EDITOR’S NOTE.  Please link here to watch the testimony of General Mark Milley in Congress.  He says it like it is – very much like a few of us have been explaining for months and years.  1) The U.S. cannot fight a war against an alliance of Russia and China – their production capabilities, their military strength, and all else are much more than the US and Europe COMBINED can handle. 2) The Russians are slaughtering the Ukrainians, who have no chance of winning “this year”…  And the bad news (good news for the military-industrial complex) is: The US will have to double its defense budget to compete.

For the rest captain Tatsis has a few comments….




  1. Μη πιστεύετε τον ψεύτη και ρουφιάνο Milley. Ότι λέει αυτός ο προδότης να πιστεύετε το αντίθετο. Η κυβέρνηση Μπάιντεν, ο Πούτιν και η Κίνα έστησαν τον πόλεμο στην Ουκρανία.


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