EDITOR’S NOTE: Larry C. Johnson is a former CIA analyst (link here for his biography) with extensive experience, offering impressive analysis of current issues through his blog (sonar21.com) and appearances.  He is a steady source of trustworthy information for many of us during these critical times.  In his latest analysis, he tackles the huge issue of the West’s anti-Orthodox attacks in Ukraine… 


source – sonar21.com


I was born in 1955, nine years after the start of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. One of the constant refrains from that era was the claim that the Soviets represented “godless” communism. The false belief continues to frame how most Americans view modern Russia — i.e., it is a godless country. But that is a lie. The Russia of Vladimir Putin is a Christian nation, but respects and embraces its Muslim citizens.

I believe that one of the unstated reasons the West hates Russia is because the majority of the Russian people strongly embrace Eastern Orthodox theology. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, which is squishy on the issue of the LBGTQ agenda and tarnished by a legion of pedophile Priests, the Eastern Orthodox Christians insist that God created man and woman and that homosexuality is a sin.

And the Eastern Orthodox Church is under an unrelenting attack by the regime of Vladimir Zelensky. For example, the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ukraine, Metropolitan Pavlo, was arrested and confined to his residence for two months by a Ukrainian court after Ukraine’s top security agency SBU raided the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery in March.

The Ukrainian military also is taking part in the effort to intimidate the Eastern Othodox Church:

On Easter night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired 20 rockets from MLRS at Donetsk, according to the DPR representation to the JCCC. There was smoke in the area of the Donetsk Cathedral, where a liturgy was taking place, local authorities told TASS. One person was killed and two others were wounded as a result of the shelling of the area of the cathedral in central Donetsk, the DPR authorities added.


Then there is video of the Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomyia Nikita being attacked on the street at night. (For some reason, YouTube decided this is age-restricted.)

Next up, two elderly women trying to attend a church service in Kiev are surrounded by a mob chanting, “Suitcase, station, Russia!” I guess this is the Ukrainian version of , “Love it or Leave it.” This is just one more example of the Ukrainian Government’s effort to seize Orthodox churches throughout Ukraine.

The effort to seize Orthodox churches is not confined to Kiev:

Subscribers from the region report that the Nazis from the “right sector” (67 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) are occupying churches and temples in the north of Kharkov.

Among the churches occupied by militants are the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the village of Cherkasskiye Tishki) and the Nicholas Church (the village of Russkaya Lozovaya).




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