By Alex Aliferis  

Our government-funded schools across the USA are falling in many cases.

The lockdowns affected children and set them back in huge ways. These government-run schools wage war on Christianity and Western Civilization. Reading and math scores have dropped dramatically. Big tech invaded the classroom.

The solution to this is homeschooling and Classical Christian education.

John Adams remarked in 1765 on education, “A native of America who cannot read or write is as rare an appearance…as a comet or earthquake.”

In today’s America, it is hard to find people reading books when they stare at their phones like zombies.

I think Adams would be rolling over his grave now. America in 2023 is in worse shape. On top of that, you add parents giving children cell phones, iPad, and computers. Many parents are not parents. There is a dirty secret the wireless industry doesn’t tell you. The Silicon Valley elites don’t give their kids these devices until they are 18, so they read books and write and do math in their heads. Also, the wireless radiation from all these devices is unsuitable for a person’s health.

First, schools taught the bible and Christianity to little kids. Second, the schools in America had a Classical Greek/Latin education focus. Before 1950, one must have mastered the Ancient Greek/Latin languages to enter the university.

What happened? Why aren’t today’s school districts not teaching Biblical Christianity? Why isn’t there a Classical Education?

Local communities and churches ran schools across America. The government did not run them.

Who subverted the education system?  

Communist Utopian Robert Owen, in 1825 was the first serious advocate of a total government takeover of education in the USA. Owen wanted to use the government to teach collectivism at a young age. He did this with a failed ‘New Harmony’ commune in Indiana.

A whistleblower, Orestes Brownson, described a secret society worked for the goal of a government takeover of education. The objectives of this society are to convince the public to support a government takeover of education. The second goal was to elect men who would advance that goal.

As Mr. Orestes Brownson warned, the ultimate goal was “The great object was to rid of Christianity.”

Robert Owen was publishing essays advocating for a government takeover of education for his ideas. The Prussian Ambassador to the USA took Owen’s essays to Prussia. The Prussian ruler created a government-run system in Prussia based on Owens’ ideas.

Horace Mann, a Massachusetts Utopian(Communist), became inspired by the Prussian system.  He took the Prussian system to the USA. Mann wanted the bible out of education under the term to stop “sectarianism”. This included training teachers by the government. In 1837, Mann accepted the first education secretary position in a newly formed State Board of Education in Massachusetts.

Mann was wrong when he eliminated the bible into thinking that this would stop nine-tenths of the penal code and crimes. The Bible teaches morals/values/principles/ethics to kids. After he worked in Massachusetts, he toured the USA to lecture on the benefits of a government takeover of education in the 1840s.

By the end of the 1800s, another anti-Christian Utopian (Communist), John Dewey, took control to push for a total government takeover of education in the USA based on Horace Mann’s accomplishments in Massachusetts. John Dewey visited the Soviet Union after1917. Dewey was a fervent supporter of Communism. John Dewey was supported by Rockefeller money at that time. Rockefeller was the main pusher of Globalism/Communism as a front-money guy.

John Dewey is regarded as the ‘Father of the American Education System’. He wrote a book called ‘Humanist Manifesto’, an all-out assault on the bible. Humanism was declared a religion in 1962 by the Supreme Court. By the early 1950s, God and Christianity were removed entirely from all government-funded schools across the USA.

What’s the solution?  

A book was published in 2022 titled “ Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation” by Pete Hegseth. In a 2022 New American book review on this book, they mention the vital concept vital to push for a Classical Christian Education ‘Paideia’. It comes from the Ancient Greeks as a blueprint for how it affects thought, affection, and narrative.

The book notes how “Western Christian Paideia” was buried a century ago by Communist/Progressive/anti-Christians who took control of education in America which stopped learning of Ancient Greek and Latin languages and Classical Greek education.

The book notes how they replaced it with Cultural Marxist Paideia.

The book notes how our Founding Fathers of America immersed themselves with Ancient Greek ideals/history, Greco-Roman history/ideals, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Cicero, Cato, and Christian thinkers like John Locke, Edmund Burke, John Calvin, and John Milton.

There is a growing movement of parents pulling their kids out of government-funded schools and enrolling in Classical Christian schools or homeschooling in Classical Christian curriculums. In 2002, there were over 17,000 kids enrolled in 125 classical Christian schools. By 2020-2021, there were 60,000 in 300 schools. This does not include homeschooling programs that have Classical Greek education.

The author notes how his kids are enrolled in a Classical Christian academy in Minnesota.

For example, Battle for the American Mind co-author David Goodwin founded the Ambrose school in Boise, Idaho. It is an example of a K-12 classical Christian school offering students a better education than government-run schools.

Is it time for the Greek American community to push for their own kids to be in Classical Christian academies or homeschooling programs associated with it?


Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C., on issues linked to Greece and Cyprus.

For More Information:  

Book ‘The Case for Classical Christian Education’ by Douglas Wilson  

Book ‘Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation  




  1. Ο ΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΜΟΣ ειναι ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΙΚΟΣ και τωρα εχει την πρωτοφανη ευκαιρια αποδοχης του παναμερικανικα, διοτι
    προσφατα παρατηρειται στις ΗΠΑ μεγαλη διαβρωση της ποιοτητας της ΠΑΙΔΕΙΑΣ απο το νηπιαγωγειο ως το κολλεγιο.

    Πολλοι γονεις ,ως η Kelly Megan της Fox tv,απεσυραν τα παιδια τους απο τα δημοσια σχολεια , διοτι τα διδασκαν woke culture ,CRT και Gender self identity .

    Το woke διδασκει οτι οι Μαυροι συστηματικα υφιστανται ακομη εις βαρος τους διακρισεις παρολο που ψηφιστηκε το Civil Rights Act και Affirmative Action το 1965 επι Johnson που εδωσε στους Μαυρους ισα και περισσοτερα δικαιωματα καταργωντας καθε διακριση και ο Μαυρος Ομπαμα εξελεγη δυο φορες προεδρος των ΗΠΑ.

    Η Critical Race Theory, διδασκει οτι οι λευκοι ειναι ενοχοι εκμεταλευσης ολων των εγχρωμων και θα πρεπει να δειχνουν μεταμελεια γιαυτο.

    Στο gender identity διδασκουν στα ανηλικα παιδια οτι μπορουν ΝΑ ΑΛΛΑΞΟΥΝ το φυλο τους ,αν δεν τους αρεσει ,και η Πολιτεια προθυμα παρεχει φαρμακα και εγχειρησεις αλλαγης φυλου εν αγνοια των γονιων!!

    Ο Δημαρχος της ΝΥ χορηγησε 200000 $ σε ομαδες τραβεστι που εδωσαν παραστασεις σε ταξεις κατω της εκτης σχετικα με το ντυσιμο τους και τις δραστηριοτητες τους .Οι τραβεστι transgender επιμενουν να ανταγωνιζονται τα κοριτσια στα αθληματα και τα αποκλειουν απο διακρισεις .
    Ολα αυτα ειναι εξωφρενικα και βλαπτουν τους μαθητες!

    Οποτε η σωτηρια της εκπαιδευσης της Αμερικανικης Νεολαιας και του Αμερικανικου Εθνους ειναι η επειγουσα ιδρυση δημοσιων ,δωρεαν Greek Classical Charter Schools απο την AHEPA η οποια εχει ~500 chapters στις ΗΠΑ και εχει ιδρυσει ηδη το θαυμασιο Λυκειο Odyssey Greek Charter School στο Maryland, για να διδασκονται στην Αμερικανικη Νεολαια οι Ελληνικες ,ακαταλυτες, πανανθρωπινες αξιες της , Φιλοσοφιας, Φιλαλληλιας,Φιλομαθειας,Αριστειας και Αρετης .

    Το Brooklyn και το Hellenic Classical Charter School of Staten Island που αποκτα καινουργιο κτηριο τον Φεβρουαριο( ΕΘΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΗΡΥΞ 9/9/22) εχουν καθε χρονια περισσοτερους μαθητες με σχεδιο ιδρυσης παραρτηματος στο Bronx συντομα συμφωνα με την επιθεωρητινα του σχολειου Κα Τετονη

    Στα δημοσια Greek Charter Schools οι Ελληνες εκπαιδευτικοι θα βρουν την υποδοχη που τους αξιζει για τις πολυτιμες τους γνωσεις.

    Με την βοηθεια του Διαδικτυου η Ελλαδα ειναι στο εξυπνο τηλεφωνο μας και την εχουμε στην τσεπη μας να μας ενημερωνει, διασκεδαζει και να μας μορφωνει.

    Οι Ελλαδιτες να προσεξουν την πατριδα που κληρονομησαν και να μην την αφησουν να κατακλυσθει απο τριτοκοσμικους αλλοθρησκους λαθρομεταναστες!



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