EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) The most vibrant part of Hellenism was always outside the borders of Greece.  This video from Wuppertal, Germany, and their fantastic Greek Parade is extra proof!..  This is not New York but a town of just 350.000 in the western part of Germany… 



  1. It is true. one third of early career Greeks left Greece during the financial crisis. They did NOT come to America, fearing they will be forced to assimilate, and preferred Europe and Australia instead.

    • There is a substantial number who came to America. They are educated researchers – bright minds in general. They are not busboys and waiters… Among them, the group of the Athens
      Polytechnic, who built the Tesla batteries, came to America, and they spend much of their time in Tesla headquarters. Their contributions are beyond description. Why? Because no matter how energy technology develops, batteries will be the vehicle… There are many others, and I have met some of them.


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