EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): If you want to understand the critical geopolitical crossroads we live in, you must watch these two videos by Cyrus Janssen, a very competent geopolitical analyst who is an equally good speaker and videographer.  In two words, the US approached the “Global South” in a hegemonic manner, according to the failed western Anglo-Zionist tradition of ten centuries of Crusades, Colonialism, and Imperialism.  The West went to Africa and Latin America (and elsewhere) to exploit the resources and the cheap (initially slave) labor. They did not care about investing in building infrastructure and never asked the locals what they thought.  They acted as overlords as they have always been… China approached the Global South as a partner in growth and they are now about to reap the benefits… But the specifics of this approach are fascinating: they juxtapose “western hegemony” with “peaceful cosmopolitanism,” promoting win-win trade and cooperation instead of wars.  Before the Chinese applied the concept recently, it had been used by Alexander the Great and his successors in the three centuries preceding Christ’s arrival… Hellenic peaceful cosmopolitanism should be the answer to any revival of the failed western civilization.




  1. China policy of One Belt one Road is invading countries for various projects supposedly to benefit the natives with loans to the natives for their construction ,which the natives cannot pay and then China starts confiscating natural resources as payment ,bankrupting and economically enslaving the country they invested in. This happened in Pakistan and other countries who now refuse to deal with the Chinese. The Chinese are no different than the previous colonialists.They are interested in profits.Only the UN are to be trusted!

    Still the colonists stopped cannibalism and human sacrifices in the Americas, banned live wife burning in India and feet banding of baby girls in China , built the railroads in Africa, and gave a functioning education and administrative system to their colonies.


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