By Nick Stamatakis

As the Turks still illegally occupy half of Cyprus, as they violate daily Greek sovereignty in the Aegean, and as they have recently unfolded a vast, expensive international campaign to advertise their “TURKAEGEAN” illegal trademark (which Greece started to challenge with all available legal means), the Archbishop thought it was an excellent idea to go celebrate the Ramadan, having an “iftar” dinner at the Turkish house in NYC.

“Honored to attend an interfaith Iftar dinner hosted by the Turkish Consul General as we approach the end of the Fast of #Ramadan. Wishing all Muslims a peaceful and joyous feast”, he wrote on his twitter account…

Yes, my friends, this is the same Turkish House where he was two years ago, in its inauguration, sitting next to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Tatar, offering him legitimacy, as the Turkish-Cypriot pseudo-state is recognized by no one internationally.  The disastrous Archbishop went there IGNORING earnest suggestions from the diplomats of Greece and Cyprus advising him to avoid the event (please link here for our post then). The Archbishop AGAIN decided to participate in an event organized by the Turkish Communications Directorate, the most ruthless office of the Turkish propaganda machine…

The Archbishop proves every step of the way that we were 100% correct when we nicknamed him Elpidoktonos on the day of his election – four years ago! He had shown all indications of a disastrous for our community career in America.  He tried to use the Greek-American community as an “exchange token” so the Turks help him climb to the Patriarchal Throne.  Essentially, he was signaling to the Turks: “Help me be the Patriarch, and I will control the Greek Americans for you!!”… The Turks will never forget that this community managed to have the “embargo” against Turkey voted in Congress in the 1970s after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus…

The Archbishop has lost his bid to gain the Patriarchal Throne – this was clear in the last Synod in the Phanar in early April.  This failure has made Elpidoktonos act in panic.  Anywhere he goes, the people run away from him.  He was in Saint Nicholas of Flushing during the Holy Week, and we are told the church was never more scarcely attended than on the day of his appearance!…
He is trying to be part of all kinds of civil/secular events to gain attention and recognition.  His most recent effort concerns the Parade, where he is trying to “adopt” the most honorable and recognizable Hellenic symbol, the Evzones, and he plans to march with them from Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero to Bowling Green.  Yet he refused to install two permanent flagpoles outside Saint Nicholas!!
My advice to all, and especially to the leaders of the Federation: It’s time to reunify and re-organize this historic institution of our community as an independent secular (political/cultural) association.  We cannot let those blackmailed by the “Ottomans” of Istanbul and Ankara hijack our community!!

April 20, 2023,

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.




  1. I wonder what the Archons ……. Have to say about it. If they will continue to
    support him, I have no answer for them,
    because I know that they have the means and the power disappear……him.

    I wonder also what the Greek Americans
    from Cyprus , are thinking about him.
    Cyprus at this moment is at the eye of the
    cyclone ……. because the new Goverment
    happened to be Patriotic.

  2. I dislike Elpidoktonos as much as any body and his clique ,but to be fair to them all and it is through gritted teeth that I am , HE / THEY Are TURKISH CITIZENS. Start and end there.
    Quite bluntly the Phanar and it’s faith of byzantinism with a dash of woke when it suits , is killing the orthodox church. Moscow does not do much better but I have to say as much as I dislike cardinal Richleu aka Kyril of Moscow ,and all his works , what he says about the Ukraine and the battle ,is true.
    The west’s interests there are political to destroy Russia and economic, for cheap labour and access to it’s goodies.
    But more dangerous in long run than Putin’s rockets ,is the west’s determination to destroy Ukraine’s orthodox church and culture and to introduce woke gender sickness there and rest. To do what communism could not.
    Sadly we are in this mess because we have forgotten Christ. I had here in Bulgaria, friends ( bulgarian) to lunch and they said same that the Church seems unable or uninterested to turn the ‘half an hour at Easter night with the candle faith’ into a living faith in Christ. It repeats old mantras with no inner meaning any more and is content to rest there.
    There are clergy here and in USA
    And Elsewhere, who are alive with Christ and WHO LOOK AND ACT LIKE ORTHODOX PRIESTS . And the people respond and the Church comes alive. The rest just waiting to die.
    The saddest thing I can say now is that if I have to chose between Emmanuella and Elpy for the top business job , give me Elpy. God save us. But the other one is beyond any spiritual and moral level of degradation. Speak to the French Paris police please. And don’t mention bulgarian stallions. And many of the other Metropolitan’s in same boat. God knows the saints hopefully.
    The late and holy Patriarch Pavel of Serbia ,holding his first meeting with the bishops ,gazed at the mega expensive cars in the car park and on being told they were those of the arriving bishops ,said sadly ,’ Just imagine how expensive they would be if they were not monks ‘!
    Thank God I experienced the late
    Russian Doctor -Bishop Antony Bloom of Surogzh ( London UK. ) And know the life of Surgeon bishop Luke of Simferopol,Crimea. You should too.

    • Excellent points Nikos Stone!
      It’s beyond shameful that Bartholomew
      never defrocked Emmanuella and so many others – they are beyond being ashamed.
      Btw: wasn’t Rasputin Karloutsos trying to help out the other degenerate fraud, Archbishop Makarios?

  3. There are many of us who have left the local churches as we do NOT want a dime going to the launderers of money and morality and disoolution of faith in NYC. As funds dry up this anathema of a man and his loyalists at Fordham and DC will need to find another yes man…not so easy to do…and the hour of reckoning is coming soon.

  4. Maybe it is time the Greeks in America and all outside of Greece become and led by true Orthodoxy, Ορθοδοξία.

  5. The way for the Archons (and laity in general) to depose any sitting archbishop was demonstrated during “operation Spyridon”…quite simply, the Phanariotes were told, no more “pieces of silver” until you get rid of this individual that is a persona non grata…

    The power of the purse applies to Bart as well….don’t give “silver” until he and Emmanuella resign…


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