EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This event happened two years ago, but the beauty of the artistic performance of Mikis Theodorakis’s song “Της Δικαιοσύνης Ηλιε Νοητέ” (Poetry by Odysseus Elytis) by the superb soloist of the Red Army Choir Mikhail Evtsyukhov makes it irresistible… I know the “Russia, Russia, Russia” crowd – including the Patriarch and the Archbishop – will be annoyed, but people like them are willing to “cancel” the Bolshoi Ballet, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy in their globalist anti-Russia fervor.  They are so blinded they believe that we will forget we owe the independence of Greece mainly to Russian support.  They also ignore that the World War II victory was won thanks to the sacrifice of 28 million Russians… And they even forget that the biggest advancement of the Patriarchate’s religious freedoms in Turkey (the re-opening of the Panagia Sumela monastery in Pontos in 2015) was anly achieved thanks to the Russians and Vladimir Putin specifically (who was approached by Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvides). 




source – varietyinfo.com

The Red Army Choir sings about the Greek Revolution

The Red Army Choir in cooperation with the non-profit foundation AMFIONIA – ATHENS SYMPHONIC & JAZZ BANDS FESTIVAL performs in Greek with the emblem “Justice that is conceived”, Mikis Theodorakis – Odyssey 200 years since the 1821 revolution. According to the non-profit foundation, the Red Army choir once again sends a gesture of hope and pride to Greece and the Greek people, which this year marks the 200th anniversary of the 1821 revolution.

Gennady Satsenyuk was the artistic director and conductor, Mikhail Evtsyukhov was the soloist.

“Remaining true to its majestic course, the Russian military band is still present and writing history, serving the values ​​of peace, freedom, equality and humanity. It sings a historical song of world music that is associated with the universal values ​​of freedom, friendship and peace.

In fact, for the first time in its history, the choir is represented to the public and women in its ranks, “the statement said. It is named after the first leader Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov and consists of a men’s choir, a musical orchestra and a dance troupe. a musical ensemble of 12 soldiers whose main task is to entertain Soviet troops anywhere in the world, employing 300 artists by the mid-1930s, and its fame has already spread across the country.During World War II, the choir gave more than 1,500 concerts, many of them at the forefront, thus playing a key role in enhancing the morale of the Red Army.The great success of the choir is based on the fact that it manages to combine the discipline and purity of academic song with colorful and deep emotionality and artistic quality of traditional folk music.

The last time the Alexandrov ensemble was in Greece was in December 2017, where they held two concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki. The concerts were organized by the non-profit foundation AMFIONIA – ATHENS SYMPHONIC & JAZZ BANDS FESTIVAL, which aims to promote the message of peaceful coexistence of people through culture and music.


  1. As a Greek American Orthodox, I do not find neither the Patriarch or Archbishop are Orthodox. I refuse to acknowledge them as anything but the worst kind of heretics. All those dead in Ukraine are on their blood soaked hands. All the churches and monasteries burned, the desecration of altars, the theft and selling of icons and other holy items are on the demonic hands of the Patriarch and Archbishop. They’re heretics and one day they’ll be removed. Even if they repented now, they could never again serve in their current positions. It’s impossible. They’ll go down with their predecessors like Stalin and others.

    • Bravo Nick! Your first 2 sentences could not have been phrased better than that.
      I got a chill as that tenor sang Elytis with full voice, and I read your comment. I feel as you do and wish you Kali Anastasi !!

  2. Thank God for Russia and for Patriarchs like Cyril. One day, soon God will God will remove the wolves over us Greek Orthodox.

  3. The Russians never wanted a free Greece. Look at how they swallowed Georgia after it won freedom from the Ottomans. Even Catherine the Great, when she invited Greeks and Jews to plot their national regeneration from liberated Odessa, only wanted them as parts of the empire. The Russians wanted Greece to become a collection of statelets with dual vassal fealty to both the ottomans and Tsars, like Modlovlahia (now Moldova) run by Ypsilandey. Further look at how Ignatief started the “Macedonia” issue by giving much of Northern Greece to Bulgaria in the (aborted) Treaty of San Stefano and East Rumelia Catastrophe.

    • I am well aware of the Panslavic Ideology but the historical truth is this: Catherine the Great allowed Greek shipowners to use the Russian Flag in the Mediterranean 40 years before 1821 and so they were protected against the Ottomans. Dol you know how many ships the Greeks owned at the time of the Revolution of 1821? You don’t… The answer is that they had about 1,000 ships working mostly in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean. In 1812 the Greeks broke the blocade of the British against Napoleon in Marseilles and earned untold wealth. Without the shipowners wealth – largely owed to Russian protection – there would be no revolution and no Greece.
      And here is the geopolitical truth in modern times: Russia and Greece have had for decades the same geopolitical enemy, Turkey. And they were de facto aligned in this respect. Today this may change – and it will create many risks for Greece…


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