EDITOR’S NOTE: We need people like Bill Maher, who generally belong to the left side of the political spectrum, to come out and tell it like it is… The craziness in our society and culture has gone too far – but with truth tellers like Maher, there is hope.  More hope came out this week when Joseph Kennedy Jr. announced he was running for president…  Enjoy these videos by Maher…



Epic Video: Bill Maher Blasts “Fat Celebration” In America


  1. Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon hoping that Democrat Robert F Kennedy’s 2024 Presidential bid has a chance, just remember, his name is on Epstein’s infamous Lolita express guest list.

    God is picking people to get the truth out (about Covid scam, the corrupt government and the Biden crime family, etc). That includes Trump, Kennedy, Musk and others.

  2. Margaret– Can this infamous list have been “fabricated” allegedly to create an aura of scandal so they don’t stand a chance?


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