By Nick Stamatakis

Our readers, all of you, had many opportunities to “appreciate” the combination of arrogance, corruption, and incompetence of our ruling elites in the swamp of DC and in New York – especially over the last few years.  During the pandemic, their corruption dominated their actions: they locked down the country for a long time and unnecessarily printed dollars for even longer, setting the foundations for the coming collapse of the US Dollar.  But during the last 14 months (essentially in the previous years since 2014), they managed to turn Ukraine into the graveyard of American superpower status with so many wrong decisions one has a hard time recounting.

But nothing measures up to their foolish decision to prosecute President Trump for anything they could manufacture into a “felony.”  We do not need to argue all day and night on this: When CNN and Washington Post (here is a small sample from CNN) conclude that the charges against Trump are not serious we can safely assume they are bogus. Obviously, the establishment elites have their “plans” with this bogus prosecution and many agree that their main goal is for the “trial” (very doubtful it will happen) to coincide with the primary season to start next January.

My theory is much simpler. The corrupt system governing the United States will likely collapse earlier than next January under the tremendous pressure of its defeat internationally.  The most imminent failure will be in Ukraine, while almost simultaneously, we are watching the total collapse of the status of the USD.  When China (and to a lesser degree Russia) has expanded a commanding influence not only in Asia but in the Middle East, Africa, and even Latin America (even Mexico has been defiant recently!!), then you can assume that the end of the half-educated incompetent idiots running the US is imminent…

Corrupt systems, like Soviet communism, fell, as we all know, under tremendous pressure from the outside, while domestically, they were undermined by the oligarchic power of the un-meritocratic elites.  America is living in a similar situation now.  Donald Trump expressed more than any other politician the agony of all of us for the loss of America as the “ideal” we all knew and lived and the need to reverse this fatal decline.

At the end of this process, no matter how it unfolds and regardless of the final success or not of Donald Trump in gaining back the presidency, I can see the time that he will be celebrated as a martyr and a National Hero!! Many of us saw “defects” in his “big ego” and his “character” – but it is exactly his ego, his guts and his staunch conviction that allow him to stand up for all of us, to stand up for America!!

Meanwhile, we are praying to God to protect all of us in the big storm that is certainly coming our way…



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  1. This is a great article. What we witnessed yesterday was a disgrace to our nation. I personally feel the attack on President Trump is not only an attack on him but it’s also an attack on our God given rights and an attack on the US Constitution. They’re making up bogus felonies to stop him. We all know that’s not going to work :-) Like you said, thanks to his ego, he has stood up for us. He also set a precedent. What they’re doing will come back to bite them now that we know it’s ok for local officials and politicians to go after anyone they do not like, including the President himself.

      • Good point, Jane. I live where Barry Obama spent Christmas vacation every year. Wherever he moved on our peaceful island, traffic was snarled to protect his motorcade. Obama stayed in a private residence on the windward side of the island, renting several of the houses in the neighborhood for accommodations for his entourage. The per diem rent for each house was $5000 and up.

  2. Statement from Victor Hanson on his substack:

    “Or, to put it another way: what crime did Trump not do that others did with either impunity or without being arrested? Here is a sample of 20.

    1) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by destroying federally subpoenaed emails and devices in order to hide evidence.

    2) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by sending classified government communications on her own, through an unsecured home-brewed server.

    3) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiring—through three paywalls—a foreign national, who is prohibited from working on presidential campaigns, to compile a dossier to smear her presidential opponent.

    4) Trump did not violate federal campaign laws, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiding her payments (as “legal services”) to Christopher Steele through bookkeeping deceptions.

    5) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, use a crony to search out a high-paying New York job for a paramour in order to influence her testimony
    before a special counsel.

    6) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, receive a $500,000 “honorarium” for speaking in Moscow while his wife, our secretary of state, approved a longstanding and lucrative desire of the Kremlin for North American uranium to be sold to a Russian consortium.

    7) Trump did not, as did Barack Obama, promise Vladimir Putin that he would be “flexible” on “missile defense” if during his own reelection bid Putin in return would give him “space”. That quid pro quo arrangement led to the U.S. abandonment of key joint missile defense systems with Poland and the Czech Republic, and, reciprocally, less than two years later a Russia invasion, mostly unopposed by the United States, of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

    8) Trump did not boast publicly, as did Joe Biden, that he used U.S. foreign aid monies as leverage to have the Ukrainian government fire a prosecutor who may have been looking into the Biden family’s efforts to sell influence to corrupt
    Ukrainian interests.

    9) Trump did not, as the Bidens did, set up a family consortium to leverage monies from Ukraine, Russia, and China, on their shared expectations that he might soon run for and be elected president and become compromised. Trump is not mentioned, as is Joe Biden, in family business communications as a recipient of a 10 percent commission on such payoffs.

    10) Trump did not, unlike Joe Biden, remove presidential papers—without any authority to declassify them—and leave them scattered and unsecured in a garage and various residences and offices.

    11) Trump did not, as did the FBI, wipe clean subpoenaed mobile phone records.

    12) Trump did not, as did interim FBI head Andrew McCabe, admittedly lie under oath on four occasions to federal investigators.

    13) Trump did not, as did CIA Director John Brennan, admittedly lie on two occasions while under oath to the U.S. Congress.

    14) Trump did not, as did Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, admittedly lie on one occasion to the U.S. Congress.

    15) Trump did not, as did James Comey, claim amnesia or ignorance 245 times while under oath before the U.S. Congress.

    16) Trump did not, as did FBI Director James Comey, summarize a confidential private conversation with a president and then deliberately leak that classified memo to the media for his own agenda of appointing a special counsel to investigate the president—which turned out to be his friend Robert Mueller.

    17) Trump did not, as did Robert Mueller, claim ignorance while under oath when asked about the Steele dossier and Fusion GPS, the catalysts for Mueller’s own investigation.

    18) Trump did not, as did private citizen and former secretary of state John Kerry, meet clandestinely while out of office with Iranian officials to help them resist  current U.S. policy toward Iran—or what the Boston Globe characterized as “unusual shadow diplomacy” to “apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside.”

    19) Trump did not, as did the FBI and CIA, pay clandestine money to Twitter to monitor and smother news stories deemed unhelpful to their agendas.

    20) Trump did not, as did then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, whip up a mob at the doors of the Supreme Court by threatening two sitting justices by name to intimidate them concerning an impending judicial ruling: “I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.”

  3. Joe Biden & Hunter have done a thousand times worse so bad karma will come…
    btw: Tulsi Gabbard would be a great VP running mate for Trump!
    And Tulsi has class…

  4. F Joe Biden

    Federal Spending 2020-2023
    • Fake Pandemic: $5 Trillion
    • “Infrastructure”: $1.2 Trillion
    • “Fight Inflation” Act by printing more money: $700 Billion
    • Poison Dwarf of Keeev Charity Fund: $145 Billion
    • Collapsing Bank Charity Window: $2 Trillion
    • Gender Studies Degree Student Loan Bailouts: $1 Trillion
    • Federal Reserve Balance Sheet: $9 Trillion

  5. How exciting Trump ahead in polls from Ron DeSantis despite this nightmare.
    Hopefully Alvin Bragg will lose his credibility and lose his job for this.

    • Fat Alvin Bragg ought to be disbarred for his vacuous indictment of Pres. Trump. What an expensive nuisance Bragg imposed on the citizens of New York on Tuesday by shutting down FDR Drive and hauling Trump into town for the ridiculous arraignment! All the while, Bragg refuses to clean up New York’s streets of the vermin who commit actual crimes there – repeatedly.

      Furthermore, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg’s legacy was destroyed by that idiot, Bill De Blasio. And, so far, Eric Adams has been a sad disappointment. NYC and every major city that is governed by Democrats is a violent seat of Satan. God help them!


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