EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is an excellent discussion of the political and legal ramifications at the time of Jesus’ divine passion and His Crucifixion.  It’s a real gem for all us, as it introduces little details that had great significance in Jesus’ times related to the Roman Administrative policies and Laws and the Jewish elites… (Please take a look at the short bio of Dr. Eugenia Constantinou – impressive does not even begin to describe her educational credentials…)



  1. These two are on the side of the Angels! Educated, enlightened in Christ’s Image, energized by the Truth in Christ’s ways, people like these are rare these days!

  2. Yes! I was at Eric Metaxas’
    ‘Socrates In The City’ lecture + met the brilliant Presbytera Eugenia. Just a terrific time listening to both of these spiritual + deep thinkers.
    2 years ago, Eric did one hilarious parody as a Greek Professor + that video got censored🤬. It was so not funny + so not pc – guess that’s why.
    Did anyone see it?

  3. Typo Correction :
    His video was extremely funny – but he said stuff that was not politically correct + we know the rest.


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