is Nikos Christodoulides, who opposed supporting Turkey for IMO, among other objections as reported by knowledgeable sources.

At the same time, Estia newspaper of Athens offers details that former Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades presents in his new autobiographical book that “Greek PM Mitsotakis in at least two occasions undermined Cypriot interests and asked Cyprus to stop drilling in its EEZ in order to “Ease tensions” with Turkey.  Mitsotakis also asked that the pipeline from Eastern Mediterranean to Europe go through Turkey!!  These revelations by former president Anastasiades are certain to put on more dent in whatever chance Mitsotakis had left to do well in the upcoming elections…

When we use the word “treasonous” in order to describe the Mitsotakis family this is exactly what we mean…





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