EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis).  This is a classic!! Based on Kazantzakis famous book (You can read the summary here in Greek and English) Jules Dassin produced the French movie “Celui Qui Doit Mourir”, (“He Who Must Die”) in 1957.  Melina is performing the role that made her famous, that of the “happy whore”, a few years before “Never On Sunday”).  But here she is Mary Magdalene, and she is at the top of her career…

Below you can watch the FULL MOVIE with English subtitles. It is full of eternal truths and meaning especially for what we experience today in this Church.  You will find amazing similarities in how the “wisdom” of the Phanariotes pushed them to make deals with the Turks in order to save their “way of life”.  In other words, they pushed “peace in slavery” instead of freedom. Today’s equivalent is their promoting “peaceful coexistence” with those who are occupying half of Cyprus and are ready to steal half the Aegean, if the traitors let them.

But the human meanings of this story go much deeper as you will see in the wonderful introduction below, followed by the full movie…



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