The Parade celebrations entered into high gear, and for Friday, we have escaped the threat of rainy weather.  We should participate in all events – especially on Sunday – regardless of weather conditions to honor those who sacrificed their lives for Greece’s freedom!! They gave all they had for Freedom – a few drops of rain should NOT be an obstacle for the rest of us!

By Nick Stamatakis

The parade celebrations entered the final phase yesterday and today with the glorious appearance of the Evzones, the Greek Presidential Guard, at the front and Center.  Today we had the small Parade downtown, starting with the “Doxology” at Saint Nicholas of Ground Zero. After the Church Service ended, a procession was formed, including the participants at Saint Nicholas, three schools with their bands from Brooklyn, the officials, and the Evzones, headed for Bowling Green for the raising of the Flags ceremony… The impressive presence of the Evzones left its mark every step of the way, while the school children in traditional dresses with their dances stole the show…

Parenthesis: No, there were no flags at Saint Nicholas… We will discuss this issue again at a later point…

Thursday night at the Federation – it was all a Celebration!

The celebration started Thursday evening at Gracie Mansion and later at the Stathakeion… The remarkable financial success of all main events/fundraisers made Philip Christopher a pleased Chairman who was all smiles, giving credit left and right.  The Hilton Gala was close to the goal of 50 tables (or $250.000 collected), the album exceeded $100.000, and the rest of the fundraisers were doing well.  The Archbishop thanked everyone for helping and the volunteers for giving so much of their personal time. The appearance of the twenty Evzones dressed in suits caused enthusiasm in all of us in the audience. As they each announced their name and their places of origin, they were applauded and cheered…

In the end, thanks to the intervention of Kleanthis Meimaroglou, a one-minute silence was held for the death, a few days ago, of a Giant of Greece, Sir Basil Markesinis, the number one authority of International Law globally and one of the most learned human beings – certainly the highest educated Hellene… A tremendous loss for all of us…



  1. We went thinking it’d be small turnout but massive crowd & bowling green awash in Greek flags yet still no flags outside st nicholas mausoleum we asked board member inside he seemed nervous by our question doesn’t know.

  2. They will call it a place for all, in that woke- diversity way … perhaps-they want a blank slate with no symbolism- a pc move- not a sentimental move… all about political correctness- for me but not for thee-a couple of voices may have spoken out against a patriotic display of any kind- -patriotism is not woke- the woke voices won! Always, always a couple of me, me, me– cancelling out thee, thee, thee… It is a trend– we’re lost in this trend-but someone up above is watching, and waiting for the day the Greek Flag makes a showing –at least once a year-

  3. $100 million dollars & didn’t make this ugly army bunker bigger to accommodate the visitors?
    Degenerate Andrew Cuomo is behind this

  4. Sir Gatanas~
    So too is the Prince of Darkness (just pay me my 10% commission), behind this ugly monstrosity! It seems this tiny overbuilt, overpriced mausoleum is just a gathering place for all things Greek? BTW, who is going to pay for all this upkeep? Is the plan to have it one day resemble the ruins at the acropolis? Who is filling the coffers and where is the money going…?
    As I have said before, the Greeks should have demanded the money equivalency of the land on which the original St. Nicholas Church was located and run!

  5. Lol – Margaret you’re so good…
    I hear greedy architect Santiago Calatrava visited shrine on a Thursday, so he wouldn’t meet the faithful telling him shrine stinks.


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