EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis)  This post from Orthochristian.com drew our attention to the continued division within Orthodoxy because of the Ukrainian schismatics – even at Mount Athos, especially there.  Mount Athos as a whole is boiling, it seems, in recent days: Heretic Patriarch Bartholomew imposes unnecessary rules, trying to impose his “authority” – always helped by the American Embassy in Athens. The dispute around Esfigmenou Monastery continues for years, as the monks there, justifiably so, consider Bartholomew a heretic, and they do not commemorate his name. The Patriarch is trying to kick them out with the Police and starve them – to no avail as the faithful find ways to help them!! 

For the rest, I will refer you to our friends of Monomakhos.com, adding one note:  The monasteries of Athos have enjoyed autonomy for hundreds of years.  This autonomy was established with the Byzantine Emperors’ edicts, later with orders by the Sultan of Istanbul, and in modern times, it was part of the Constitution of Greece.  Patriarch Bartholomew must give up his demands and let the monasteries enjoy their autonomy!!





Mt. Athos, April 14, 2023

Monks were turned away from Philotheou Monastery. Photo: WikipediaMonks were turned away from Philotheou Monastery. Photo: Wikipedia

Mt. Athos has been divided since the Patriarchate of Constantinople created the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” and gave it “autocephaly” in late 2018-early 2019.

While the majority of the 20 ruling monasteries have refused to concelebrate with visiting schismatics, a handful of the monasteries have, in fact, served with them. The Sacred Community—the governing body of Mt. Athos consisting of one representative of each monastery—essentially decided to allow each monastery to chart its own course on the matter.

However, the issue remains a sore point on Mt. Athos to this day.

During the festive Divine services for the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos at Philotheou Monastery last Friday, Abbot Nikodemos told the clergy sent from Pantokrator and Xenophontos, both of which have entered into communion with the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” that they could not concelebrate in the Divine Liturgy, reports aktines.blogspot.com and several other outlets.

The monks aren’t heretics, but Abbot Nikodemos considers that they have concelebrated with schismatics and so are not welcome to serve at Philotheou, he told them.

Philotheou has always stood against the schismatics, and Abbot Nikodemos reportedly told the given monks that they couldn’t serve after speaking to Elder Joseph, the abbot of Xeropotamou Monastery. It is known that the abbots of other monasteries—Zographou, Hilandar, Karakallou, and St. Panteleimon’s—take the same stance.

Elder Joseph and the others were moved to take an even firmer stand—refusing to serve not only with the schismatics, but also those Athonites who have served with them—after seeing the terrible persecution of the Kiev Caves Lavra and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in recent months.


  1. The schism became solidified when 7 of the 20 monasteries voted in favor of sending a delegation to the “enthronement” of Epiphanios in Kiev…if you all remember how Ephraim of Vatopedi was “ordered” to go by Bartholomew (to save face by having an Athonite abbot in Kiev), after that vote failed to pass…

    Then you all remember how Ephraim of Vatopedi did his “obedience” to Bartholomew, got onto the plane, went to Kiev, and after landing, suddenly “felt ill” at the Kiev airport, and it was deemed absolutely necessary for him to board another plane and immediately go to Switzerland to consult cardiac specialists there….how unfortunate, because he ended up missing the “enthronement” as a result of this “condition”…

    He later “atoned” for this “unfortunate absence” by concelebrating with Epiphanio-ite Uniates on Mt. Athos, just like others did as well (resulting in this Mt. Athos schism)

    It’s bad enough politicians fool us in the open, but the rot has infiltrated Mt. Athos, too…Sad to watch, but the ultimate goal is to “take over” Mt. Athos at some opportune point in the future, just like the Uniates are doing to the Kiev Lavra today…

    Looking back at Church history, the pattern emerging is evident…At some point God will probably intervene to cleanse His Church…got popcorn ladies and gentlemen?


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